Are There Different Wine Glasses for Different Wines

Wine is a favorite drink of many individuals. Whether it is a sweet, dry, semi-dry, white, or red wine, it requires specific serving procedures to reach its full flavor potential. In addition, just serving wine in different glasses can change its taste. That is why when serving wine, it is very important to know which wine is poured into which glasses, what is the ideal temperature at which the wine is served, how the wine matches the flavors of salty and sweet, and the like.

Although many people distinguish between glasses for red and white wines, those true wine lovers also know that there are certain subcategories, so we have glasses for:

  • red wine
  • white wine
  • sparkling wine
  • dessert wine.

As for the making of glasses, the main division is into a crystal and ordinary glass glasses. Unlike, for example, a martini glass (whose edges are tilted “outwards”), the vertical edges of a wine glass are tilted “inwards”. This allows the aromas of the alcohol to be concentrated around the very edge of the glass. This means that when we point the nose towards the middle of the glass, the sharpness of the ethanol (alcohol) is reduced, which makes the aromas of the wine more pleasant.

What are the glasses for which wine?

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Red wine is usually served in large, round glasses, while slightly smaller glasses of the round but elongated shape are reserved for white wine. Because red wine glasses have a wider rim, the alcohol evaporates quickly, and the taste of the wine becomes sweeter. In white wine glasses, the elongated shape preserves floral aromas that become more intense as the glass approaches closer to the nose.

We come to dessert wines that are served in small narrow-edged glasses to prevent alcohol evaporation, and it is precisely the high percentage of alcohol that is its most important characteristic. Champagne comes together in long, narrow glasses whose primary goal is to keep as many bubbles in it. A glass, of course, cannot fix bad wine, but it can contribute to the best characteristics of the quality ones coming to the fore. You have to admit that the wine has a completely different taste from ordinary glass and some that are just for that purpose!

If we take a closer look at the types of glasses, we will notice that each type of wine has one with which it fits perfectly. For example, wines with fuller aromas, such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet, and Malbec are served in glasses with wide rims that allow these wines to receive more oxygen which affects the strength of the aroma.

If you are a fan of Burgundy wine, then a wider glass will be a perfect choice. Their main task is to direct the aroma towards the mouth and in that way emphasize the taste of the fruit as much as possible.

How to choose the right wine?

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The average, even a little more knowledgeable wine lover will feel confused and intimidated when choosing wine for a gift or for serving with dinner. The type of grapes from which wine is made, known in our country as the “variety” is the most important factor in wine taste. However, the taste is also affected by other factors, such as soil, sun exposure, climate, method of handling and fermentation of grapes, type of yeast, location and length of aging, etc.

Wine is the drink of the gods, it is a fact from biblical stories. And numerous studies have shown that wine has a positive effect on human health. However, most still do not know how to choose a quality wine. It is good to know the basic rule of how to choose a wine according to the food – light white and pink wines go with light food, heavier red wines with heavier food, and wines with more acid with heavier food. The cakes are accompanied by dessert wines.

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If you find yourself in a restaurant and you are not sure which wine to choose, do not hesitate to ask the waiter for a recommendation. If you know the world of wine, then it is very likely that you will know how to manage a wine list that can be organized in several ways – by variety, by region and/or country, or by style of wine (light white, aged white, fluttering rosei, rosei with character, orange wines, elegant red, powerful red).

Sweet wines are a bit thicker and different from those fruity notes, and if you really can’t bear to think and pair food and wine, you can always choose roses. Comfortable, refreshing, and ideal for summer, it will go well with a lot of dishes and you will definitely not go wrong. If you have decided to buy a bottle of wine and prepare a romantic dinner for your better half, then we recommend that you click here and make your final decision.

Although price plays one of the key roles in the choice of wine, it does not necessarily have to be crucial. Sometimes extremely good wines are discounted because their ideal tasting period has passed or they simply do not sell well enough.

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Are old wines better?

Many will say that the better the wine, the older it gets. This is true, but only partially, in the case of certain varieties of wine. It is worth noting that eternal wines cannot exist, there are only long-lasting varieties, ie each drink has its own shelf life. And some wines are even tastier when they are “younger”, e.g. Red French “Beaujolais”.

Final thoughts

The wine glasses stick to the rack, not to the bottom of the glass. Namely, holding a glass of wine by the bottom, you additionally heat the wine with your hands. Gentle and circular movements of the wine in the glass will encourage the spread of the aroma and its evaporation. Wine is never drunk by drinking a full glass at once. After taking a sip of wine, hold the wine in your mouth for a few moments and later exhale through your nose to feel the return smell. Awaken your senses, choose the right glass and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine!