Which is More Important: YouTube Views or Subscribers

You have created a YouTube channel, so what will be your aim? Both subscribers and viewers. Yes, at first, both are equally important. This is because if you want to monetize your channel, you will need a minimum number of views on your videos and subscribers on your channel.

When you subscribe to a channel, their videos will appear on the home page. This results in increasing the view count. So to put it simply, the more subscribers you have, the more views you will get on your videos.

However, things never work this way in the real world. It is possible that a person subscribed to your channel but won’t see the next videos. Likewise, a lot of users do not subscribe to a lot of channels. Instead, they randomly watch things and enjoy their time. Therefore, both categories are equally important.

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YouTube subscribers are people who follow a certain channel to get regular updates about them. If you like the content, you can even turn on the notification button. Thus, every time they upload a new video, you will get a notification. This is the easiest way of watching your favorite channels.

Therefore, YouTubers need to have a dedicated fan base or subscribers. Although the number is important but their dedication is also equally important. For example, you have a travel vlogging channel. Someone interested in watching traveling vlogs will subscribe. However, he might have more than one subscription and can easily shift from your channel.

Therefore, you should pay attention to your content and work on building a strong online community. Only after that, your subscribers will be of your use.

But wait, this is not the only positive point of having a huge number of subscribers.

The psychological perspective of the number of subscribers

You might think why people pay companies to buy subscribers and likes. Because it increases the trust factor. This is a psychological game. Say for instance that you have a channel for homemade recipes but the views and subscriptions are too few. So even if YouTube recommends your video to someone, he is less likely to subscribe and view it. Why? Because he will look at the number of subscribers you have.

If the number is too low and your views are also very less, the watcher will have a negative impression. He will automatically assume that your recipes are not that good. Therefore, he won’t subscribe to it.

However, if you have a large number of views and subscribers, people will at least watch one of your videos. This is because they want to see how good your videos are. So, the number plays a role to manipulate new viewers. It makes them believe that your videos are worth watching.

Traffic generation

Another benefit of more number of subscribers is that YouTube itself puts your videos on the recommendation list. The platform itself will expose your video to more people and this will increase your traffic. Eventually, you will have more views and more subscribers. And this is your final goal. You aim to earn money through this platform and to become famous and the number is important to get that.

YouTube Views

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YouTube views mean how many times people have watched or played your video. The number of subscribers shows the popularity of your channel. However, views show the quality of your content and video. It is possible that one hit video can change the fate of your channel. One single hit can take you to new heights. Therefore, you should work on your content instead of the number of videos.

And because views are important in determining the popularity of a video, YouTube has strict checks on that. The platform takes crucial measures to ensure that you have authentic views. If the number of views is too high, the platform will run a check on them. So if you have bought them, it is highly likely that YouTube will delete them.

Platforms that sell views and subscribers do it through automated programs. They have different accounts through which they increase the subscription number. However, to increase the number of views, they have to run automated programs. So instead of humans, the computer will be watching the video and increase your view count.

However, the programs play the video in a specific manner and repay it again and again. This makes it evident that someone deliberately increases the view count. The YouTube checking platform will automatically delete those views.

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How to increase the number of subscribers and view count

Your subscription number will change the perception of your targeted group. It shows that your channel is popular and people watch your content. And there is no shortcut to increase this number. Although there are platforms that sell them but if they are fake, YouTube will delete them.

Therefore, even if you are planning to buy the subscribers, you should ensure that they are not fake ones. Having dormant accounts to subscribe to your channel is still acceptable. But if your subscribers are computer programs, they won’t pass the checkpoint of YouTube. Thus, they won’t be of any use to you.

The best way to get authentic subscribers and views is through using these ways;

  1. You need to interact with your viewers regularly. And to do so, you need to visit it daily.
  2. One of the common ways of doing it is to actually ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel
  3. Promote your channel and videos on other social media platforms too.

Final verdict

Both views and subscribers have their role in making you famous. But if you aim to earn, views are important.