10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying Adult Toys Online

There are a lot of people who would be embarrassed to buy an adult toy in a store, even though it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to have them.

Adult toys are usually used by couples when they want to add some spice in their love life or by individuals when they feel lonely or just want to play around with themselves for fun. As embarrassing as it may seem at first, buying adult toys online is actually more convenient than visiting your local adult shop because you can do so from the comfort of your own home. It is also more discreet since you don’t have anyone else but yourself know what you’re buying.

In addition, adult toys bought from the comfort of your home are usually less expensive compared to those bought inside a store so you don’t have to worry about overspending as much as when buying from a physical shop. When done right, it can actually be an exciting experience which you and your partner would definitely love.

Do’s and Dont’s Of Buying Adult Toys Online

Here are some helpful tips that you should take into consideration next time you buy an adult toy online:

1. Do read reviews first

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There are a lot of review sites out there where previous customers leave comments about the product they bought from certain websites. The experts at tantaly.com suggest that by reading them, you can find out if what you’re going for is worth spending on or not. In fact, reading these reviews is better than asking around from friends or family members about which adult toy websites are the best. A lot of times, those who have already bought an adult toy would write a review about it; usually, positive ones as they are happy with what they bought. From these testimonials, you can get an idea of the product’s quality for yourself.

2. Do read through the website’s terms and conditions

Before you buy, make sure that you’ve checked out their policies and procedures because there might be hidden charges that could surprise you after making a purchase. Sometimes, these websites may bill extra for shipping and handling fees; sometimes they may not accept returns. You should always be aware of such things before you click the “buy” button.

4. Don’t give in to too much temptation

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Sometimes, when people see all these adult toys online, they immediately think that buying them is a good idea even though it may not be true for you. You should only buy items that are appropriate for your needs so if you don’t really need one at the moment, you should just put it off until another time.

5. Do consider prices and shipping costs

It’s important to look around first before actually making a decision because there are some websites out there where their products are way more expensive compared to others that sell similar items. For example, if you go to a local adult novelty store, you’ll probably spend more since the shop owner has to pay for a lease and profit. Just make sure to look around first before buying.

6. Do be responsible when buying from an online store

You should only buy items that are legal in your community otherwise you could end up in trouble with the law. In addition, it’s also important not to give in to temptation when you’re browsing through their website because if you do, then there might be a big possibility that you will impulsively buy something without actually thinking about it well.

7. Don’t forget customer service

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If ever you encounter any problems regarding your order or needs, don’t hesitate to contact them so they can help you out. It’s also important to note that some websites don’t actually have a customer service number so it’s best if you look for one beforehand or ask through email since online stores are normally faster when it comes to responding.

8. Don’t rush the process

Just because you want your item immediately does not mean that you should buy from any website without reading reviews, terms, and conditions, testimonials, etc. Sites like Amazon are great examples of this where they offer at least 5 different review pages which can be helpful in your decision-making process. They even have an option where their customers can suggest improvements in the future so you know what to expect from them.

9. Do remember to keep yourself safe

Internet shopping is generally safe but there are times when people get duped so you have to be careful. A good thing to do is check the website’s URL before making your purchase which can help you out if it’s a phishing scam or not. In addition, you should also contact their customer service department for verification purposes just to make sure that everything is legitimate with them.

10. Don’t be ashamed to do shop alone in IRL

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If you’re looking for sex toys, the chances that you’ll be able to consider yourself to be sex-positive. If, however, you truly are sex-positive then you’ll be hesitant about going to a sex store on an afternoon on a Wednesday. You don’t require a friend or your partner and even your sexual partner to join you. Go alone! Enjoy yourself. Explore! The first visit will undoubtedly be uncomfortable, but eventually, you’ll be able to ask staff members what advice they have for you. While being at ease in a shop for sex may seem like a minor success but it’s an enormous step to feel comfortable with your sexuality, which can be a significant investment itself.


In order to buy adult toys online, you need to be responsible with your needs and interests. It’s not just about getting the item that you want but it can also affect your safety as well. Searching through customer reviews are important factors when buying from an online store since they will have factual feedbacks which can help you decide if a website is really reliable to shop from or not. So with all that, we wish you happy shopping and all the fun with your new adult toy.