4 Chinese Companies That are Leaders in 5G Technology

The 5G technology is slowly, but surely becoming the number one choice when it comes to telecommunication. It is better than 4G and in every single aspect. Of course, it still not fully developed, but it probably will be in just a few years. This is why a lot of companies are striving to advance their 5G knowledge and technology as fast as possible. Currently, China holds some of the biggest companies that are trying to push 5G forward. But, which one of these companies are the leaders in this industry?

Many of these companies are worth billions of dollars and are probably some of the biggest companies in China. Thanks to this kind of powerful and large competition in China, this high-speed telecom network is constantly evolving, getting faster, with bigger reach and it is overall better. Cities in China are finally becoming entirely covered with 5G instead of being stuck with 4G.

Nevertheless, let us delve deeper into these Chinese companies that are leaders in 5G technology.


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It is impossible to talk about telecommunication and smart phones without mentioning Huawei. It is the single largest smart phone manufacturing in China that is easily taking about 30% of the market share. So naturally, the largest smart phone manufacturer is also trying to be the leader in 5G technology. And, Huawei is certainly managing to do so.

Back in 2024, this tech giants has signed over hundreds of deals related to 5G. Obtaining operators, equipment, antennas and everything else related to this new telecommunication technology.

They also ordered almost half a million Massive MIMO AAU. This antenna is coming with the latest and most inoperative amplifier and antenna array technology. Weighing at only 25 kg it is pretty light and it can be easily installed by one person. In other words, setting up 5G networks across one city is now easier than ever thanks to Huawei.

Also, we have to acknowledge that this company has helped reduce the power consumption of 5G related equipment and devices considerably. By using higher quality materials, and coming up with new innovations regarding chip design and antenna array technology, 5G slowly becoming more energy-efficient than ever.

We all know that Huawei is not stopping here and that this company will continue pushing 5G technology further.

However, we also have to acknowledge that Huawei is not the only tech giants that is helping 5G progress. There are a lot of other companies that have just as a large of an impact.


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ZTE may not have as large of a presence in the smart phone world as Huawei with a minimal market share percentage. However, is very important to understand that ZTE’s focus is more into releasing and selling telecom equipment worldwide. When it comes to this subject, ZTE has almost 15% of the market share. They are one of the largest suppliers of telecom equipment.

Because of this, they also have a huge influence on 5G technology and they are pushing it forward together with all of the other leaders in this industry.

The last information we got from ZTE was back in October 2024, claiming that they signed more than 55 5G commercial contracts. How? Well, considering that they have put in $1.6 billion into research and development, we think it is safe to say that ZTE is in the big leagues.

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With over 5000 5G patents, ZTE is definitely going to be one of the worldwide leaders in this technology after a few years.


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Xiaomi is another worldwide tech giants having a take on 5G technology and smart phones. Currently, Xiaomi is holding 13% of smart phone market share. That is a pretty big influence in this industry. Of course, a lot of their smart phones do have support for 5G networking. But, what is the point of delivering devices that are capable of 5G if the cities in China do not support such networks?

Because of this, Xiaomi is also taking a stand on this technology, trying to evolve it as soon as possible and to help spread it out throughout the country.

Back in January 2024, Xiaomi’s stock price made a huge boom after announcing a whole lineup of smart phones that support 5G and their investments into artificial intelligence, overall 5G technology and Internet of things.

Unfortunately, that price peak quickly collapsed after the United States put this company on their smart phone maker blacklist. Exactly the same thing that happened to Huawei.

Still, this is not going to stop this company from reaching its goals. They are going to continue evolving their knowledge of 5G and they will continue releasing smart phones that support this type of network.

Datang Telecom Group

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A Chinese giant for telecommunications equipment that is headquartered in Beijing. This is a state owned company that has a lot of promise in the 5G world. Considering that this same company has had a huge impact in developing TD-SCDMA 3G, you can imagine how much influence they can have on 5G.

What makes this company even more promising is the fact it merged together with FiberHome Technologies Group, allowing for even faster execution of their goals for spreading 5G across the country.

Back in 2018, the president of Datang Telecom Group announced that they will be building hundreds of 5G base stations in many cities that year. In 2019 and 2024, they have set up even more base stations, allowing Chinese citizens to enjoy the reliability and speed of the 5G telecommunication network.

We assume that in 2024 and one and in the next few years, Datang will be one of the Chinese leaders in 5G.

Every single one of these companies that we listed above will have a huge impact on 5G in China and around the world. All that is left is for us to wait and see how this industry will continue developing and exactly which of these companies is truly going to be number one.