PHP 400-M OWWA Educational Aid for Dependents of Qualified OFWs

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are one if not the biggest contributor to the economy of the Philippines. Also, they are the breadwinners of their families and sometimes including their distant relatives. They have to be separated from their loved ones, adjust to another culture, and work long hours so that they can send money back to the country.

That is why OFWs are considered one of the modern-day heroes. However, the Covid-19 pandemic caused them to lose their jobs. Only in July 2024, it has been reported that more than 100,000 Overseas Filipino Workers were repatriated by the government. OFWs who tested negative for Covid-19 were already transported to their home provinces.

Due to the surge in the number of returning OFWs and the loss of their livelihood, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said that the government would exhaust all means to assist OFWs to find jobs as they are the main support of their families. Aside from transportation, accommodation, food, hygiene kits, and one-time cash assistance, OWWA also provides educational assistance for the dependents of qualified OFWs. For qualified assistance with your assignments check this site.

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Since they are no longer capable of providing for their family, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has allowed a 400 million pesos budget for educational assistance for children of qualified overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The OWWA Board of Trustees, chaired by the labor secretary Silvestre Bello III, has sourced from the OWWA fund the amount which will be used for the first year of the implementation of the project.

According to the labor secretary, this program, also known as Project EASE (Educational Assistance through Scholarship in Emergencies), aims to provide educational aid to qualified college-level dependents of active OWWA members whose employment has been affected by the pandemic. 10,000 pesos per annum will be provided to qualified beneficiaries for a maximum of four years.

What is the value of this project for OFW?

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The objective of this project is to ease the impact of the pandemic on the lives of Overseas Filipino workers. Those who are qualified to apply for this program are dependents of active OWWA members. The OFW must be a member from the time the outbreak was declared on February 1, 2024, until the time of their repatriation to the country.

It is very important to support the dependents of these OFWs regardless if the amount is minimal as it will serve as a show of concern to them that the government have their interests in mind. The dependents are therefore encouraged to continue their schooling and not belong to the statistics of dropouts. A few years from now, we will have a new crop of skilled and educated workers who will join the labor force. It is a strong possibility that some will work overseas too. They will become assets of the country that will help uplift our economy. This would result in a better society.

Project EASE is part of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 2.5-billion-peso emergency fund for OFW assistance. DOLE has developed a tracking system, the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS), to facilitate orderly and smooth repatriation and assistance to returning OFWs and outbound workers.

Interested OFWs who are members of OWWA may apply for this education assistance online through the OWWA website,, or contact OWWA Regional Offices for more details.

Despite the efforts of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, 10,000 per year is not enough for a college student, especially that schooling has shifted online and requires expensive gadgets. With this, low-risk loan options could also be considered.

Quick loans for OFW in the Philippines

If you are OFW, there are many companies that can provide loans for you. Loans can be serious support for you and your families in difficult times. Some banks and credit unions like Southland CU have special conditions for OFW. Most often, they put these requirements on paper:

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  • Proof of identity, employment, and compensation;
  • Two valid IDs – OWWA ID, a seaman’s book;
  • Certificate of employment abroad POEA;
  • A copy of your visa;
  • Airplane ticket;
  • Confirmation of residence in the name of the borrower;
  • Confirmation of money transfer;
  • Confirmation of billing.
  • For example, loans for OFW are issued by the following banks:
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands;
  • BDO Unibank;
  • Security Bank Philippines;
  • China Banking Corporation
  • EastWest Bank;
  • Philippine Saving Bank.
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However, not all OFW can comply with serious bank requirements. Some credit institutions are not ready to give a loan to a person who is not present in the country. In this case, relatives OFW can arrange a loan in their own name. There are many legal credit companies that will issue a quick loan for any purpose for only 1 ID.

One of them is Robocash Сompany. This site provides excellent loans and credits for residents of the Philippines. You can get short-term loans online in the easiest, fastest and most convenient way. If you are a Philipino citizen, try only a legal credit company accredited by the Commission on Securities and Exchange.

Most common requirements for loan borrower:

  1. At the time of application you must be 21-70 years old;
  2. A Filipino national with a permanent Philippine address;
  3. Have a permanent source of income;
  4. Ready to pay your debt on time and not to break any payment rules.

If you are eligible for a loan, funds can be obtained in cash, deposited in your bank account, or withdrawn at any company office throughout the country for those who do not have bank accounts.