6 Adult Toys Every Man Needs to Own

Owning a sex toy has been considered a normal practice, both for married men, singletons, and free shooters, but not all the ones who want to try something new know what to look for. Surely, the internet has bestowed us with an adult toy market never seen before, but the uninformed men often get lost in the sea of interesting products they frequently have no idea how would they use them. On the other hand, there are sex toys that are considered a basic part of any man’s adult plaything arsenal. Therefore, if you want to find out which adult toys every man needs to own, read the following lines and watch carefully so you do not miss anything.

Male Masturbators

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There is a wide range of male masturbators one can use, and the catch is to find the one that suits your sex style optimally. Besides that, there are different versions crafted for various occasions, so we would like to highlight the ones for single use and the ones that are crafted to bring you to the climax countless times. On the other hand, you can choose between vibrating masturbators and immovable ones. Similar to vibrators, the focus of the vibrating masturbators is on the vibration which stimulates the penis and provides a unique sensation depending on the material you chose to line the interior of the device. Thus, pick according to your budget and your thing, since not everybody enjoys having a vibrating masturbator on their thing.

Pocket Pussy

Although a pocket pussy is basically a male masturbator, its features are more realistic than other types of this male adult plaything. Namely, it is shaped as a container on the outside, with an opening envisaged to welcome a penis in its insides. Naturally, as its name suggests, both the insides and the entrance of the container are shaped like a vagina. Interestingly enough, you can choose the shape and the size of a pocket pussy and it is crucial to highlight that some models are realistically crafted based on some pornographic superstars’ genitals. On the other hand, a pocket mouth is an alternative if you happen to like different things.

Sex Dolls

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Whether you are aware of it or not, now you can enjoy the company of a perfectly shaped partner without having to listen to him or her uttering a single word, that is unless you want it and you spare some extra cash for additional features. Namely, the last word of the adult toy industry is nothing else but sex dolls, designed to meet all your wants and needs. Not solely that they look realistic, but they are additionally worth your attention because materials used in their production are carefully selected to resemble the real deal as much as possible. Another feature we should mention is they are easy to transport and you can take them with you wherever you go, without fearing somebody will notice your toy partner is accompanying you when you do not want to draw other people’s attention. Visit this link to find out more about various models of sex dolls and see which ones would be the ones you would gladly spend your time with.

Sex Rings

There are numerous types of sex rings, but they all have one thing in common, and that is to bring pleasure. Now, if you enjoy sharing the pleasure with your partner, then a vibrating sex ring would be a more suitable solution for your cause. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your performance and keep it up for longer, the standard, non-vibrating version could be as efficient as the pulsating one. Depending on what is your cup of tea, there are different versions of sex rings that are crafted either to stimulate the one who carries it or their partner. Either way, the pleasure is inevitable, as long as you use them according to the manual.

Prostate Stimulators

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Although anything having to do with their “background” is considered a taboo subject by a vast majority of men out there, we suggest you should get to know your body before making premature conclusions. Namely, the quickest way to the prostate is via men’s anus, and while some hate the idea of even thinking about it, others find new ways to pleasure themselves unconventionally. That is where prostate stimulators enter the scene since there is a wide range of what you can do to your prostate. Surely, various static prostate stimulators look like standard dildos, but there are also vibrating sex toys crafted to stimulate the great P. Thus, as long as you feel comfortable, you should try how these lovely sex toys function and even share the experience with your partner, as long as you both enjoy the act.


Lubes are not reserved for the gentler sex, moreover, when solo play is in question, men desperately need some lubrication. That is why you should always have a tube of some lube at your side, no matter if you intend on lubricating your hand or another toy. Either way, using a sex lube gives enjoying a sexual experience a totally new meaning, and when we say it, we mean it in a good way. You can choose from different flavors to different colors, and the best thing about lubrication is that sometimes it is better to improvise than to opt for a particular product. Just make sure you do not use anything that will make you regret it afterward, so either read the instructions or use only the lubricants you know that are not harmful.

Sex toys are there to provide you with pleasure and potentiate you have fun and enjoy at the same time. On the other hand, they can enhance the time you spend with your partner, as long as you both enjoy using your playthings. One way or another, using the aforementioned adult toys will definitely make your solo time a thing to remember, so make sure you use them moderately, since the enjoyment makes sense solely if it does not transform to exaggeration.