7 Tips For Designing And Printing Your Own Product Labels

When you look at an aisle in a supermarket, you’ll probably notice that some products are more appealing than others do. This is probably due to the fact that the company selling the thing guaranteed that they produce a label that is well-designed, interesting, and fun – something that could have a serious impact on whether or not the items you’re selling are successful.

Now, you may believe that you should hire a designer to produce a professionally-looking label, however, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, you could do it by yourself! And, if you need some tips that you could utilize when designing and printing them, this article can assist you. Let’s take a peek at the tips you should remember and use:

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  1. Discover More Info About The Audience

Before you go through the rest of this list, the initial step you must take is learning more info about the targeted audience. The more info you learn about the individuals who use your goods, it’ll be simpler to produce the tags. This is why you must learn what their ages, genders, areas, and ethnicities are.

Additionally, you should ask yourself why would they opt for buying your product over a competition, what do they not like about the competition’s containers, what colors do they like, and what are companies offer similar or the same thing. By learning these things, you’ll be able to know what you must concentrate on.

  1. Opt For The Ideal Dimensions

You’ll also need to decide on how much packaging your goods require. Fortunately, there are various sizes that you could opt for, which suggests that you’ll be capable of finding one that suits your wishes and requirements. Before you select the dimensions, there are several points you’ll need to consider.

For starters, you must learn whether there is a trade-standard for such items and you’ll need to also consider what is more significant for you, the merch, or the container. Lastly, you have to consider if there is sufficient space for you to put all the important information and whether it should be a full-wrap model or one that is minimalistic.

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  1. Carefully Determine What Material You’ll Use

When it comes to choosing the material for the item, it’ll mostly rely on what you’re marketing. Luckily, there are over forty materials that you could use with a wide range of bottles, containers, boxes, bags, and so on. For instance, if you’re offering shower gels or shampoos, you’ll need them to be waterproof, hence, depending on the items you’re selling, choose a material that’ll suit it.

  1. Be Different From Other Companies

The material you select could easily upgrade your containers, however, you must pick something that is visually appealing. This is what will allow you to be distinct from other manufacturers, which implies that you’ll want to try different things. For instance, you could pick a textured kraft sticker or a metallic sticker that’ll assist you with making your items stand out.

Remember, there are hundreds of organizations such as customsticker that allow you to design stickers online, which implies that you could simply open the site, pick every aspect of the layout, and then wait for it to be printed and sent to you. This will definitely make the entire process less time-consuming and less daunting, so consider hiring such services.

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  1. It Must Work Well With The Container

If your containers are made from materials such as plastic or glass or if you chose something completely unique and quirky, you must guarantee that the label works well with the container. Opting for clear alternatives will enable you to get that ‘no tag aspect’ and it’ll assist you with making your brand more appealing.

Now, you should know, if you’re utilizing translucent or colored materials, you should know that printers aren’t able to generate the color white, which implies that you’ll need to work without white, hence, the sticker will most likely look like it’s a bit transparent, implying that people will see the substance or the color of the goods through the layout you chose.

  1. Design it!

You should ensure that your product suits the entire look and story of your trademark, so, there are some things that you should focus on. You could decide to add images to the design to communicate your brand’s message, something that could assist your consumers to quickly connect your company with the item you’re selling. You could, for instance, add a close-up picture of the texture.

Graphics are also important, meaning that you need to think about adding ornaments, strokes, different backgrounds, and so on to create one that is fun. Keep in mind, you’ll also need to position it properly, especially since it’ll help people make a decision faster.

Colors are also a must and besides assuring that you opt for a hue that is appealing, you should also assure that you add your brand’s color into the stickers you’ll utilize. Remember, you shouldn’t feel tempted to use a lot of colors or fonts since it’ll lower the readability of the information on the box. Once you get a clear image of what you wish for it to look like, you must then concentrate on the info you’ll put on it, hence, ensure that it tells a story of why people should buy your item and how it’s different from other ones on the market.

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  1. Print Them!

When you’re done with the design of the stickers and once you’re happy with it, your last step is to print them! Now, there are two options – you could choose to buy a printer and manufacture them by yourself or you can hire a company that will do it for you. Whatever option you prefer, you need to ensure that you read the reviews for the printer or company, and you need to also think about what is more affordable for your organization. Remember, you’ll want to get as many quotes as you can.


The label you pick for the products you’re selling is one of the most important things that you need to center on. Besides allowing your merch to stand out, it can also influence a lot of shopping decisions people make, which means that you could improve your sales and revenue by opting for the right packaging option.

So, now that you’re informed of all the things you should focus on, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should return to the start of our list, and start with the first tip we mentioned – which is learning more information about the targeted audience that you have.