Is China Going to Ban Cryptocurrency?

Because of its comparatively low electricity prices and less expensive computer gear, China has long been one of the world’s key centers for cryptocurrency mining activities. Gamers have been known to blame the business for a global shortage of graphics cards—which miners need to process crypto-currencies—due to its popularity. While China prohibited domestic cryptocurrency exchanges … Read more

6 Things to Know About China’s New Official Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies serve as digital currencies that have easily become a source of investment and exchange across continents. They have allowed investors to park their funds for earning returns as well as use the same for exchange purposes. Every country has its separate laws for managing and regulating these cryptocurrencies. Some have welcomed the same with … Read more

4 Chinese Companies That are Leaders in 5G Technology

The 5G technology is slowly, but surely becoming the number one choice when it comes to telecommunication. It is better than 4G and in every single aspect. Of course, it still not fully developed, but it probably will be in just a few years. This is why a lot of companies are striving to advance … Read more