How To Make Your Virtual Dates Interesting?

Virtual dating platforms were introduced a long time before, but technology has helped to improve these platforms. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, these platforms have proven to be the most effective ways to meet strangers, interact with them, and share their feelings on the platform. The virtual dates have improved with using the new facilities. People can talk about various things like their interests, friends, etc. It is the best way to express your problems and feel relieved that you can talk with someone.

Although you cannot go outside to meet your friends or interact with any stranger, you can take your online mate on a virtual date, where you both can talk about yourself and talk about the small things. It is the best way to understand a person, know about their hobbies and share your insights on various problems.

How are virtual dates better than real dates?

Before you start to go on a virtual date, it is important that you sign up for a virtual date platform. After that, as you get a person to talk with, you can take them to a virtual date. It is acknowledged that virtual dates are much better than online dates because:

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  • You do not need to go to any fancy restaurants to talk with them; you can just make healthy food at your home and have it with them.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of money, just a device where you can chat and the wifi connection is enough.
  • You can video call your online mate, and even though you cannot touch her, the feeling of seeing her in front of you is better.
  • You can talk with her for a long time, and no one will drive you away unless you’ve lost your internet connection or the date pack has expired.
  • Virtual dates are enjoyable and romantic, and you can do many things to make them attractive.

What things should you do to make your virtual dates interesting?

Virtual dates are very overrated these days. People are going there to have fun and also talk with people and share their feelings. But after some time, people feel that it is becoming very boring. So, here are some of the methods which you can use to make your visual dates interesting:

Chat with them on the platforms

The virtual dates give you a platform to chat with your date and spend a speed evening. After you gain your trust, you can exchange numbers and chat in various messenger apps. You can talk about various stuff like your daily life, how your life was going before lockdown, etc.

If you feel very depressed inside or very negative, you can tell them and unleash your burdens. It is a perfect platform to express yourself without being shy or submissive. So, talk freely with your online date.

Go on a video call date

After both of you have gained confidence in each other, you can go for a video call and see each other in real life. You can talk with them, know about their work life and their personal life. If you feel that your online mate is feeling very awkward or cannot understand what things you should do, try to take up random topics and make them comfortable.

There usually are many boys and girls who can chat freely but feel very shy talking face to face. So you need to provide the space so that they can reach their comfort zone to talk freely with you.

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Play games while chatting

Online games have become very famous amongst every person. People all around the world are mad fans of different online games. So, if you are interested in playing online games or have no interest, try to indulge them or be partners with them on the game. Many online games have the facility to chat or video call while playing.

You can also merge her or him with your friends and play a round of games. The different online games include Minecraft, PubG, Clash of Clans, etc.

Visit couple apps

If you want to have an exciting time, you can invite them to a couple of websites like This way, both of you will experience an exciting evening together. You can also video call each other while watching these videos.

Watch dramas and movies

You can watch web dramas and movies together. Many people are fans of Korean dramas, and you can check them out to experience new things. You can subscribe to many different entertainment websites and make your room dark to feel like a cinema hall. Therefore, both of you can experience the excitement of the cinema hall while staying within the four walls of your house.

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Introduce your friends

After you have become comfortable and cozy meeting with each other through a virtual platform, you can meet their friends and ask them to meet yours. All of you can form a group chat and text each other, or you can go to a video conference, where all of you can chat together or watch movies together.

If you start speaking with their friends or introduce your friends to them, then it means that both of you are trusting each other and a serious friendship is starting. It can be an excellent way to know about each other and tell about all the fun memories you have shared with your friends.


Online dating can be a bit tricky, but you understand the process as you start to talk with others. Especially for the safety of the girls, many dating apps restrict the chats from the boys and state that only girls can initiate the chat. But as you start your online dating, it is very important that you do not share any personal information with the other person like your address, bank account number, etc. You need to be very careful regarding these matters, or else it is very easy to chat with strangers in the online medium.