8 Important Things to Check Before Pruning Your Trees

Pruning your trees is an essential activity that needs to be regularly done to preserve the wellness of your greenery. Although it requires serious knowledge, beginners can try this on their own with various guides on the internet as support.

However, you will need to understand a couple of things before you begin with cutting. Many people have made the mistake of cutting too many branches or doing this process at the wrong time. These things can seriously affect the health of your trees, so make sure you are being careful.

To make the pruning process easier for you, we have made this article with some of the most important things to check before you begin cutting. In addition, you will have the chance to inform yourself better, which will surely lead to a better pruning job the next time.

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Do a thorough inspection

The first thing that needs to be done is to check the condition of the three. The inspection is an essential process, that helps in preparation and coming up with a pruning plan.

That way, you will see the branches that need to be removed and you start strategizing about the whole process. Sometimes you will need to cut only a few pieces, however, if the tree has been neglected for a while, you will need to put in more work.

Consider hiring professionals

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to ensure the safety and wellness of your trees is to hire a a tree cutting services to do the pruning for you. Since they have been doing this for a long time, they got all the knowledge it takes for a perfect cut as suggested by findlocaltreeservice.com.

In addition, if your trees are tall, you don’t need the risk when you can hire professionals to complete that. Lack of equipment is another reason for you to consider going for a professional firm to do the pruning for you.

Just ensure yourself about the quality of the company, and you should be good to go. If you cannot find a great firm on your own, do research on the web, or ask your friends for recommendations. What is left for you to do is enjoy the looks of your garden while maintaining a stress-free and harmonious ambiance.

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Check if there are dead particles

The dead particles are the first things that need to be removed. While they are still present, they slow down the progress of the healthy three by taking up their nutrients and hiding lower branches from the sun.

There is not a specific right time for their removal since they are not being affected by the tree cycle. In other words, you should get them removed as soon as you see them. They are not being calculated in the total portion removed, so you can just cut them off without hesitation.

Make sure the season is right

Like everything else that is alive, the threes have their cycles where various things happen. The best period to do the cutting should be during the resting periods of the plants. These are usually the colder months, since there is insufficient sun exposure, and the trees are not growing.

The worst time to get into cutting is when the weather is hot. This is the season where the plants grow the most, and you will ruin their dynamic. In the summertime, the only thing that you can do is get the dead pieces removed. Since they are slowing down the progress of the healthy parts, you will improve the growth of your tree.

Understand what you want to accomplish

Pruning your trees can be done to accomplish multiple things. For that reason, you will need to understand what your goal is and stick to it.

Some people prune just for aesthetic reasons. They want their garden to look nice, and they are using this technique to gain that. When it comes to trees that bring fruits, pruning is being used to increase the initial production, and have more crops.

Another reason is keeping the branches out of power sources and other important utilities. If they get tangled up, there can be damage done both to the tree, and the community as well. Lastly, people who don’t care about anything of the above, are only cutting the dead particles they can reach.

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Check the condition of the tools

You cannot perform this process with equipment in bad condition. If your cutters are being dull, you will have problems removing parts of the tree. In addition, with unprecise cuts, you can cause damage to the tree and make it more prone to diseases.

For that reason, before the cutting season begins, make sure your tools are being well prepared. You can sharpen them right before you finish cutting, and check them again before the next season begins. In case you need to get something new, use the periods between the season, and find better deals.

Check if you are cutting in the right place

Many people are doing the mistake of cutting in the wrong place. This can cause serious damage to the plant which can sometimes be unrepairable. The best place for you to cut is as close to the collar as possible while being careful not to damage it.

How much is enough

If pruning is new to you, there are many mistakes that you can do. The biggest error that many beginners do is exaggerating with the cutting.

The whole point of this process is removing the parts that are not needed, but not having your whole tree cut down. This means that you need to remove as little as you can.  For that reason, you will need to do a simple calculation of the cutting limit.

Usually, it is recommended for you to cut around ten percent if we are talking about an older sample. In case you are pruning a younger tree since it grows quicker and it needs all the nourishment possible you should not cut more than a third of it.

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Although it seems easy to prune a tree, it is a complicated process that requires a lot of knowledge to it. Every specimen is different from the others, so you will need to learn for every three that you got.

If you want to do this thing on your own and be satisfied with the results afterward, you should do it. However, if you are too busy, or you don’t have the time to learn and do the process by yourself, hiring a professional firm should be your choice.