Beach Activities for Fun and Exercise

Many ordinary activities are more enjoyable at the beach. Whether it is reading, jogging, walking, or volleyball, you can have more fun while you perform them at the beach.

Being in the sun with a blue ocean and white sand can make a common activity extra pleasing. It is even more fun if you engage in beach activities for fun and exercise.

Therefore, if you are bored going to the gym or you are looking for a free zone where you can connect with nature, you need to visit the seaside. Below are 10 beach activities for fun and exercise.

  1. Walking and running

You can have a lot of fun walking and running at the beach. Even though it is harder to walk and run on sand, you can be sure to enjoy every step.

Also, it is a great workout for someone who wants to build muscles and burn more calories. Additionally, running on sand is soft on your hips and knees when you fall.

Nevertheless, make sure you have good running shoes. However, if you choose to run on the beach barefoot, make sure to check for dangers such as sharp shells, soda cans, and other things that can cause injuries.

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  1. Canoeing and kayaking

Both Canoeing and kayaking are great workouts for someone who wants to burn calories and have fun.

Even though the arms do all the work, these water sports target the upper body and the core muscles.

If you do not have your own kayak or canoe, you can rent one. There are many sites and beach stores that offer rental services. And just like other watersports such as surfing and paddleboarding, watch the weather before going out.

  1. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is an excellent workout and full of fun. It is a great team sport that can be done by anyone.

Just like soccer, players should pass the Frisbee to teammates and try to score. On the other hand, the opposition interrupts to take the Frisbee.

The good news is that beach Frisbee does not have to be formal like the organized league.

All you need is to identify a good area, set your own rules, and start playing. After an hour of play, you will have burnt calories and had a lot of fun.

  1. Swimming

Among the oldest and stimulating workout that is full of fun is swimming. Being in the water is a great feeling to both kids and adults.

Whether you love swimming with fins and snorkel or just swimming goggles, it is one of the best beach activities for fun and exercise.

However, always remember seas and oceans are subject to weather changes. Therefore, keep safe and be aware of any changes.

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  1. Beach Soccer

When visiting the beach with friends, beach soccer is an outstanding activity to consider. It is easy to play, entertaining, and a good workout.

Normally, people play beach soccer barefoot. The feeling of stepping on sand and falling makes everything unique and fun. However, if you are not comfortable playing barefoot, you can have your shoes.

  1. Stand-up paddleboarding

Whether you are planning to visit Asian beaches or US beaches, stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent water sport full of fun and exercise. Today, SUP is one of the most popular outdoor activities people want to try.

People are in love with stand-up paddleboarding because it has numerous health benefits. The benefits include reducing stress, helping to burn more calories, workout on the whole body, and boosting Vitamin-D levels.

All you need is a paddleboard, paddles, a leash, PFD, and other few items. Unlike other boards, stand-up paddleboards are long and wide to be used on calm, flat waters.

Apart from enjoying the water sport, you will develop good posture, strengthen core muscles, and perform a few yoga poses on the paddleboard.

You can purchase a stand-up paddleboard or rent one. There are boards for beginners, experts, and young ones – you can check them here.

  1. Surfing

Another great way to burn calories at the beach is by getting engaged in surfing. It is a great sport that helps to develop upper body strength as you move through the waves.

It is considered exciting and a good workout because you need to maintain balance and coordination as you ride.

However, surfing might is not a beginner’s friendly sport. If you feel it is not your thing, you can consider body boarding or stand-up paddleboarding.

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  1. Volleyball

Beach volleyball is fast, fun, and marvelous. It is an amazing workout camouflaged as a game. Players need to do a lot of jumping, running and dives. Laughing and disagreeing over whether the ball is out or inside the pitch makes everything interesting.

Hence, beach volleyball is not only entertaining but a good activity to enhance your fitness. It also enhances speed, agility, and coordination.

Fortunately, most beaches have nets ready for people who want to engage in beach volleyball.

  1. Sand Sprints

If you think hill sprints are tough, you need to try sand sprints. This is a serious exercise for your leg muscles. Continues shifting of sand can help burn a lot of calories.

Sand sprints are challenging but very exciting. They will leave your legs burning, your heart pumping, and your lungs healthy.

  1. Touch Football

Even though football is always associated with men, this is not the case with touch football. Touch football at the beach is an awesome activity full of entertaining.

It is a game that will accelerate your heart rate, strengthen your legs, and make you run. Since a lot of activities are involved, touch football is an excellent fat burner.

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If you are headed to the beach, you need to consider the above activities for fun and workout. However, make sure you are well-prepared. Carry the right gear, have enough water and check the weather.

For water sports such as surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding, make sure you get the right board for the sport. If you do not own one, check whether you can rent a board at the beach.