Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Grilling – 2024 Review

You don’t want to miss out on the moments spent with friends and family outdoors while you enjoy a nicely cooked steak. You can dust off the grill and get it working again, but first of all, you need to get ready for cooking outdoors.

Whether you are having a BBQ party in your backyard, or you just want to whip up some barbecue dish, here are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind before cooking outside.


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  1. Ensure safety by keeping your grill a safe distance from structures. You shouldn’t have a grill anywhere around your garage, under a tree, or on your porch. This is to prevent any fire accidents. You should ensure that you keep your grill far away from objects that can burn.
  2. Keep your grill clean after cooking. You need to scrub off every sticky food, grease, and fat on the surface. You will enjoy the taste of your food on a clean grill. Besides hygiene is important in any cooking and cleaning it will help your grill last longer.
  3. Check for gas leaks if you are using a propane gas grill. If you notice it is leaking, take it out for servicing immediately. Do not try to manage any damage, it is important you check this before you light the grill. There are easy ways to do simple tests to check for gas locks. You can make a simple solution of water and dish soap. Apply it on the line that connects the grill to the gas and then turn on the gas. If you notice bubbles on the line, it means there is a leak.
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  1. Ensure you already know the difference between direct-heat and indirect-heat grilling. If you grill meat, fish, and veggies, you can use direct heat, but for large roasts, whole birds, and ribs, indirect heat will cook it better.
  2. You will need an instant-thermometer to help you determine the temperature of the grill. The thermometer lets you know what the internal food temperature is especially if you are cooking a large cut of meat.
  3. Always stay prepared with your fire extinguisher, just in case there is a fire. You should also know how to use the fire extinguisher to put off the fire. If you don’t know how to use it, don’t bother doing trial and error should there be a fire incident. It is better to call the emergency services to quickly handle the situation.
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  1. Choose high-quality grills and equipment for your outdoor cooking. You can only get great results with a superb grill. You can find good grills from sources like this, and you also ensure safety and longevity that way. If you are getting a new grill, learn how to use it. It is better to start practicing and understanding how the grill works before you call your friends over for a BBQ.
  2. You can leave your food directly on the hot grill, but it shouldn’t be there for too long. If not, it would blacken and lose its taste.
  3. Have a spray bottle of water with you when grilling. When you notice a little flare-up, you can spray with the water to quickly calm the fire. Don’t worry about the food, it won’t affect the outcome. You will still end up with a delicious meal.


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  1. It is wrong to cut into meat or chicken to check for doneness. You will lose all the juicy flavors, so it’s better to have a thermometer for your grill. You can get good grills with an in-built thermometer.
  2. Avoid giving your grill too much work. Don’t put in too much meat in the If you barbeque in large quantities, excess fat can drain down to the flames and cause a fire.
  3. You should never start your grilling without an extra bag of charcoal or an extra propane tank. You don’t want to end up with a half-done BBQ.
  4. If you are cooking over direct heat, don’t use a sauce with sugar until at least 10 minutes of grilling. If you do this earlier, it will leave your food won’t come outright.
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  1. Wearing loose clothes can cause a fire. Keep your hair bonded, and tuck your shirt tucked in. You shouldn’t let it get close to the open fire to avoid accidents.
  2. Don’t wander away from your cooking. You can’t afford to be distracted when grilling for safety. You can’t leave until you are done with your cooking. Fire can build up anytime during the cooking, and you need to be around to control it.
  3. Service your grill at the right time, especially if you want to enjoy using it for a long time and also to prevent any accidents.
  4. Do not turn on the gas while you still have the lid of the grill closed. It will cause a build-up of gas inside the grill and eventually when you light it, you will see an explosion. It is very dangerous.
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  1. You should not use your grill indoors. Sometimes people think they can use it inside the house without problems especially when they have a small grill. This is very wrong because grills release carbon monoxide and this is hazardous to your health. It is best to take it out where the carbon monoxide would be let out. If it is done inside, it can be very harmful to your family and pets.
  2. Keep your kids and pets away from your grill. Pets love meat, fish, and poultry. At the sight of any of this, they will be quick to jump on the grill. It will burn their mouth and tongue when this happens. If you want to keep them safe, you shouldn’t let them anywhere around your grill. Keep them indoors while you grill outside. This also applies to little kids, they may wander around the grill and get burned. It is better to keep them inside the house when using your grill.