Can you Actually Buy and Sell Things Online with Cryptocurrencies?

Over the years, you may have seen exponential growth in the crypto world. Some of you who are not aware of this topic might wonder what exactly it is and why it is gaining popularity for the past few years. But worry not, because in this article, we will share tremendous information about digital currencies and where you can use it.

At the time when cryptocurrencies just arrived on the market, people didn’t take them much seriously. Most of them felt like a joke, but now these digital coins have come a long way. Despite this fact, there are various people who don’t know where these cryptocurrencies can be used.

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Can you use cryptocurrency to buy things?

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The main question that arises in anybody’s mind when they think of investing in digital currencies is that will they be able to use them? Well, let us break this down for you in a much simpler language. Today, Bitcoin and various other crypto coins can be used in exchange for different services and goods. However, due to hefty transaction fees, people avoid using this method to buy things.

There is no doubt that you can use digital currencies to purchase things, but sometimes it is not ideal to do such a thing. Various experts said that it is still being treated as an asset and not currencies to make purchases.

Even though many people earned millions through Bitcoin, we won’t suggest beginner investors with low-risk tolerance to use their currencies to purchase something without proper knowledge. There are various other ways in which one can use these digital currencies. Some of these uses are discussed below.


Apart from buying goods and services in exchange for crypto coins, there are various ways to use digital money. Many of its uses will give you a shock or a surprise because it can be used in such ways that you may not have expected. Let us have a look at them.

  • Quick Money transfers:

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One of the most common and widespread usages of crypto coins is to transfer money or receive payments at a meagre cost. Recent data collected from the sources tells us that recently a transaction of about $99 million LTC was made, and it took only two and a half minutes to finish the transaction. Also, the transaction fees were very low, about $0.40.

If this much money were to be transacted through any intermediaries, it would require a hefty amount of transaction fee, and the process would take several days to complete. Therefore LTC, XLM, etc., make an excellent payment source, especially when you need to transact money across international boundaries.

  • Go green with cryptocurrency:

We are sure that you haven’t heard of its use in the environmental sector, but let us glimpse it. Some of you will be happy to hear that crypto coins can be used to make the world greener, but how?

Let us take an example of a Brooklyn microgrid, a system in which people who already own solar panels can sell their environmental credits by using a mobile application to the people who cannot access it directly. This means that people will consume less power generation from the carbon base and use more solar energy power.

  • For travel purposes:

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As already mentioned above, transactions using digital currencies are increasing day by day. And this is the reason that some travelling agencies have started accepting these coins for travel purposes. So, people can book their flight tickets, cruises, hotels, etc., by using cryptocurrencies.

  • It can help you conduct ethical practices in your business:

Another way in which you use crypto money is to encourage ethical practices in your company. Now, you must be thinking, what does that exactly mean? You may have some rivals who are always looking forward to bringing you down. As you already may know that using cryptocurrencies, one can keep track of all the transactions performed. This means that there will be complete transparency in the transfer of money, and your rivals may not be able to make a fool of you.

  • Donating to charities:


People usually believe that the crypto world is all about gaining huge profits, but there is another side. You can also make a non-profitable use of it, but it entirely depends upon your wishes. Many charities are accepting donations via digital currencies because of the ease of the transaction process.

When you make donations through these coins, you not only save your transaction fees and time, but you can also keep track of your transacted money, like if it is getting leaked somewhere or not. This is why we will highly recommend you to consider this method before you visit any charity for donation next time.

  • Education:

You will be happy to know that nowadays, more and more educational institutions accept digital currencies for payments. According to research, universities in the US, Germany, and Switzerland have started adopting this payment method. It will get famous in other countries as well in the coming future.


People usually tend to find out the purpose of anything before purchasing it, and the same goes with cryptocurrencies. If a person doesn’t know where he can use his digital coins, he must think twice before investing a hefty amount. As they say, half knowledge is always dangerous. Therefore, you must also learn everything about these rising digital coins before buying them.