How to Earn Bitcoins by Playing Video Games – 2024 Guide

Cryptocurrency is what we are all about these years and whoever was a sceptic so far are not anymore. Nowadays it seems that everyone is looking for more and more ways to start earning crypto in any way possible.

To make everything clear, mining isn’t the only way you can earn crypto. There are others ways you can own some Bitcoin without having to invest a whole lot of cash into your rig, pay electricity and whatnot just to hold some of this precious currency. The article today will tell you about an alternative way to earn Bitcoin while having fun so stick with us and check out for more info.

As we already hinted there is a way to earn Bitcoins without having to set up your home or office into a Bitcoin farm and have your rigs at full blast to mine some of this crypto. Several ways of earning bitcoin are already familiar but today we want to tell you about a really fun method – playing games.

Yes, believe it or not playing games can make you earn some Bitcoin and today we are going to tell you what is the road to earning crypto throughout your favourite pastime.

1. Coinbase


Now all of you that are into crypto know about Coinbase. It is your crypto Bank if you like where you buy, trade and stores all your crypto. This is the go-to place if you are in this world, but there is a small thing that is usually missed and it is sitting at the bottom of the main page titled “Earn up to $150 worth in crypto” – full disclaimer this amount may change over time. What this will do is take you to another page that is full of videos and little quizzes that you have to watch and fill out to claim your free crypto. Technically it is not free because you have to participate in the videos and quizzes but it is a fast and fun way of earning crypto. For additional information, you can check

2. Apps


There are multiple apps for both PC and android that allows you to earn free crypto by doing things like shopping, playing games and doing surveys. These types of apps aren’t some bogus apps and they are not paying to play some bogus games. They are 100% legit and they cover almost all of the games being played the most which is a bonus. You can continue to play your favourite game and now, get paid to do so. These apps cover all top-notch crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and depending on the app developer they might throw their crypto coin in the mix.

3. Cointiply


Another awesome app that allows you to earn Bitcoin. With this app, you will be able to take daily free coins, take surveys to earn coins, download and play games to earn, watch videos to earn and even chat with other crypto enthusiasts to earn coins. As the app is advertised it offers more than 20 ways to earn Bitcoin you just have to choose what you fancy the most. These types of apps are awesome because you can really have fun in the comfort of your home and still manage to make some income in the form of everyone’s favourite crypto – Bitcoin.

4. Free Bitcoin Cash


This app is your simple but crazy fun arcade game. What you do is play the game and get paid in Bitcoin cash. It is a highly rated app and according to the info it has been the longest-running free bitcoin mobile app. It is easy to play and you have certain bonuses and rewards that come on an hourly basis while you can send your Bitcoin cash to your wallet once every week. If you are into arcade games and if you want to earn free, dead easy Bitcoin then this is the app for you.

5. Bitcoin Blast


Another app that has only one very simple game and playing it you will earn Bitcoins. Another highly used and rated app that allows you to earn game points is called Bling points that can be later exchanged for Bitcoin. The more you play the more you earn it is as simple as that. It is advertised as a fun and colourful match-three game that has hundreds of different levels you can play, and if this is something that you like, by all means, go ahead and give it a go. See what you can make from there.

6. FreeBitcoin


This is a somewhat newer app it doesn’t have a huge player base like others but it has some good reviews. We included this one because newer apps tend to be a lot more generous and they have a lot more to give, so if you want to check it out go look for the FreeBitcoin app. The description states that this app gives you free Bitcoin every hour, they have something called a referral contest which comes down to the more you bring in you enter into contests where you can win a free lottery that will bring you more free Bitcoin. Another feature of this app is that you can bet your earned Bitcoin on high – low games and potentially double everything you earned so far.

7. Bitcoin Solitaire


If you are a Solitaire fan and if you like cryptocurrency then this is the app for you. All you have to do is play Solitaire and win Bitcoin. It is simple as that. It has a big user base and awesome reviews, it works on a Bling Points system like one of the games we already mentioned, meaning you play and earn those Bling points and then cash out when you have enough. Play longer and fill your wallet more. So this is your classic Solitaire game that is easy to play and it can be a 1 card or 3 cards draw, you can customize the decks, time your sessions and even get hints – unlimited.

8. Alien Run

Another gaming app, and another fun one. It has a decent user base and awesome reviews. This is a runner game that follows a hero called Daniel D’Alien through his great adventure. You will play a new and unique level every day and earn your free Bitcoins. You can also play daily missions and adventures for extra Bitcoins. Run as fast as the wind and you will see how your Bitcoins stack up.