How to Know If Your Phone is 5g

We all have our phones in our hands these days and we simply use them for everything. Somehow the smartphone is replacing the laptop because you can do almost the same things on it. That is why the 5g is important, it is a major upgrade from the 4g network because the speed is almost 10 times better than that. The new era of smartphones is on the rise with the 5g network, not that it just gives us drastically more speed, but will also reduce the time that the information travels from one to another point.

In order to be connected to a 5g network, you will need a phone that supports that. Until now all phones supported 4g network, but in this past year or two, there were devices invented to do this job. But how can you know if your device is 5g compatible? That is why we made this article, to help you find out if your phone can support that but also to see the benefits of using this type of network.

Benefits of using 5g

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After all that conspiracy about the 5g and that settling down, we can now clearly see the benefits that this network offers us not just for regular customers but for business owners as well. The first thing that we all know is the speed, but that is not just a slight performance improvement, it is a drastic upgrade that offers speeds up to a gigabit per second and maybe even more. That is important because it saves time, instead of waiting for something to download for a couple of minutes, it can be done in seconds.

Another thing that we have to talk about is that the information can travel from one point to another much faster than before as suggested by ZTE 5G. That is really beneficial for a couple of things. First, it is good for machine management since in this modern era the machines are made smart, you can connect them with the internet and manage them wirelessly but very efficiently. The gamers will see benefits of this as well since in gaming every millisecond counts for you to get a better positioning or just aim better.

More people can be connected on the same network without lags or just slow internet. We all had that experience when we go to see a sporting event with many people in it, or just it is New Year’s eve and you can’t manage to use the internet or call anyone because the network is overloaded. With all these benefits that the 5g offers, there is space for new applications, software developments, and generally more businesses to open in order to use this technology fullest. There are also scientific researches that with the 5g network can be controlled machines to do surgical procedures perfectly to minimize the risk on patients.

We have seen some of the benefits and now it is time to see if your phone is compatible with this network.

Production year

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This is important because it is a new technology and you can’t use the old device to get this performance. Every phone that has been produced before 2019 is not compatible with the 5g network. But that is okay because the 4g network will still work. Also, 4g compatible devices might be able to use some benefits of the 5g like maybe slightly better speed but will not be able to use it completely. Since we all have deals with our phone company for 2 years, we can get a new phone every time we renew the deal, so you will be able to get yourself a 5g device when your old deal ends.

Search online for your phone and model

When you look online for your device, there are sites that have full information about that. You open that up and see the network technology that your device supports. There will be 2g, 3g, and 4g but you will have to look for 5g availability. If your phone has that tab, then you can use that network of course if you have made that in your cellular plan.

Speed test your phone

You can use applications that you need to download, or you can use them online. They are measuring your internet speed with upload and download speed but also your ping. Try not to mess up this test with wi-fi on because it will measure the wi-fi speed. If you get speed above 300megabits per second then you might be on 5g.

See if there is a 5g logo on your phone

Since the technology is new, almost every phone manufacturer applies this logo at the rear of your device. Keep in mind that this is not a 100% correct indicator because some manufacturers decide not to put one because it can ruin the look of the phone.

Go in settings to find out

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This is the best way to find out if your device is 5g compatible. For Android users, you need to go settings then find a tab that says something with internet or connections, click on that, and then find a mobile data tab because we don’t care about the wi-fi now. When you open the mobile data tab you find the desired network mode. If there is an option for 5g, your phone is supported, if not you will still use 4g.

For Apple users, you will need to go to your settings as well, then find cellular options, and see if your phone is offering a 5g option. It is easier for Apple users because only the iPhone 12 series have 5g connectivity. In case you own any of the iPhone 12 series and you can’t turn on the 5g you will need to contact your mobile data firm that you have a deal with to fix this issue.


The 5g is the future not just for smartphone usage but for everything generally. In case your device doesn’t support 5g now, your next upgrade will definitely support it. These phones are more expensive right now because they are flagships and they offer something that other phones don’t. Keep in mind that the 5g usage will drain your battery fast, so you don’t need to use it constantly, just when you need it. Until then the 4g will get the job done for regular internet usage whether social media apps or youtube.