What Are Site Surveys and When to Use Them – 2024 Guide

Creating a structure, a road, or any man-made infrastructure is a complex process that requires a lot of time and planning. Things cannot be done anywhere and everywhere, and you need to know what you should expect from the whole project and what you can do to ensure its timely and safe completion.

There are many ways that you can use to check if everything will be able to go as planned, and the site surveys are one of the things that will give you all the data about the project even before it starts. Use this 2024 guide to understand what are site surveys and when to use them.

What are they?

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Understanding every aspect of the site construction before starting the project is crucial if you don’t want to end up with a failed project, if you don’t want to make serious mistakes that will cost you a lot of time and money, and if you want for everything to go as smoothly as possible. They are going to help with the fundamental parts of the job and you will get in-depth data that will help you with every step of the planning.

If you are wondering what is a site survey, you should know that by definition, these surveys are basically the inspection that is done in the area where a proposed project is planned, but not yet started. During the inspection, a lot of data is gathered that will help with the planning and the design, and it will result in enough information on whether or not the project should be approved and should start, or if there might be any issues that could arise both now or in the future.

With the site surveys, you can get information on the location of the construction that should begin, and you will be able to understand the potential obstacles or issues that may happen. The inspection can help you see how much you are going to have to spend depending on the position and the type of land you are working with, and it will help you analyze the process and everything that comes with it.

Other things that are inspected with the site survey include the types of materials that will be lifted, their weight, the equipment that will be needed and what type of ground will they be placed on, the overall size of the site and ground in the area, as well as any obstructions that may be present.

If you want to understand more about this process, and what it covers, you can check websites like https://www.sirvez.com/site-survey/.

What are the different types?

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Now that you know more about this type of inspection, let’s talk about the different types. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this is just one type that fits all models and if you schedule a site survey, you will get all the information that you need no matter what you choose to get checked. In reality, it is a much complex process that requires time and deep examination of the project and the area.

The most common type is land inspection, and during this process, the size of the area is determined as well as its boundaries. Experts check if there are any issues with the buying or selling process and if everything is owned by the same person. Engineering check is the process when parts of the civil engineering work are inspected and everything that falls under this. This is a complex inspection that needs to be done carefully and by the highest standards and regulations.

Another part of the site surveys includes the layout labeling and during this part, once again, the boundaries are checked, they are marked, and then the site is divided into smaller areas for easier understanding of the whole process and where the equipment needs to be placed. Similar things are done with the contour labeling, and this is usually finished before any plans and designs of the construction are done. They help especially if you need to build a large building on the site, and if you need to have all the necessary plans and information.

With the construction inspection, you will get data that will help you guide the project, no matter if you want to create a building, a road, or anything else. With the location check, you will understand if there are any issues with the land, if you should make any changes to it before the project start, and if there are any obstacles that could create an issue not only for the place where you want to build the unit but also when it comes to placing the equipment.

Other types of site surveys include site planning, subdivision, topographic check, and estimating earthwork volumes inspection.

When should you use them?

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Now that you know what is a site survey and the different types of them, let’s see when you need to use them. There are three main types of these inspections, and they are done before the project starts, during it, and after it is finished.

In case you don’t want to do all three of them, and if you think that only one check-up is needed, then you have to do it before the project starts. As we previously mentioned, with these inspections you will know if starting the project in that area is actually a smart decision and if you can finish it without any issues or long-term obstacles. Some lands are not made for things to be built on them, and finding that out in the middle of the construction is not something you want to do.

Overall, you should check if you are required by law to do these inspections, and you should know that in most countries you are obligated to finish the check-up before you start your project or before you even get your building permits. Know that with the right service, you will be able to do this promptly and correctly, and you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and resources both now and in the long run.