Top 5 Reasons Anyone Should Visit Klein Curacao

Located off the southeastern coast of Curaçao, sits this hidden island paradise, ‘Klein Curacao’. Literally meaning, little Curacao, this island has everything you need for your most leisurely vacation trip. Still don’t believe it? Let’s see the top 5 reasons why Klein Curacao is the best place for all kinds of people! 1. The beach … Read more

Guide to Plan Your Wedding in Aruba

Weddings are an exciting time in a person’s life, and when that wedding is in the Caribbean, there is nothing like it. Aruba is the best island for a destination wedding as there is no place as beautiful as this Caribbean Island. You have made the perfect choice when it comes to picking your destination … Read more

Beach Activities for Fun and Exercise

Many ordinary activities are more enjoyable at the beach. Whether it is reading, jogging, walking, or volleyball, you can have more fun while you perform them at the beach. Being in the sun with a blue ocean and white sand can make a common activity extra pleasing. It is even more fun if you engage … Read more