5 Tips for Improving Your Subcontractor & General Contractor Relationships

The relationship between a subcontractor and a general contractor is really special and important. According to Dallas Nugent Canada business owner, a general contractor depends on a subcontractor to deliver quality work while a subcontractor depends on a general contractor to keep giving him regular amounts of work from time to time at a fair price.

According to sure-bid.com, one of the leading software for subcontractors and general contractors in the buyout stage, it is important that both the contractors maintain a good relationship with each other to ensure they can work together for a long time. Keeping the relationship healthy and intact is beneficial for both parties which is why both contractors should take all the necessary steps possible to improve the relationship.

If you too are a general contractor or a subcontractor and are looking for ways to improve the relationship, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article we will be listing several tips that you can utilize for yourself and improve the quality of the relationship that you have with your subcontractors or general contractors. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

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Choose the right people for the job

Selecting the right people for the project beforehand helps you avoid any quality conflicts later on in the future. As a general contractor, it is your job to refine through several subcontractors and choose the best one that has the quality, skills and workforce needed to carry out the client’s project.

Analyzing through the qualitivate records and analysis of various companies can also give you a fair idea of which company has been delivering quality results lately and which company has started slumping. When general contractors find the perfect subcontractor for themselves that can fulfill all their requirements, it can lead to a strong relationship between them and the subcontractors that last for quite a while.

Subcontractors should also carefully choose who they work for because landing a high paying job with a rude and impatient contractor can only hurt the subcontractors and his force later on. It is necessary that subcontractors do some research of their own about the general contractors that come to recruit them and ensure that they treat their subcontractors well with adequate pay, professionalism and updates.

Ensure transparent communication with each other

Communication is the key factor to any success and if you as a general contractor or subcontractor want to improve your relationship with the other party, it is necessary that you have transparent communication with them. A general contractor should clearly explain what the clients from each project want and what their requirements are.

Not fully explaining the project’s requirements can have your subcontractors working in the wrong direction which can cause frustration for both parties to fix the issue on time. On a similar note, subcontractors too should keep their general contractors informed with all the updates regarding the project.

If they encounter any issues and have some concerns about the project, they should be clearly reflected to the general contractor as soon as possible so that they can work together to clear them out. It’s crucial to remember that a collaborative and transparent relationship between a general contractor and a subcontractor directly affects the quality of the project they are delivering to the client.

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Keep faith in the other party

When it comes down to having faith and trust in the quality of your subcontractor’s work, it is crucial to remember that it is a road that goes both ways around. A general contractor should trust his subcontractors to turn up at work on time and in professional standards that are maintained throughout the process until delivery.

On the other hand, subcontractors should also trust that their general contractor will provide them with reliable information and resources to work with, all the necessary documentation about the project and a reasonable payment for their efforts. Only after this trust is ensured from both sides is when the relationship between the general contractor and subcontractor will develop.

It is important that both parties have faith for each other and their work and not doubt the integrity of the promises they offer.

Prioritize experience

The more experienced the general contractor and subcontractor are, the better it is for building a reliable and trustworthy relationship between the both of them. The subcontractors hired by the general contractor should be professional experts in what they do and provide quality work that has a reliable reputation to back it.

An experienced subcontractor understands the various aspects that go into developing a healthy relationship with the general contractor and follow them regularly. A general contractor too should be experienced and reputed in the industry to attract quality subcontractors towards him.

A relatively experienced general contractor is able to manage the subcontractors under him much more efficiently and reliably than new general contractors can. This experience can only be gained by working with several different subcontractors which ultimately aids the general contractor to find the best subcontractor that fulfills all the quality requirements.

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Keep the relationship strictly professional

When it comes to maintaining the relationship between a general contractor and a subcontractor, it is crucial to maintain all the professional standards that come with a professional work relationship.

For subcontractors, these professional standards include turning up at work on time, maintaining civil and professional quality with the project to cater to the client’s demands, and communicating with the general contractor in a professional manner regarding the details of the projects. The more professional a subcontractor’s work is, the better the relationship with the general contractor.

General contractors too should act like professionals and give the subcontractors a proper payment for their work according to the contract details. Missing out on payments or delaying them are signs that a general contractor is not professional enough and you are better off finding a new one for yourself.


There are several ways through which you can improve the relationship between your subcontractor and general contractor. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.