Types of Immigration

Every person has a right to search for a better future for himself and his dependents. Most of the time, it is achievable within the country. But sometimes migrating to a different country altogether is a better option. This move does not guarantee a prosperous solution, but one should make this choice if the chances of success are significantly more in the other country than in one’s own.

There are different categories of immigration through which one can settle in various countries. These include skill-based immigration, Investment based immigration, education-based immigration, and refugee-seeking immigration. The processes for each category vary significantly and change based on the requirements of every destination country. Only expert lawyers can handle all these procedures. One must always avail of the services of these lawyers once they decide to initiate the immigration process. Follow Ask The Law office for further legal news and knowledge.

Skill-based immigration involves getting employment in another country based on the skills of the individuals. Every country needs specialized labor in which its workforce is not self-sufficient. However, it creates opportunities for foreign workers to acquire these jobs and immigrate to those countries. Lawyers in Dubai are providing consultation for this category of immigration with too much success and providing better employment opportunities worldwide, to those who want to get settled in United Arab Emirates. These Lawyers are world’s leading lawyers not just in immigration aspect. They are the best in several aspects indeed.

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Investment-Based immigration involves the immigrant setting up a business in a foreign country and investing money in that business. The destination country benefits from this business setup as it increases financial stability in the country. This sort of immigration attracts investors as it is significantly more costly than any other immigrations. UAE does not offer life time residency. UAE offers 10 Year Golden VISA residence to whom who are skilled, adding contribution in UAE, delivering to humanity etc.

Education-based immigration involves getting admissions in educational institutes and settling in that country after completing the associated degree. Dubai Lawyers again in UAE provide insight into the worldwide educational institutes where the clients can get desired quality education. It also helps them get scholarships offered by their destination country. The 10 year golden visa is also awarded to those who are skilled in higher educations, information technology, cyber services and more.

In every society, some individuals are facing discrimination or injustice. Many countries offer refuge to these individuals on humanitarian grounds to protect them from this kind of oppression. However, the destination country has to make sure that these immigrants genuinely deserve this treatment or not.

Engagement Agreements of the Lawyers

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Whenever an individual or company hires a lawyer or a law firm, it is compulsory to formally draft an agreement to set out the rights and obligations of the engagement. This agreement should be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of the assignment and should be a guiding factor throughout the business engagement.

The standard terms and conditions should include in the agreement that has procedural guidelines, rights of the employees and obligations of the lawyer, rights, and obligations of the client, financial terms, terms for termination of the contract, etc.

The procedural guidelines include establishing what method to follow throughout the legal establishment. It includes establishing how many resources the lawyer will dedicate to the case and how many hours per day each resource will allocate in the case. It also shows how meetings of the lawyer will take place with the client and when both should ensure their availability. The lawyers in Dubai add these details in the contract as a mandatory part.

However, the rights and the obligations of the lawyer should be mentioned in the document, clearly. A lawyer is engaged to accumulate all the relevant facts about the case, present them in the best possible manner in front of the courtroom, and nothing more. If the lawyers guarantee to win the law case or the client expects the same, this does not constitute a valid contract term.

The rights and obligations of the client have to be defined clearly in the contract. Most importantly, the client must provide all the factual information of the case to the lawyer. The contract should clearly state that the client will not state false information or conceal the facts from the lawyer.

The financial terms of the contract are also very critical. Being a business contract, it should establish how the compensation of the lawyer will be calculated. Some of the contracts calculate compensation based on time spent on the case, some include a lump sum package for the whole case and some also include bonuses based on performance.

Conclusion by the Lawyers

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The conclusion by the lawyers must be the win-win as per the client. But it can’t be a happy situation always. Victory in the case depends upon several factors other than the preparation and quality of Lawyers.

  • Case Supporting Documents.
  • Witnessed and Relevant Proofs.
  • Proper submission of client to his lawyer.
  • Proper explanation of the case to his lawyer.
  • Arrangement of the Case Documents

Just imagine if the case supporting documents are not enough or case supporting documents are insufficient then what a lawyer can do? He is not magician or you are in a country where judge can be given bribe? When you are in UAE where merit and honesty is everything, then do not consider that any relationship, bribe or cheating can let you enjoy the win-win situation in a court case.

You need to arrange the case supporting documents, you need to arrange the case proofs and you need to build up a good relation with the advocates too. Once you are done with entire homework then expect the good services by your lawyers. It is seen that many people lose the case because they do not have evidence and support (documents). Please keep in mind this is not the problem of Law Firms or the Advocates. Advocates will end the case with win-win situation when they are provided with the best documents and evidence support and they invest their best efforts.