5 Things To Check If An Automatic Door Doesn’t Open

It is common for many stores and other objects to have automatic doors. There are many benefits they provide, such as convenience, modern design, and simplicity. Also, it is excellent for disabled people. It can improve the visual properties of the entrance as well. There are many models available on the market today, such as sliding doors, hands-free doors, platform screen doors, folding doors, and more.

It is quite common for businesses, but some install this option in their homes as well. The most important is to choose a reliable producer. The average model should serve you without any issues for at least 10 years. Also, that time can be much longer with proper maintenance. In case that you are facing certain issues with your automatic doors, the best option is to call professional service and hire people with the required skills and experience to deal with that. If you need such a service, read more on https://hortonautomatics.ca/automatic-doors/.

Moreover, it is always recommended to learn about the main features of the model of automatic doors you choose to install. Also, check out what parts might be prone to wearing off faster, and always keep the number of the nearby service in your contact list. That is the best solution to quickly resolve any issue. Besides that, you can check some things yourself as well. Here are the common reasons why the automatic door won’t work, and how to deal with that.

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Starter on One-Way Doors

This model of automatic doors is one of the most common choices today, especially for businesses. They are more energy-efficient and provide higher security. The most important part is the starter, which is used to automatically close the doors when needed.

However, it is common that the system might face certain issues over years, especially if you weren’t paying enough attention to maintenance. Before you call a service, try to add oil to the mechanism and the starter, and physically open and close the doors several times. If that doesn’t resolve the issues, then you should call the mechanics.

Problems with Sensors

The main problem with services is that some of them might not be as reliable as expected. If you are not sure if some mechanic might try to trick you to pay more money, you should learn more about the main properties and parts of automatic doors installed in your facility.

For example, it is a common situation where the doors won’t work properly because the sensors are full of dirt and dust, which can prevent them to detect people. Therefore, the first thing to do when the doors are not working is to clean the sensors. If that is not helping, maybe they require a replacement. In that case, you should call a reliable service to fix the problem.

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Issues with Additional Parts

Besides the sensors and starter, there are many additional parts installed that allow the proper function of these doors. The most common parts are tracks, chains, and belts. The problem with them is that they have a limited lifespan, and the frequency of use can determine for how long they might serve you. Besides that, you should always buy automatic doors from well-known producers to be sure that they are using high-quality parts that can last for a longer time.

It is very important to check these parts from time to time since problems with them could lead to even bigger issues. Therefore, if you notice that the doors are not working properly lately, check if the chains or belts are the cause of that. It will be fast and simple for the service to replace these parts.

Engine Malfunction

The engine that is activating the automatic feature can also wear out after years of use. You can easily notice if there are some issues with the engine if the doors suddenly started to open and close much slower. The best solution is to call a service to check and fix the problem before the complete malfunction. It will help you to save money on repair because you might avoid bigger problems.

Also, it will save you from inconvenience if you are facing these issues with the front doors of your store or some other business. Besides that, be sure to buy from retailers who are providing you with a decent warranty. The average warranty time is two years.

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Physical Obstacles

Before you start checking all parts related to the mechanism and sensors, check out the track where the doors are sliding, and see if there are no obstacles or large deposits of dirt that are the reason why the doors suddenly got stuck and won’t open. In that case, you should try to remove these deposits, physically open the door, and clean the rail or track.

The Bottom Line

There are also many other potential reasons why the doors won’t work properly. Maybe there is an issue with electric installation where the doors cannot activate the switch, or something is preventing the sensors to activate them. The best way to avoid any of these problems is to pay more attention to proper maintenance.

The most reliable solution is to call a service for maintenance after every six months. With that strategy, you can be sure that your automatic doors will work properly all the time, and you will save a lot of money as well since they will replace each part that gets worn out on time, so it won’t cause any bigger problems.

In the end, it is essential to check the manufacturer before buying this product to be sure that it is reliable. You can always find online reviews and ratings, and check the experience of previous customers. Also, you can ask other people for recommendations from other businesses who are using these doors for years. On the other hand, having a contact of good maintenance service is the long-term solution that will save you from bigger issues and inconvenience.