Top 6 Winners in Online Gambling History – 2024 Review

While it is not a surprise when we hear that someone won a huge prize in some casino, you should know that many online casinos are also offering you a chance to win millions. The biggest jackpot in some land casinos is around $40 million. However, there are some cases where people managed to win millions by playing games in online casinos as well. The online gambling platforms are becoming more popular over the years, and many people would rather gamble from their homes than traveling to some casino resorts. That is especially the case in countries where gambling is limited to only some areas, like in the United States, where you gamble only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. When it comes to online casinos, there are legal in many more countries than land casinos. On the other hand, the reason why people prefer online platforms is that you can gamble with less amount of money and get some great welcome bonuses.

The industry of online betting is progressing rapidly, which also affects the number of main prizes, payouts, and jackpots you can win there. Since there is great competition in the market, many of those websites are trying to attract more people by some great deals. As we already said, you have a chance to win the same amount of money while playing games online. Here are some of the biggest winners in the history of online gambling.

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1. Rawiri Pou, New Zealand

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The main point of progressive slot machines is that playing for a longer time increases your chances for a win. Also, you should play with higher bets. In some cases, even the highest bets. The Rawiri Pou was playing a Mega Moolah progressive online slot machine in the Casinoland from New Zealand and managed to win over 10 million NZ dollars, which is around $7.5 million. There is also a person from Sweden who won around $9.5 million in 2015 while playing the same game.

2. $7.8 million on Dark Knight Slot

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The Dark Knight Slot is a very interesting and modern type of online pokie, with the ability to connect symbols from both sides and 50 possible lines. Also, if you fill one reel with a Batman symbol, you will get additional free spins that will increase each time the coin flips on the bat symbol. Moreover, there are four jackpots available in this progressive slot, minor, mini, major, and grand. The player from Australia won near $8 million in 2016 while playing this game at Spin Palace Casino.

3. Georgios M, $8.6 Million

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The player from Greece who won almost $9 Million was playing slots from Microgaming at River Belle online casino. He won this prize in 2009, and according to some reports, he considers himself as a professional slots player because he had some big wins before, but not as big as this amount. Microgaming is a well-known developer of online slots, and some of the most popular are Break da Bank Again, Major Millions 5 Reels, Immortal Romance, and Terminator 2.

4. $9 Million on Hall of Gods

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Hall of Gods is another great slot game where have a chance to win a mini, midi, and mega jackpot. Also, there are various game in-game features like scatter for free games and a bonus feature. The guy from Sweden won around $9 million while playing at the Unibet online casino. He won this prize in 2012. There is also another big win in the same game won by a person who decided to stay anonymous. That person also won around $9 million while gambling at Betsson online casino.

5. Norway, Mega Fortune, $13 Million

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Insomnia is a well-known company when it comes to the development of video games for gambling. In 2011, a young guy from Norway was lucky enough to win over $13 million by playing Mega Fortune online slots. In this game, you can win a bonus by collecting three special symbols, and free games if you get three scatter symbols in one hand. The main prize is always in millions of dollars because this game is one of the most popular.

6. $17 Million Jackpot in UK

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In 2015, a guy from the United Kingdom called Jonathan Heywood managed to win the main jackpot of over $17 million while playing at Betway online casino. The interesting fact is that this player was playing with the minimum bet of only 25 cents. That proves the claim of many casinos how random jackpots are not linked to how much money someone invested. There is also another case where a player won the main jackpot with the minimum bet. A man from Finland was also playing Mega Fortune, and he won around $24 million, which is the current record when it comes to the highest wins in some online casinos.

The Bottom Line

With the rise of popularity, most of the companies that are owning online platforms for gambling are striving to improve the experience of players and increase the potential prices. The year 2024 was especially important for online casinos because there is a significant rise in people interested in online gambling. The main reason for that is a lockdown, which prevented people from going to land casinos. Also, a lot of them were bored at home, which made them interested in this sort of entertainment.

There are many reasons why you should try playing slot machines. They represent a great source of entertainment, along with the ability to win huge prizes even with the minimum bets. Also, while other types of casino games require at least some experience, slot machines are very easy because you only need to press the Start button or turn on the Auto play feature. Moreover, you can try out different online casinos and have a chance to win some great prizes without losing any money because most of them would reward you with a free bonus when you register for the first time.