Fun Things to Do When Boredom Sets in 

Boredom is a very interesting and sometimes a familiar feeling to people. When placed in a room for 3 hours with nothing in the room except for a button that would send electric shocks to them, almost all of the people in the room would shock themselves out of utter boredom, telling scientists that people would rather cause pain or harm to themselves than sitting through the boredom. They are almost saying that boredom is more painful than an electric shock.

This is a very famous study, which you can find s across the internet. So in this article, you’ll read more about fun activities to keep the boredom away.

Some people may be better than others but know how to balance things out and switch things up once in a while. Being able to be open-minded to new things is something that is an amazing gift people possess.

Gamble or play casino

Ever since betting or gambling was a thing, people have done it. However, the first established casino was in Venice, Italy, back in the 17th century. The year 1638 to be exact. Betting and gambling are something that appeals to the social aspect to people, feeling in competition with someone else or bonding over a game. This all sounds nice and fun until you lose a bunch of money or get scammed out of your hard-earned cash.

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Go outside & get active


Something people have done in the past and will keep doing for probably the end of time would be: being active and going out in nature. Ever since mankind was a thing going out and “exploring” was always one of the first things people did. So why not you? Go out, reunite with nature, be active and enjoy your time. Also, doing sports is something people have been doing since forever.

Not only is sport beneficial for your physical health, but it also is great for your mental health, and keeps you in shape. It’s a win-win-win. Not performing sports is just such a bad deal. A little amount of effort can translate to a long and enjoyable life. Again longevity is not the only thing. Also, getting disciplined in something will affect all other aspects of life.

Watch movies and series

In the current day and age, entertaining yourself is not very hard to do. Rarely do we actually ever get bored, if you think about it. There is always something around to entertain us. This is something movies and series are extremely good at, being available to watch almost anywhere and on almost every device.

Also, following along with stories of certain complex movies can lead you to develop a lot of other skills. Not that you are going to be a detective tomorrow but more in a sense that you’ll have an easier time holding a conversation and talking to other people since those are social skills you are developing with movies and series too. Popular VOD (Video on Demand) services include Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Most also allow you to download and save movies offline when travelling without an internet connection, for example.

Play video games


The world of video games is so big that the chances that there is something you like in particular are quite high. In the grand world of video games there is always something out there that will appeal to you. Finding “nothing” to play is not really possible in this day and age. Whether that might be an online game which allows for social encounters or it is offline, you’ll always find that one game that is perfect for you.

Something video games are also good at is the fact that there is a sense of community. When you watch a movie you are all on your own or quiet alone when so. With a video game there is often a huge community behind it that offers you esports or other events that make it even more attractive.

Learn a new language

This one might be a bit controversial since it is not really a full-on relaxing activity, but nonetheless, it is still something that breaks up your boring day to day life. Introducing a new language in your life creates this sense of being part of a bigger something. It makes you feel like a lot more opportunities have opened up for you since you speak a new language.

However, learning or picking up that language again might prove to be trickier than you think, but with the current technological advancements, you start to see more and more people being able to speak more than just their mother tongue. Most European people can converse in a language other than their mother tongue.

So with current technology and smart algorithms making sure you remember everything, it is possible to learn a language in just 10-25 mins out of your day.

Talk to people & get more social


Going out and being social is something that is rooted in a human’s DNA. It’s a well-known fact that people are social creatures, so embracing that and stimulating that through going out more and talking to people, brings up feelings of joy and happiness. This is a good one if you are suffering from boredom that often repeats or comes back. This is a good one if you are suffering from boredom that often repeats or comes back.

At first, this can be a bit tricky talking to everyone around you, and social anxiety may set in, but this can and will pay off later. Not only will you defeat boredom, but you’ll also develop more social skills, which will always come in handy in the long term. It’s also a statistical fact that people who are happier and more social live longer, look at countries like Denmark or Sweden.