Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

Academic writing may be difficult for students. They may know the information but they do not know the academic rules. This book has collected the main rules of academic writing. You will know how to write different types of papers for college.

The book has a great structure. Each chapter has a description of one type of assignment. So, you can easily find the one you need. There are three main chapters in the book. They include structure, style, and content. Each chapter ends with tasks to practice your writing skills. For each type of assignment, there is a summary with key points and phrases. You may order the book on Amazon.

You will also see formatting tips and advice for each assignment. Formatting is an important part of every task as it takes 1/5 of the final mark. There is also an option to get a ready assignment in special services, such as

How to Find Sources for Your Work?

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It is very important to choose credible academic sources. What does it mean?

  • The sources should be within the last 5 years

An exception is when the assignment is about history. In such a case, the source will reflect the historical period you are talking about. In all other situations, sources should be up-to-date. The reason is that your paper will be topical and credible.

  • You should use relevant sources

There is no need to cite a source not related to the topic. You may find helpful information only for appropriate works. You should also choose the type of source depending on the purpose of writing. It may be a scientific work or a science fiction book. Or you may choose an article or a web resource.

You cannot use web articles without an author. Yet, you can use a YouTube video with a relevant reference.

  1. Consider the tone of writing and how the author is popular
  2. You may find the books on special websites

The book gives links to helpful resources for finding the sources. You will have filters by year of publication and the necessary format.

How to Write Valuable Content?

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The main rule here is to avoid plagiarism. The book tells you how to do this. The three main pieces of advice are paraphrasing, summary, and retelling. If you read the material and then write it in your own words, there will be no plagiarism. You should use the information to create your paper. You can use your thoughts and opinions to the information. Yet, the opinion should be well-grounded.

What is the difference between the methods of avoiding plagiarism? Paraphrasing is when you write the same phrase as in the book with different words. Retelling is describing the content in your own words. And the summary is when you present the content briefly, with main points.

You may use quotations or citations as proof of your arguments. The book talks about how to give correct examples from the sources. You may also find information about formatting citations and quoted examples. It is important to cite all the information that is not your own. You should include the author’s name and year of publication.

The content should depend on your academic level. In the book, the author discusses what rules there are for each level. If it is necessary, you may use pictures and tables to present the findings.

What Services May Help You with Writing Assignments?

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So, let’s summarize what we have learned from the book. As the author states, the paper should be formal and credible. Yet, it should interest the reader and make an impression on them.

Before starting to write, it would be better to write a short outline. This is a brief plan with key points. It will help you include all the necessary information. You will have a good structure for your work. The key points from the outline will become subheadings in your paper.

Use credible peer-reviewed sources. Cite each source in the paper and give information about it on the reference list. Cite only up-to-date and relevant sources. Give your arguments if needed and describe the reasons for them. Present examples from the sources to prove your point. Remember to create a plagiarism-free paper. Your teachers check plagiarism with the help of special programs.