5 Different Types Of Powered Access Solutions – 2024 Guide

Access machines and work platforms lift the worker to high places where certain jobs need to be done – and whose location is somewhat inaccessible. These machines are usually used for short-term maintenance, repair – or cleaning, and minor installation work. The payload of work platforms depends on the machine, truck, or equipment we use – as well as what jobs we need. For lift heights greater than 5 meters – telescopic lifts or trucks with lifting platforms are very often used. In our guide for 2024, we will deal with different types of these machines and ways to power them. You will see how you can use these machines. But let’s start from the beginning.

Mobile Platforms And Access Machines: What Should We Know?

The lifting platform primarily serves to securely hold objects or persons at a selected height. Lifting platforms include lifting cranes, loading platforms, and work platforms. They are easily movable and are most often used to transfer cargo from one place to another. They can also be useful for many different purposes and to perform several types of work. Lifting platforms are vehicles from the group of lifting and transport equipment that is manufactured following the requirements of the work – and ensure that the work is performed safely and under favorable conditions. These machines are capable of working under heavy load and according to their purpose. According to these facts, it is necessary to establish the most appropriate platform in a way that ensures and maintains safe working conditions where it is needed. The dimensions of the platform and its characteristics vary depending on the purpose for which it will be used. But the main thing is that such machines are easy to use – and have multiple purposes.

How To Choose the Right Platform?

Depending on the need and the job you are doing – this is how you will choose the platform you will rent or buy. Whether you need cherry pickers, spider platforms, scissor lifts, construction platforms, or a truck-mounted platform – be sure to contact an authorized dealer who will provide you with more information. What is very important is that you know what kind of machine power you need. When choosing a machine and equipment, be sure to choose the type of power supply – because you can not always use the same power supply for the job you will be doing.

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Types Of Access Machines

Generally speaking, there are different types of hydraulic and scissor lifts and platforms. For example, we have single scissor lifts, multi-scissor lifts, tandem platforms, lifting platforms, loading platforms, etc. Many industries also use hydraulic scissor lifts, suspended access platforms, mobile work platforms – or mechanical telescopic platforms. However, no matter what type of machine is used – they should be inspected and checked at certain periods to protect employees and ensure their safety. This is also very important for employers – as it removes all possible responsibilities in situations of accidents. Therefore, consult well before buying or renting – and only then choose what is most adequate for you.

How Often Should We Check Access Machine And Power Supply?

What is important is that when using the lifting platform, there is no danger for the employees – but also for the platform itself. By the law – the health and safety of workers should be fully controlled by employers. Therefore, in such situations, employers must strive to minimize the effects of possible risks. Therefore, the safety control of the access machines and the method of the power supply – must be completely correct and safe to use. In case of an accident, it is necessary to check that the access machine is regularly checked, maintained, and serviced. Errors identified and rectified during these checks are preventative to avoid any future danger or situation in which someone could be injured.

Access Machine Power Solutions

The power solution depends on the type of work you are doing – and which access machine or platform you are using. To choose an access machine and solve the power problem – you need to know in advance where and how you will use a particular machine. Accordingly, you will determine the method of power supply. You should check out here for more info – however, we will offer you 5 power supply solutions for specific types of access machines and platforms.

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1. Electric Power Supply

You should use these lifters and platforms in certain conditions. The electrical power supply is used in situations where you come into contact with flammable materials – and must not come into contact with other types of power supply such as gas. Therefore, this type of power supply is the safest one. However, this type of power supply is also used on other occasions. Electric cranes are common machines for lifting equipment. They usually perform loading and unloading of outdoor yards, warehouses, and bulk cargo. Lifting heavy objects with the help of these lifters and access machines is very simple.

2. Diesel Fuel Supply

Truck with a piston crane with a carrier – it is suitable for field installation work. No external power supply and powered by a diesel engine. The benefits are strong, fast, and apply to work at high altitudes. These machine-vehicles have an advantage because they can be in motion – and move very quickly from one place to another, and be used for working in difficult working conditions.

3. Hydraulic Power Supply

Hydraulic cranes are the most commonly used – and can be used both in construction and in other branches of industry. They are convenient and portable – and can be mobile. Then they are usually on one of the trucks, as a platform for transferring materials or workers for a certain type of work. The hydraulic power supply is used for work at high altitudes, but also small mobile platforms with scissors for interior work.

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4. Mechanical Power Supply

This type of power supply is not used often but is mainly used when transporting large packaging containers to ships or trains. Such platforms that use mechanical power are mostly fixed and have a certain direction of movement.

5. Natural Gas Supply

Due to greater savings, but also to use diesel fuel as a pollutant as little as possible – the power supply of vehicles and access machines to natural gas is also in use. In addition to savings and cheaper power resources – the work process is the same. Therefore, such platforms are often used in picking fruit or work in certain facilities. This type of fuel is most often used by farmers who have large fruit plantations.

The Bottom Line

We hope that we have at least partially introduced you to this topic and resolved the dilemma about how to power and use machines and access vehicles with a platform. It is up to you to decide on the type of power supply that suits you best according to the job you are doing – if you need one such access machine or vehicle.