Simple Home Maintenance in 2024: Discover The Best Times To Clean Your Property Drains

The sewer line is unseen and runs from your home to the main drains and away. In most cases, people don’t think much about the drains unless there is a problem. That’s when you find out you’re responsible for the sewer lines running across your property.

Sewer lines are certainly not a part of your home that you look forward to interacting with. However, if you ignore them they’ll likely become clogged and give you an array of issues, including backflow. This can potentially put raw sewage into your home.

That’s when you’ll need to get hold of your emergency plumber like and get the problem resolved quickly. It’s preferable to maintain your drains periodically to prevent issues from arising.

It’s a good idea to clean your drains at least once a year. In fact, doing it once every six months is a better idea and an extra inspection when you think there may be an issue.

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However, the cleaning and inspection schedule isn’t set in stone. You should also consider the age of your property and its associated drains. The older it is the more likely it is to have drains that are starting to crack or break up. These can cause sewage to leak into the ground around your drains.

You’re likely to notice an odor and the grass will grow better than usual in that area. In this instance, you’ll want to do an inspection quickly. Damaged pipes are more likely to clog and cause additional issues.

Cleaning older drains more often will allow you to keep an eye on potential issues and prevent them from becoming worse.

Sewer Cameras

The easiest way to inspect your drains is to use a sewer camera. This slides through the drains and will allow you to see the inside of them. You’ll be able to spot any cracks or other signs of breakages. You’ll also notice any clogs, whether they are just starting or are rapidly building.

Sewer cameras can check every part of your drain system, helping you to stay on top of issues.

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Cleaning The Drains

One of the most effective ways to clean the drains is actually with a pressure washer. Simple unscrew or lift one of the access points in your yard and then insert the nozzle of your pressure washer. Make sure you angle it so that it doesn’t splash back at you.

The pressure of the water should move any blockages and clean the inside of the pipes. You can run the drain camera through afterward to check how successful it’s been.

It’s even possible to use mini jets to clean the drains from your appliances. After all, the drains that lead away from your appliances all have traps in them. These capture water to prevent odors from escaping into your home from the sewers.

Although the traps are essential, they also provide the perfect spot for debris to collect. Cleaning them regularly will help to ensure there is no buildup to affect your drainage system.

Removing Blockages

If there are clogs in your system then you’ll want to run a drain auger through first. This is a flexible piece of metal that is designed to go around the bends in your pipes and can push through the clog, breaking it up.

The pressure washer can then be used to blast through the pipes.

Don’t forget, raw sewage is dangerous to your health, you may prefer to get the professionals to do the drain cleaning for you.

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We’ve mentioned that you should ideally clean your drains at least once a year, although more is generally better. In fact, the best time to clean your drains is the start of the spring and the beginning of the autumn.

You’re not going to want to deal with your drains over the winter unless there is a serious issue. However, winter is one of the best times for debris and other issues to build up inside them. Although pant growth is minimal, the earth is subject to high pressure as the top coating freezes and unfreezes, sometimes daily. This can result in excess pressure on the drains outside the home, potentially causing cracks which will increase the chance of clogs.

The fluctuation in temperatures inside your home can have a similar effect. That’s why you should clean your drains before the winter begins, ensuring they will work smoothly throughout the coldest months.

If you want to clean them a second time then the spring is a good opportunity to inspect the pipes and ensure no damage has been caused by the harsh winter weather. This won’t just alert you to any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done. It will also allow you to do that maintenance during the warmer and dryer months.

Professional Assistance

If you’re cleaning your drains then you’ll be aware that there may be partial or even complete clogs in the pipes. These can be detected by slow draining appliances or by using the aforementioned sewer camera.

If this is the case you’ll want to use a plunger or a drain snake to shift the clog. Your choice will depend on how close the clog is to your appliances. The closer it is the more likely a plunger is to be effective.

However, there are times when you can’t shift the clog or simply don’t want to get too far into the drainage system of your home. This is when you should call the professionals. They have the tools to find the clog, remove it, and clean the drains for you.

Don’t forget, it costs a little more to get the professionals to clean your drains. But, you’ll get a warranty and peace of mind. That is often more important than the cost and should make you seriously consider getting the professionals to do what they do best. You’ll be free to do things that are more important to you.