Is the Forex Affiliate Program a Great Option for Making Money?

In difficult times of crisis, many people become interested in financial markets and related news. Someone is just trying to keep abreast of the latest trends, worrying about personal well-being, while others are looking for options for additional income. At the same time, the Internet opens up wide opportunities for earning income while staying at home or at the current workplace.

Only the lazy, probably, now don’t know about trading, forex and all kinds of investments. However, if you consider this occupation too risky and unstable, there is a much more stable option – attracting clients as part of the fbs partner commission. It offers very good conditions for cooperation, and the broker, in principle, is reliable, which is important in our time.


What is an affiliate program?

In the forex market, an affiliate program is a set of marketing moves with which a partner attracts a user to a broker’s website and receives a certain reward for this. The amount of remuneration is agreed in advance.

You can try to make money on an affiliate program on your own or using specialized services.

With specially designed platforms, you can not be afraid that the broker will not pay for the brought client and there is no need to look for a suitable partner on the Internet.

Having gained some experience, you can build your referral network. This will allow you to earn a percentage on each referral that a client attracts.

Which method of attracting new users you choose depends on your knowledge and skills. You can create a special website / portal on financial topics, you can make a personal blog of a trader with the publication of his own achievements in asset trading, open a group in social networks, use doorways, some keys can be worked through contextual advertising and use other options to attract traffic

It may not be easy for beginners, but if you can achieve good results in a niche, you will not be afraid of a crisis.


Earning models

Affiliate programs have several options for earning:

  • CPA – several hundred dollars for one qualified partner;
  • Revenue sharing – from 40% to 60% of the gross income received from the trader;
  • Mobile offer (CPI/CPR);
  • referral system – a few percent of earnings.

The first option can be chosen only by those webmasters who use online methods to attract new users. Revenue sharing, in turn, is offered to experienced traders who can invite their friends, acquaintances, traders who have their own specific offline audience to the system.

Depending on the number of referred users per month, the deduction rate differs.

As for Revenue sharing, they give 40% for 0-5 clients, 5-6 users increase the rate to 50%, and attracting more than 10 traders per month will allow you to earn 60% of the company’s income.

The CPA model has another important feature – the concept of a “qualified trader”. It is logical that paying 200-300 dollars for each user under an affiliate program would be inefficient. If a person simply registered without any action, then the value of such an event is zero. Therefore, the wording “qualified trader” was coined, which corresponds to a user with a trading account balance of more than $50, which, as a result of trading, brought at least $80 in company income.

In short, it is important to bring a quality trader into the system, and not just anyone.


The main nuances and advantages of affiliate programs

Above, you could see that the affiliate program of trusted brokers has a number of requirements for webmasters in terms of traffic quality. All this allows you to cut off inefficient users and generously reward partners for really working traders. The main advantages of the system are as follows:

  • reliable Forex broker with age and reputation (it is worth looking for one);
  • good deductions to webmasters;
  • a really large selection of promos;
  • statistics on clients and traffic, the ability to add subaccounts;
  • long life cycle of traders;
  • the call center works with each brought client.

Separately, users highlight competent technical support.


Ways to attract customers

Attracting new customers to the exchange is mainly carried out via the Internet. For this, the following methods are used:

  • contextual advertising in popular search engines and social networks;
  • distribution by email;
  • advertising on Youtube;
  • creating and maintaining your own website.

Contextual advertising is best used in Google.Adwords. The most popular social networks now are Facebook and Instagram.

To simplify e-mail distribution, there are various services on the Internet. Using them is quite simple, you need to select the number of recipients and specify the text of the letter.

Some services also offer to choose letter designs, ready-made texts for mailing lists, analyse mailing results and provide integration with various CRM systems.

The main way to attract customers is to maintain your website or landing page, which a potential client gets to after clicking on contextual advertising.

It is very important to design this page correctly, taking into account the possible needs of the client and indicating the most important and relevant information in order to keep the future trader on the page.

In addition to advertising on the Internet, you can use other ways to attract customers, for example, through the media, word of mouth. But the World Wide Web remains the most effective way.


Criteria for choosing affiliate programs

In order not to fall for the hook of an unscrupulous customer, it is necessary to take into account the following selection criteria:

  1. reliability. It is important to choose services that have a lot of reviews on the Internet;
  2. conditions of a contract. Ask your manager to advise you on what commission terms are best for your model of work;
  3. offers for traders. The more favourable the conditions of the broker, the more likely it is to attract new customers. As a result, earnings will be higher.

Thus, the affiliate program becomes mutually beneficial for the broker and customer acquisition specialists.