Sonam Kapoor Net Worth 2024 Guide


Sonam Kapoor? No, not just Sonam Kapoor now it’s Sonam Kapoor Ahuja as this Indian actress ties a knot with a great entrepreneur, Anand Ahuja. She comes from the prestigious Kapoor family and has built her career on her own. One of the biggest sensations you must be familiar with if you reside in India. More than Ahuja’s wife, she has earned her fame through her iconic acting style. Her fans are spread on all the social platforms among which Instagram has the highest fan following of 30.7 million.

Let’s look into further insights where you can discover more about your favorite!



Sonam Kapoor the prima donna of the film industry who primarily started with Bollywood. Anil Kapoor, the famous Bollywood icon is her father. This stunning actress is the heart of every youth. She is a National Film Award winner. With her mesmerizing performances, she has gathered a huge fan following, wealth and fame. She has worked for various films, starting with a collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Sonam ranks among India’s highest paid actors. She was married to Anand Ahuja, which exceeded the expectations of her fans.

Early Life And Family


In 1985,Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor (wife) gave birth to a star, Sonam, on June 9. They reside in Bombay, Maharashtra. She comes from a well-reputed family. Her Grandpa, Surinder Kapoor has a good reputation in the film industry and is also the founder of ‘Anil Kapoor Films Company’. Sunita Kapoor was a model as well as designer and was well-known for her fashion.

It is especially because of her mother that she is today one of the biggest fashion icons. Her style with a dash of modernity is highly praised. Boney Kapoor and late Ms.Sridevi Kapoor are her relatives who have given their best for the film industry. She completed her last education from the Singaporean University where she graduated with a degree of economics and political science.

Career And Milestones


Initially, she co-directed a film ‘Black’ with Sanjay Leela Bhansali which was a ultimate flop. But the zeal to become an actress was still alive. She later on featured in ‘Saawariya’ as Salina which also turned to be a flop. But this did not last. She further debuted in many films. Slowly she started gaining equilibrium over her career and one day achieved the National Award for ‘Neerja’, the film she starred in where her acting was of an exceptional level.

She is known as the first one among the Indian film industry to gain the title of ‘Next Generation: Asia Class”.She is a widespread personality who has an influential dominance in all the social media platforms especially Twitter, Instagram, etc and stands among the 100 womens in fame. As of her interested section that is fashion, she has the best apparel collections in her closet. She has gained the title of ‘Revolutionary Style Icon’ by the Indian Vogue and ‘Most Attractive Indian Woman‘ pre-wedding and also the ‘Woman of the year’s.

Facts About Sonam

  • Anand Ahuja was mentioned as her best friend by her in an interview.
  • PCOS was what she suffered in her initial teenage years but today stands for those who are going through the same.
  • Chanel is her all time favorite brand when it comes to choosing perfumes.
  • She was a waitress before she evolved to be the stunning icon.

Net Worth

Her net worth is about 15 million US dollars and 20 crore is her income per annum.