Romantic Ideas For Spending A Cozy New Year’s Eve With Your Loved One

New Year’s Eve is that time of year when everybody wants to get home as the last day of the year is closing with the most important people in their lives. Whether it be family, friends, or significant other, you want to look back at this day with a smile on your face.

For those who enjoyed the love and intimate relationship with your partner throughout the year, this is one moment where you can concoct that grand gesture or make a statement of how you cherish your time together. And it’s also a taste of how the future will be for you two.

Here are some great ideas on how you can make the most of New Year’s Eve with your loved one.

A Romantic Dinner Always Work

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They don’t get out of style. A simple meal with your loved one will make the most out of the busy days of the year. You can make it extra special by cooking his or her favorite meal and sharing a toast with the most expensive bottle of wine you can afford. A serenade of your song together from a vinyl player can set the mood. Or rent a DJ turntable if you don’t like the old school stuff.

End this sumptuous and fun dinner with a midnight kiss, and it can be an unforgettable moment between you two.

Watch The Fireworks With The Warmth Of A Fire Pit

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If you have a nice size backyard with no hazards for catching fire, you can always create a DIY campfire. However, when planning for a campfire you should always use the most appropriate logs for it. Kiln-dried logs are the best option as suggested by experts at They give off more heat and does it in a slow steady manner, so you would get all the warmth you need while being amazed at the fireworks display. For added protection, make sure that you get extra blankets for you and your loved one to snuggle into.

If you are wondering if you can just get any wood for your DIY fire pit, the short answer is NO. You should take precautions since types of wood will catch fire easily, but it will also flare out that quickly. And some just emit too much smoke that it ruins the mood of the night. So get yourself educated and pick the right type of wood for your backyard fire pit.

Have A BBQ Bonanza

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To make the best of your fire pit and the romantic ambiance, you can make use of your smoker and cook up your best ever grilled steak yet. Your partner would be very impressed if you prepared that meat yourself beforehand. For a perfectly easy BBQ meal for New Year’s, check out some of these BBQ party recipes to get an idea of the foodies you can serve for and with your partner. You might be surprised to find out that you have a blood of a BBQ master in you.

Cook Together

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Instead of getting all the credit for cooking and leaving your loved one hanging out without anything to do, you can have him or her join the fun of being burned by the hot pot and laughing it all out. A great bond always blossoms when you do things together, share the load, and make fun of each other as you finish the meal. But it would be advisable to not just wing it. Ask your other half what they might like for the New Year’s Eve dinner. You can even shop for groceries together during the day. It can then be your New Year’s Eve tradition. Something the two of you can look forward to during the holidays.

Recreate Your First Date

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First dates have always been magical for any couple and more so to relationships that have stood amidst the test of the times. It will be a great way to reminisce how your most cherished partnership has started the fire and blossomed throughout the years. Go to the same restaurant, watch in the old movie theater or that same movie you watched on your first date. Honestly, even that failed attempt to cook a meal will be funny and endearing when you experience it together.

Picnic Night

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You can bask in the stillness and calmness of New Year’s Eve in a pre-planned picnic event. There are a lot of wonderful picnic sites all over the UK that you can drive to. River Thames is still up for grabs as a delightful picnic grove for couples and even families.

When going for a picnic, be sure that you’ve got all the essentials like a blanket, food, water, chairs and tables (if any one of you don’t like the idea of eating or sitting on the ground), insect repellent, a flashlight, and trash bags. Also, check with the administrator of the park if there are available fire pits area to keep you and your partner while waiting for the new year to turn.

Entertain Your Partner With A Dance

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If you have those killer moves bottled inside, this is your chance to let it all out and go crazy with your significant other. You can practice a 3-minute dance number and get your partner dancing too. Put up a nice playlist where you two can dance together with. You don’t need to have fancy footwork to get this done. Your beau would still appreciate it if you have two left feet. What’s important is you get to make New Year’s Eve special for you and the love of your life.

Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Spa

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There is always room to be creative and make your DIY spa at home. If you two lovebirds are the busy buddies of the year, you can relish this time off with each other and get the most out of the New Year’s by enjoying a relaxing spa in your home. Create that soothing mood with scented candles accompanied by peaceful music to calm you and your partner’s senses. Buy a bottle of aromatic essential oils and take turns being the masseuse so that you get that intimate bond you have been yearning for throughout the year.

