Is it Possible to Earn Bitcoins by Playing Video Games

Are you searching for a simple way to make some passive income? You’ve probably heard about people clicking online and earning money by doing so. There are ways to do it. Moreover, giving the instability of national currencies, more and more people are searching for a way to earn cryptocurrencies. What is recommended in this case, is to aim for those coins who have established themselves on the crypto market well, and what better coin to choose than Bitcoin.

Before going deeper into the topic, here are some key things you need to know about Bitcoin and digital currencies in general:

  • Just like all cryptocurrencies, it is a digital currency that has been on the market since 2009.
  • One of the most appreciated characteristics of crypto is that they offer lower transaction fees than conventional online payment mechanisms
  • Unlike currencies issued by states, they are managed by a decentralized body.
  • These days, probably because of the pandemic, one of the most searched terms on Google is how to earn Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin, also known as cryptocurrency, virtual currency, or digital currency, is a type of virtual money, or the online version of money.
  • It can only be used to buy products and services, however, more and more people are starting to buy them as a form of investment.

Giving the state the world is, no wonder many see a good investment opportunity in buying this coin. Although it is rather young, its history has been rather turbulent. Value going up and down, drastically. Regardless of its turbulent past, it has proven to be a smart investment, with the highest value climbing over 60.000 USD!!!

Definitely worth a try!

It is easy for people with a lot of time and money to invest in crypto, but how can you do it if you can’t really afford to allocate a couple of thousand to buy? Is there a way to earn without much effort? Or even better, win for free? You’ll be surprised to find out the answer is yes. One of the most popular ways is to by playing games online.

Here’s how…

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When you start searching for a game that will give you a possibility to earn, you’ll encounter the term “faucet”. It can be defined as a reward system from which small amounts of Bitcoin are earned by performing small tasks or playing online games.

The reward system then offers you a crypto cent, in the case of Bitcoin, it is called Satoshi in exchange for solving a captcha (those little boxes we have to click on the right photo), clicking on links, or other simple tasks like games on mobile phones, etc.

Some of these games even have videos that the user can watch and can collect a few more crypto cents. The winnings go into your virtual wallet. The more you click and play, the more is accumulated, eventually pilling up into a Bitcoin.

These games can be found in any app store as well as on specialized Bitcoin sites. They are available for any type of smartphone.

What needs to be underlined, is that one can’t get rich overnight, but if you have a smart strategy and play a couple of times a month, multiple video games, you can earn. As we said, it will pile up, you just need patience. Another thing that will influence how much you earn is its price, which has been quite high lately.

By now you must be wondering if this is all true? It sounds too good.

There’s no scam in this, it’s a well-working and logical economical model. While you play, you are forced to look at different ads. Game developers have made an agreement with these companies, and earn money because you are watching their ads. A part of this money is being invested in Bitcoin and distributed to the players to motivate them to play more.

One piece of advice before you start earning by playing video games

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As we explained earlier, the economic model is quite logical and people all over the world are already managing to make money, but they all started the same way. Before all their earnings started accumulating, they did some good research online and checked a few sources to find out all about how and where to earn their Bitcoins.

All earning possibilities have only one thing in common: Bitcoin can only be won if it is online. Since it is a decentralized currency, as we wrote at the beginning, it can only exist in the virtual world, so it can be traded or obtained online.

Once you earn it, there’s a good possibility that at one point you’ll need to exchange it for a local currency. That’s when virtual wallets and trading platforms become important. By now, the crypto world has developed to the point where coins can be exchanged for real currencies. So, trading platforms can function more or less like exchange offices. One needs to be aware of each country’s rules and whether the platform is properly regulated to operate as an exchange. Some additional fees may be charged, as each country has its own rules. So, check which one you can make the most of.

Owning a Bitcoin gives you a lot more possibilities to earn money

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For example, you’ll be able to increase your assets by trading. Trading is a little riskier than investing, but if you succeed, it will certainly be very profitable. The idea behind is the same as with normal money or any other asset. To buy at a low price and immediately after that sell it at a higher price, and thus increase the profit.

Trading without the help of a suitable platform is only recommended for people who have experience and knowledge of the market. However, there’s a platform that you can download at that is suitable for both experienced and non-experienced traders. This way, you can increase your chances of growing your bitcoin treasure.

As you can see from what we wrote, there is a chance to make passive income with crypto. The amount, on the other hand, depends entirely on you and the time you are willing to invest in learning how.