What Should I Know Before Playing Airsoft

In a world where games like CSGO and CS Source are so popular, in a digital age where action movies are among the highest-earning movies of all time, in a modern way of life where paintball is the preferable to-go option for friends to have a great time and stay physically active, in the world where guns and military tactics are highly appreciated, it’s no wonder why there are so many real-life competitive team shooting games.

One of those games is airsoft, and although still not globally widespread as it should be, it represents a great mixture of actual combat scenes from Hollywood blockbusters and real-life historical battles re-enactment. Knowing this, it’s not a surprise that it is becoming more and more popular each year and it is played by thousands of people from all over the world.

The concept of the game

Firstly, airsoft is a team sport, based mostly on fair play, as, unlike paintball, there is no way to prove that you shoot someone unless they admit it. Now, many would think that this system of fair play is not great nor fair, but precisely that honesty is what makes it so unique and special, along with exceptional sites across the world. The other thing that makes it so likable is authentic real gun replicas, of course, adapted for these purposes, which is also a great way to understand better how much these guns actually weigh.

But that is just one piece of the puzzle about why the game is so popular, and the other one is about players who gained world fame with their gameplay videos followed by guidance, description, and narration. One of the most famous and best airsoft players is definitely Novritsch, a sniper player from Austria responsible for the popularization of this game but also the usage and the importance of sniper in the battle. But enough about its popularity, and let’s go through some basic rules and know-how tips on what to expect from airsoft.

The rules

Like every other game, there are some strict rules, and it is necessary to learn them before going on the field. The rules are actually quite simple, and it is easy to learn them, and it is always a good idea to do that before going to the playing area. If playing with friends, there is a possibility to change and adjust them to meet your preferences. But even then, everyone must agree about new rules and learn them before the start in order to avoid any inconveniences. Some of the most important rules are about safety, and following them is a must in order to get the best airsoft experience.

Eye protection gear is something that everyone needs to wear, no matter if they are playing with friends or against people they don’t know, and besides that, it is crucial to avoid headshots because it can be pretty dangerous and can inflict serious injuries. The guns used in airsoft use pellets or BBs as a munition, and these small balls made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, even though made of plastic, still can cause some bruising and flesh wounds. That is why shooting at someone from close range is not recommended, as you can always use a knife or just say “bang bang.” Hitting someone with gunstock or arms is strictly forbidden because it is the game, not the real war.

Img source: unsplash.com

Learn to hold the firearm

Holding the firearm is not that hard, but many people learned it wrong because of too many movies and TV shows they watched. Because of that, it is necessary to learn how to hold them properly since it is the only way to have a chance to win. The experience is not crucial, especially if you are a fast learner, and it is always a good idea to ask some professional trainer to help with that.

If you are not sure where to find one, go to the Airsoft field, and you will probably find a couple of them who are willing to help the participants with some useful advice. They will see how you hold the gun and correct you if there is any mistake, and besides that, every player will get some extra tips for the game. As for guns, there are some exceptional authentic pieces one can buy just to enhance the experience. Read more if you want to get more info on military simulation rifles used in airsoft, along with guidance on what gear you may need or want.

Common injuries

No matter how careful one is, it usually comes to some minor injuries, and it is better to be prepared for that.  Severe injuries are rare since eye protection is required, and there is a rule to avoid headshots, but one should keep in mind that bruises and scratches are an integral part of this game.

It is most likely that you will end up with a bruise when someone shoots you from a small distance, and if you are running around the field, the brunches will probably make some scratches. Don’t let that scare you because that is a small price to pay for the feeling that you will have while playing this amazing game. It will make you feel like a real action hero, so having a few bruises and scratches will only make the whole experience much vivid.

Img source: unsplash.com

Learn the map

Whoever played some of the action games on the PC noticed that once the map is familiar enough, the results are better, and it is the same thing with Airsoft terrains. Knowing the playing field means that you know more places to hide and wait for the opponent, and that makes the whole experience much better and the game much easier. Adjusting to the new field can be hard, and it usually requires a few runouts to adapt. It means that if you want to impress someone, it is best to choose the known terrain because it is the place where you can showcase all of your skills.