New Year’s Eve Wishes Hunt

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You two can get the thrills of ending the year by setting up a New Year’s Eve wishes to hunt. You can leave a trail of wishes for your partner to find and read. This can be as simple as, “This year, I’m going to give you more kisses.” or “I will be more attentive to you and give you my undivided attention when we are together.” You know that the simplest things are the greatest when it comes to nurturing a relationship.

Holiday Movies Marathon

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Another fun activity that never gets old is a movie marathon. Order in from your favorite pizza place, get ready in the microwave to heat up the popcorn, and toss in some cold sodas or beer in the fridge. To make it more intimate and cozy, you can set up a nice and warm cinema couch on the floor with breakfast in the bed table to dine in. You can surround your romantic private place with pillows to make it more romantic and appealing to your partner.

Board Game Tournament

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You can rally a series of board games before setting out to dine in time for the turn of the New Year. There are a lot of board games to enjoy with your partner. To spice it up, you can agree to some kind of penalty, either friendly or flirty, would make the battle more exciting. Each of you can decide what game to play to give both a chance to play the game which they feel is their strong suit. Dust off your Monopoly board, Backgammon, Scrabble, and even your childhood game of Snakes and Ladders.

Online Game Sparring

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If an idea of a board game bores you, you can teach your girlfriend how to play MMO games. Don’t underestimate your better half. She can even beat you at the game and will never give you the console. There are a lot of MMORPG games that can be shared by couples. This would also be a great way to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between you two when your other half just can’t stand you being glued to your screen for more than 8 hours a day. If you are in a long-distance relationship, playing online games might be a good bonding experience for the two of you too.

A Day Trip Would Make It Special

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If you and your partner are such adventure lovers, you can get away for the day and go someplace near your area where you could experience a bond, and have an adventure together. It doesn’t need to be a spectacular place. Somewhere where the two of you can have the privacy you need, do the things you want together, and just laugh and practically have fun is good enough. It can be on a one-day hiking trail or just an hour or two on the beach would be nice. Grand gestures are good, but it’s the presence and the bond that makes moments like these special.

Get Cozy In The Beach

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Easily create that romantic feel under the magical night sky of New Year’s Eve with the ocean breeze sweeping through each of your veins. The serene and calming laps of the waves of the seaside would make the scenery perfect for a passionate evening with your beau. You can even rent a boat or a yacht and spend the night in the stillness of the vast ocean and with the starry night as your boundless roof.

Just make sure that you’ve got blankets and food ready for your one-night getaway. Also, check the weather if there is a looming monsoon on the day to gauge the risks of your escapade. Even a romantic beach dinner could be hampered if the winds are too gusty. Just take extra caution and you and your partner will have the best moments on New Year’s Eve.

Stay At A Charming Airbnb

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If you don’t like to go home just yet after an exhausting day trip, or you want to sleep in somewhere near after your romantic New Year’s Eve night picnic, you can book a place at an online site such as Airbnb, Agoda, or TripAdvisor. As you might know, these vacation rental sites have got their reach to almost every part of the UK and you can easily find one that suits you and your partner’s taste for a vacation home for a day or two. Plus, these sites are some of the most secure online rental applications in the world that you won’t have a problem with your stay. Just be sure to weed out some of the properties that have not yet been tried yet by other travelers to make your stay as hassle-free and as comfortable as you want it to be.

Go To A Midnight Concert

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If your babe has a crush on one of the lead guitarists of her favorite band, cut the guy some slack and let her enjoy the concert of her lifetime. It’s not that you want it to be just her special night but seeing her smile from cheek to cheek would be reason enough to make you feel a little proud inside. To make it more magical, you can surprise her with the tickets the night of the concert. It’ll be a night she would never ever forget, and you played a big part in that.

Creating a romantic setting is quite easy as long as you open your mind to your creative juices. Another quick tip, make sure that you are not just thinking of what appeals to you when planning for moments like these. You have to make sure that your partner will relish the idea. That way, you can both enjoy and have a fantastic and memorable moment during New Year’s Eve.