Where Can I Buy Shiba Inu?

The Shiba Inu Crypto coin is a cryptocurrency created by a Japanese programmer in Japan. The coin is based on the coding language of Bitcoin and uses a p2p system for coin transactions. It is known as one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies and the most popular for its adorable design.

History of Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu Coin (SHIBE) is a cryptocurrency launched in February 2018 based on the Shiba Inu dog breed. The coin was created by a group of bored crypto enthusiasts and fans of the Shiba Inu breed. The coin can be mined, but there are ways to acquire it for free in exchange for contributing to the social media channels and promoting the project.

One such way is to complete bounties for the project. Some faucets release free coins to visitors who claim them in exchange for completing captchas or viewing advertisements. The coin has its blockchain and wallet system and can be traded on exchanges like Cryptopia, CoinExchange, TradeOgre, and Stocks. Exchange, though it is not currently listed on any of these exchanges.

The Shiba Inu coin has a total supply of 10 quadrillions, with a circulating supply of 4.8 trillion. It is trading commonly on many crypto exchanges like SHIB-USDT. The coin’s popularity is due to its low price and memes, which have helped to generate a large online community.

Best Exchanges to Buy Shiba Inu Coins

If you want to buy Shiba Inu tokens, you should only trade them at exchanges with a good reputation and low fees.


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If you want to buy SHIB, Currency.com is a great exchange. It offers one of the best selections of meme coins, and it’s one of the most user-friendly exchanges. With a few clicks, you can buy SHIB with a credit or debit card, and there’s no need to own crypto beforehand. Currency.com has one of the lowest trading fees at %0.20.


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If you want to buy Shiba Inu, consider Coinbase. It offers a range of crypto assets, and it’s quick and easy to register for an account and verify your identity. The Coinbase offline wallet is ideal for storing your meme coins (including SHIB), although investors can use credit or debit cards to buy some meme coins without owning cryptocurrency first.

By bit

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By bit is a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange with a great mobile app and offers leveraged trading on Shiba Inu (SHIB). Only a few clicks are needed to buy, sell, trade, and stake this popular cryptocurrency.


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Kraken is another good option if you want to buy Shiba Inu with a credit or debit card or bank account. It has been one of the oldest and most reputable crypto exchanges since 2011. It is one of the few exchanges monitored by regulators from the U.K., U.S., and many other countries.


Source: binance.com

Binance US is one of the safest and most reliable options for purchasing SHIB. The exchange also has low fees, making it excellent for cryptocurrency traders who want to invest in SHIB. By investing in BNB, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, you can save a lot on trading spot fees by using BNB as a discount.

Buying Shiba Inu Through Credit Card

  1. Click Buy Crypto in the navigation bar. Then click Express.
  2. Link your credit/debit card
  3. Select currency
  4. Select the coin you want to purchase.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Choose the card you linked
  7. Click on the Buy button
  8. Verify the details, then click Confirm.
  9. After processing, you’re done with the transaction.

Buying Shiba Inu Coins in the U.S.

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  1. To buy SHIB coin, you’ll need to create a free account.
  2. Click the Payment Management button and then the Manage button. From there, choose to Add a New Account.
  3. You can pay with a bank account, debit card, or domestic wire transfer. Then, provide information to link your payment method.
  4. To deposit USD, click the Wallet tab in the Binance US header bar and select Deposit. Select USD from the dropdown menu.
  5. After that, enter the amount of SHIB USDT you wish to deposit and choose the payment method. Check the terms of use and click Confirm Deposit.

Once you have deposited USD, you can buy SHIB.

  1. On the top navigation bar, you will see a Buy Crypto tab. Click on SHIB.
  2. Choose your payment method from the dropdown menu. If you deposit in USD using ACH or wire transfer, select “ACH/Wire.” If you used your debit card to deposit funds, select “Debit Card.”
  3. The amount of USD you enter or the number of SHIB tokens you choose will appear in the box below. Click Buy to complete your transaction.
  4. Once you’ve reviewed the trade details, please confirm that you want to proceed with the transaction.

Your SHIB will appear in your Funding Account within 24 hours.