7 Useful Reasons Why your Business Needs a Chatbot – 2024 Guide

Advances in artificial intelligence have brought us great opportunities. Although it is not yet at the level of science fiction movies and probably never will be, it has certainly become widely used and made many things easier. As e-commerce, and everything else, became closely related to the Internet, the volume of work for customer support became too large. While we did many things live, the employees were able to give us the necessary information and provide on-site assistance. Now that we shop online, book flights, book hotels, do business and everything else, we often need the help of customer support. This is where virtual assistants known as chatbots come into play. What are the reasons why your business needs a chatbot, you will find out below.

What is a chatbot?

You must have encountered a chatbot before, when you entered sites like Booking. It is software that should give you help as close as possible to what you would get from a human. The better developed the software, the better help it can provide, the more intuitive it is and the more words it uses. People who work on natural language processing are constantly improving software so that it is constantly better and better, which you may have noticed yourself.

Reasons why your business needs it

1.You can be available 24/7

Source: ebuiltbusiness.com

You want to always be available to your customers, even if you can’t answer them in person. Chatbot will answer their questions at any time and it is very important that they do not have to wait for business hours. As you are available to the whole world via the Internet, you may have clients in a very distant time zone, who will never be able to contact you during business hours. This way they will get all the basic information they need, and if they need something more, then you will find a way to contact them. Very often, the software will do everything for you, and even receive a fully personalized order from customer.

2. Reducing the workload of employees

You don’t want your employees to be so overwhelmed that they can’t endure the entire workday in maximum focus. If they have to answer the same questions all day, they will not be maximally focused on solving a more serious problem. Save them for such things, and let the chatbot make a triage between important and irrelevant questions and let it answer the most common questions that are constantly repeated and mentally exhaust people to answer the same thing a thousand times. That way you will get much more productive employees, and you will also save money, because you will be able to have fewer employees in that department.

3. Helps you when expanding your business

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If you are in the process of expanding your business, then you need to upgrade your services by introducing a chatbot. That way, with the same number of employees, you will be able to have a significantly larger number of clients, because you will no longer be limited by the number of employees you have. All companies when they wanted to scale up, upgrade their website with this software. It is up to you to choose the right type of bot you need. According to the Botsurfer, there are 8 different types, and you can implement just one or all eight, depending on your needs.

4. It’s very cheap

This brings you a big improvement and is very cheap. You don’t have to invest wealth, as in some other things, but for little money you get such big help. One of the most cost-effective things you can do for your business. So you don’t have to wait for the company to grow and bring in more revenue, but you can implement it as soon as you launch your website.

5. It can provide useful information about your business

Source: cio.com

This is especially useful if you are doing something that is very complex or specific and then a large number of people do not understand what exactly it is about. Chatbot can easily explain your field of business, without using specific terms, which confuse potential customers. Instead of writing a large text where you explain everything, and which probably no one will read in full, this is how you offer them an interactive option to ask themselves what interests them.

6. Millennials are the generation whose peak is now

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is the generation whose zenith is currently underway or just coming because people from that generation are between 25 and 35 years old. They are the first generation to grow up with computers and similar technologies and that is why it is necessary to customize your website for them. And a chatbot is something they definitely expect to find on your website. They are also a generation that prefers to solve the whole problem without having to contact customer service. They are followed by Generation Z and Alpha, who, unlike Millennials, did not live in an era without the Internet and other technologies at all, so implementing a chatbot will be useful not just for the present, but for the future also.

7. It gives you analytics

Source: cio.com

With chatbot you can also give your clients various surveys, such as service quality assessment, what they want you to implement and many other things which will provide you with analytics. By IP address, it can identify clients you have already worked with and immediately offer them what might interest them.


In the beginning, they had only a few options, but now they can solve much more complex tasks and better understand what you require of them. For now, they are not able to answer multiple questions at once and people need to invest many hours of programming for the most basic functions, but with the advancement of technology, all these limitations are being overcome very quickly. Their implementation of a chatbot is a no-brainer for every business, and it is believed that in the near future it will completely replace customer service.