How to Make Wigs Look Natural

Human and synthetic wigs are the popular type of wigs available in the market. But a honest approach would be to convey to the world that we are not wearing a 5 *5 613 closure wig. The point of wearing a wig is to send out a strong message to the world that we are having natural hair. Though there are some points to ensure that the wig is a well- guarded secret. But that does not mean that you will go out in the market and choose the best wig in the market. The use of a quality wig can be of help to give a natural look to a wig in the market. Below are mentioned a few of the tips to make the wig natural.

Replacing the wig regularly

The best way to showcase to the world that you are wearing a wig is to spot an old and smelly wig. Sadly, there is no one who has gone on to invent a wig where hair grows naturally, as it would lose down its quality over time. Irrespective of the fact on how hard you wish, there is no magic formula that a wig will stand its texture over a period of time.

It is better if you are planning to replace the synthetic 5 *5 613 closure wig every 3 to 6 months, as the human wig needs to replaced 3 to 6 months. More information find at

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Rooted colours

Till the point you have natural very hard hair, the possibility exists that the hair would be one single colour. The people have shades of colour, and gradients through the hair.

Sometimes that the wig is something that you will come across wigs with deep routed colours. Opt for a wig that is a blend of a couple of colours or request your wig specialist to be providing you with a blend of a couple of colours.

Messing up the part

When things  looks perfect more so with the case of wigs. It points to a fact that things turn out to be fake. The sad part is that wig companies have not gone on to learn these things till now.

The moment a new pair of 5 *5 613 closure wig arrives, you need to pick a tweezers and make sure that they need to pluck a few strands. With the use of baby strands cut out a few of them so that it has a natural look. A couple of hairs have to be chosen to be replacing the wrong part. Imperfection is something that may not look perfect.

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The wig is to be trimmed

A well- known fact is that a woman who wants a great hairdo has to wait for a couple of weeks. Most of us are happy with a new haircut till the point the hair would be having time to be growing a bit. To give a mimic look, allow it to grow natural and take the wig to a hair stylist to be cutting the hair in some razzed judges.

Be aware about the size

Being aware about the right size of the wig will make you comfortable. It is going to give a natural look to the wig. So as to be aware about the size take out the tape measure. The process needs to be at the front of hairline, the measure is to be wrapped bending the ear to the nape of your neck.

To have accurate measurement, the process is to be repeated so that the number is intact at all times. Even if you have measured a lot of times and not sure about the results you may ask your friend for help. There are various charts that can be of help. If you are worried that something may turn out to be small for you, take note of the fact that some type of wigs would be having straps on them.  This makes sure that you can adjust the wig in some way or the other.

The wig has to be aligned with your natural hairline

If you do not align with the wig with the natural hairline, the wig will not look natural in any way. For this reason, it is important that every time when you put on the wig, make sure that you take the time to be setting it properly. First you need to put the wig on the forehead which is just above the eye browses.

Then slide the wig at the back of your head, and adjust with the passage of time. It is to be done till the bottom of the wig would hit the nape to the next. Make sure that the wig is slide to a bit forward till the point it touches the natural hairline.

A natural look to your wig

For concealing the hair, it is necessary to wear a hair wig. The hair is to be styled in a natural manner, such as braids or the back of the hair is to be stuck with gel. Then you need to place the wig cap over the head. It is better to choose a hair wig that is similar to the natural colour of your hair as far as possible. What it does is that it would prevent the stray hairs from popping out through the wig liner. To keep the hairs in place you can opt for bobby pins so that you will not be worried that the hair is loose.

Suppose if you are planning to wear this wig for less than 4 hours in a day, it is better to apply small pieces of wig tape around the hairline and behind the ears. This ensures that the wig is in place so that it is not going to fall down when you are wearing it. A suggestion is to opt for the shorter pieces than the longer ones as the longer versions can peel would peel at the end.