5 Common Types Of Mobile Car Detailing Packages – 2024 Guide

It’s the goal of any mobile car detailing package to offer customers as much variety as possible when detailing their car. Thus, these services have upgraded their arsenal and offer more than the usual car wash.

Nowadays, these services offer a multitude of options that best describe your needs. All you need to do is simply do the research and find the one that benefits you the most.

However, it is our goal to do the research for you and help lessen the process. Thus, we have pieced together a list of the 5 common types of mobile car detailing packages.

Consider this article as your guide for 2024 as we’ve gone through lots of services to give you the most common options.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Basic Mobile Car Wash

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The first and most common type of detailing kit is the basic mobile car wash. By many services, this is considered as an entry package used to reach more customers and increase brand name.

But that doesn’t stop you from getting a package that is well suited for your needs. However, what exactly does this package offer?

Well, it really depends from service to service. Most consider this as a basic car wash package, but others include other stuff. For example, the bare minimum the package offers is washing the exterior, the rims, the tires, vacuuming the interior, etc. However, this SHOULD be the bare minimum and that doesn’t mean everyone offers it.

The most common thing you’ll hear is one or two being left out and you will need to pay more for it or go for a different package. Many that do offer all of that as the entry package disagrees with other services that leave out key parts.

Many offer only exterior washing as the entry package and have other packages for both interior and exterior. However, this is the least expensive option so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

2.  Complete Car Interior Detailing

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Now, this is an option for those that want their interior to be fully cleaned, vacuumed, and windows wiped. If you aren’t in need of cleaning the exterior and only the interior, then this is the kit you need.

This is yet another common option and one that will make your vehicle crystal clear on the inside. Services that offer complete interior detailing should also offer car seat conditioning, thorough wipe down, mold removal, and more.

Familiarizing with what each package should offer will make sure you don’t underpay. Thus, you should always talk with the service first and make the decision later.

Ultimately, your goal is to feel like getting into a brand new car after getting this package. So don’t expect anything less than that.

3.  Complete Car Exterior Detailing

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Opposite to complete car interior detailing is the complete car exterior detailing kit.

If the previous one made your car feel brand new on the inside, then this one is meant to make it look brand new on the outside.

Make no mistake about it, this kit should make your car crystal clear and look flawless. And this is an even more common option than its interior counterpart.

Why? Well, it’s because cars get dirtier on the outside more than on the inside. Thus, this option is significantly more in demand with car owners.

But what exactly are you getting for it? Well, exterior detailing includes a thorough exterior wash. This means that this option will do a full wash job with soap and water. If you happened to own a black car, then you can also enquire about waterless washing.

It really depends on what you need, but most services offer both types of washing.

You should also expect the car to be waxed and make it look like brand new. The windows will also be scrubbed clean of any debris and the tires will be dressed down.

It takes slightly more time to finish this package, but make no mistake about it this option will make your car look like brand new.

4.  Full Car Detailing

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This option, as the name suggests, offers full car detailing. This can mean a lot of things. Usually, a full car detailing package focuses on both interior and exterior cleaning. This means that the outside of the car will be washed, waxed, and they’ll even apply clay bar treatment to keep the wax together for longer periods of time.

The tires and windows will be thoroughly scrubbed before moving onto the interior.

As for this part, expect everything that a complete interior detailing package offers. Make no mistake about it, this one costs significantly more than either interior or exterior detailing because it incorporates both options.

However, there is one more option to talk about and that is…

5.  Full Car Restoration

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The crown jewel of car detailing services, a full car restoration package can cost thousands of dollars!

Why? Well, it’s solely because this is an option for those that want a complete makeover. Bear in mind that not every car detailing service offers this option, and only the best are equipped with the tools and manpower to do it.

But what does this option give you?

For starters, they’ll do paint correction, they will tint your windows, and apply sealants that will protect your car for years to come. These jobs might take days to complete, with most leaving their cars for upwards of 5 days before getting them back.

This type of package is meant to revitalize your vehicle and give it a new meaning of life. If you’ve been harsh on your vehicle and looking to fall in love with it once more, then getting this package will do just that.


The most common options when detailing your car are enough to make it look and feel brand new. But if are in desperate need of high-end detailing, then a full car restoration is just the service for you.