Everything That You Should Know About The 12-Step Program

The most popular way to get support for your drug rehab treatment is to get the 12-step program. The original use of these steps was to help people that were suffering from alcohol addiction and find peace through spiritual ways and methods. Now, after 100 years of evolution of the 12-step program, we can simply say that this program has branched out to different addiction types, which includes drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gaming, food, and many other addictions.

One should be aware of the fact that the steps are just a starting point while the 12-step recovery programs are even bigger and broader. The 12-steps form a basis for each program that is used for recovery from any kind of addiction. This is the framework that is placed before other programs can be worked upon towards the patient. There are a few things you still need to know about the 12-step program before going for it. Because when you do go for it, you have to go for it at a 100 percent.

What is a 12-step program?

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The 12-steps are basically a set of few principles that are there to help people develop well so that they can tackle the drug addiction that they have been battling. Together, the 12-step program and the rehab treatment work and become a reliable framework that can help in recovery. This is true for all 12-step programs, they are all modeled in such a way that they can offer a recovery process that offers support as well as accountability.

The 12-step program can be utilized in both ways. The first way is when the patient is doing the rehab treatment at a rehab center, and they need that extra help to aid them in their journey. The second way that the 12-step program can be added into the mix is when the treatment program at a rehab center is already finished which are in the form of inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment program. There are intensive methods of them as well which are intensive outpatient rehab program and intensive inpatient rehab program.

The main one that is for the 12-steps of drug and alcohol addiction recovery are just tinkered a little but to make room for other kind of addictions such as gaming, sex, food addiction etc. The 12-steps have been around for 100 years almost and will be around for another hundred as the popularity of the 12-steps have increased tenfold over the last 2 decades despite people not being too religious in their lives.

The beautiful aspect of the 12-step program is that it does not have to rely on just one religion as miscommunicated by many people. There is a huge misconception about the 12-step program being entirely anchored towards Christianity. But that is far from the truth. The 12-step program is not close to any religion, it is just based on the basic context of faith and nothing else. It caters to people who belong to different religions and that is the thing that has made the 12-step program really important in this day and age and quite effective because it can be used by any person in any kind of addiction.

The 12-steps

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Every plan has parts, the same way the 12-steps program is a program that has, as you guessed it, 12 steps to follow and revise on a daily basis. The 12-steps are to be followed one by one and these 12-steps can be quite hard to follow at times. Some are easy to follow, while some are hard to follow. But in the long term, this is the way for success when it comes to healing from your drug addiction.

The 1st step is called “Honesty”

This step is all about admitting once and for all that you were helpless against the addiction. That your lives have become so unmanageable that you are not able to cope with it and you have to accept this properly in your subconscious mind that the drug addiction or whichever addiction you are going through took your life by storm and turned it over upside down. This honestly will be a way for you to achieve a certain freedom that you need. This step asks you to be “powerless” and to accept that you have become unorganized.

The 2nd step is to have some “Hope”

This second step of the 12-step program asks you to have hope. This hope is what they ask you from God or a higher power, whichever you believe in. This hope will keep you intact and strong in times when you are alone and feeling like you would relapse or would fall prey to your addiction again.

The 3rd step is to have “Faith”

This step is connected with the 2nd step. This faith is to take you on a journey with comfort and will that you will get through this treatment program by having faith in a higher being. You will turn your entire being over to a higher power and all of your decisions will go through the process of consulting with Him and no one else.

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The 4th step is to have “Courage”

This step asks us to look ourselves in the mirror fearlessly and keep asking questions regarding our morality and personality.

The 5th step is to “Show integrity”

Integrity is the same as being honest, but it has to be your duty to accept all the wrongdoings that you have done in your life. You have to accept your faults toward God, toward yourself, and others as well.

The 6th step is to “Be willing”

This step asks us to have willingness to change ourselves and remove all the bad aspects of our character.

The 7th step is to have “Humility”

You showed always stay on your toes. And you should always stay humble, so that you don’t do things that will give you a wrong name, but when anything does happen wrong by you, make sure to ask the higher being to remove any wrongdoings that you have done.

The 8th step is to have “Brotherhood and sisterhood”

The 8th step is to make sure that you rectify all of your wrongdoings that you have done to people so you can feel like there is no burden down there.

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The 9th step is to practice “Justice”

Make justice with people. Set equal levels with them and ask for forgiveness from them or make it up to them.

The 10th step is “Persevering”

Keep on reflecting on your words and actions and ask for forgiveness the moment you do something that is wrong.

The 11th step is to “Engage in spirituality”

This step asks you to be spiritual and pray towards a higher being about all the problems that you are facing. Pray and madidate to help yourself become stronger and firm in your faith that this addiction will end soon.

The 12th step is “Give back”

This step asks you to help people who are in your position to practice the 12-steps.

So, to get started on the 12-steps, visit this website.