How to Get Your Team Ready for an Office Move

Do you plan a big relocation of your office? Well, this is a huge step towards your business growth, but big steps require big preparation. With our short guide, the pre-move organization at your company will go smoothly.

Office moves can be a hassle if you skip a proper preparation step. To make it easier for you and your company, start getting everything and everyone ready as early as your business tasks allow.

Create a schedule


The first thing you need is a precise timeline. A detailed schedule for your relocation will help you preview every action you have to take and ensure you have enough time for everything. To create a proper moving schedule, factor in every step of your moving process:

  • furniture disassembling;
  • electronics and appliances packing;
  • personal items packing;
  • finishing important business tasks;
  • wrapping up on the latest projects, etc.

If it helps you, visualize the way you’d approach this relocation. What steps does your team have to take first? How will you manage ongoing business operations to ensure a smooth move? Answering these questions will help you outline a definitive schedule that will make relocation easier for you, your team, and your clients.

You can consult with your moving company on the crucial preparation steps you must approach first — this way, you’ll have your priorities settled just right.

Assign responsibilities


To achieve better results, work towards perfect coordination of everyone’s work. Assign responsibilities to your team members according to the schedule you’ve created. Let someone take care of the appliances, of proper labeling, and, of course, let someone wrap up on the projects you still have in work.

With an intelligent delegation of tasks, your move will be perfectly organized — without panic, last-call preparations, and stress.

Let your team take it as just another project where everyone has to work in sync. It’s also a great way to grow as a team, not only as a company!


Proper communication is crucial when it comes to commercial moves. Let your team know what to be ready for — from dates to the nuances of the organization process.

This way, everybody will take this move easier and won’t stress about not knowing the important details of the relocation. Provide answers to any questions regarding the move that might arise.

Of course, there is another direction of communication that’s vital for a smooth move. Don’t forget to communicate with your movers — be transparent, ask questions when they arise, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Pack and label


Packing is an essential part of every relocation, be it residential or commercial. There are a few ways you can sort stuff in your office for smoother packing:

  1. By purpose. Assign items to different categories: plants, decor, appliances, personal items, furniture, electronics, and so on. Doing so will help you make sure you won’t leave anything important behind.
  2. By importance. If you want to ensure a smooth relocation that won’t disturb your business tasks, it makes sense to pack items you won’t likely need first and finish with packing the most important items. Later on, you can unpack them in the opposite direction so the essentials will be ready first.

You can combine these two methods as well!

And when you’re done packing, make sure every box is properly labeled. Personal items should have owner’s names written on the boxes, and each category should be appropriately marked as well.

If you need to move heavy or fragile equipment, consult with your movers first to ensure these items are handled with special care. Then, don’t forget to label them as well so the movers and your team will know where to find this equipment.

As you can see, the preparation for your commercial move can be stress-free if you know where to start. And remember — your team is in it as well! It’s always better to do everything as a team rather than figure everything out alone.