4 Online Gambling and Casino Scams to Avoid in 2024

The online gambling industry has never been bigger than it is right now. The amount of online services dedicated to all sorts of gambling increases every year, and the revenue they all bring to the companies on the market is staggering. As a matter of fact, the gambling industry is one of the most lucrative in the world at the moment, mostly due to the impact of its online and mobile branches.

Not everything is that peachy, however. Like everywhere else in the world, there are those who mean others harm and who actively want to strip ordinary working people of their possessions through a number of scams and frauds. Since this is being done online, those are of course cybercriminals and hackers knowledgeable in the ways of online tricks and swindles. Thousands of people fall to their mischievous behavior every year, losing their money and having their personal information misused and exposed.

It is sometimes very hard to figure out if an online casino is legitimate. Even if a casino looks and feels real, they may have been hacked into and are now used to steal the money from honest players. There are many ways in which these perpetrators try to steal data and funds, and in this article, we will go over some of the biggest ones. You will learn what to look out for and avoid in 2024 when online casino scams are in question. To find out more about this topic, make your way to casinogap.org.

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  1. Bonus Scams

Out of a few thousand online casinos in existence today, many of them are not at all worth your time, money, or trust. The competition is hard as it is, and it is difficult to find the right casino for you even without the many scammers out there. One of the ways in which casinos like to attract a wider audience is through bonuses and free opportunities at winning. The most popular bonuses include sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, as well as those you get after playing for a certain amount of time. Illegitimate and fraud-heavy casinos utilize sign-up bonuses most of all to charge players who are not careful enough. During the sign-up process, there are many terms and agreements you have to comply with. However, the users usually skip through them without reading them first, falling into the casino’s trap. The casinos may take away some of the money you win from the bonus, simply take it all, or even strip you of all the funds you transferred for gambling. Depending on the situation, you could experience some truly bad examples of fraud.

  1. No Cashing Out

Perhaps the most common way by which you can clearly realize you have been taken advantage of is when you are unable to cash out your winnings. For example, you have had enough luck and won a few of your favorite casino games. Now you have a considerable amount of money to withdraw and use however you please. However, you cannot seem to get it to your card, or however you generally take the money from the online casino. Nothing can really prepare you for this, nor is there something you can do to actually get the money. It is very hard to predict and next to impossible to use as a factor in determining whether or not a casino is legit. Sometimes it happens due to the website, the payment method, or software issues, and results in delayed payments. If you ever become a victim of such a fraud, delete your account and do not return to the casino.

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  1. Actually Illegal Websites

One of the biggest mistakes online casino players can get themselves into is registering and playing at a seemingly legitimate casino that is actually completely illegal. They appear legal in every detail as they go out of their way to make their service look real. Although it seems like a common issue, casinos like these are rare since it is hard to achieve something like this. Once you sign-in and transfer some money, or when you win some more, the casino will steal it away and lock you from ever entering their service again. The number of top-rated, licensed, and secure casinos is limited, which is why you should always do extensive research in order to find a legitimate place to gamble. Otherwise, you will not only lose your money, but the perpetrators will have all of your personal information they can use for shady things and give you a world of trouble.

  1. Collusion

If you like playing card games with live players, or any other type of online casino game that features real people, you may become the victim of a fraud known as collusion. Collusion is a very manipulative practice where two or more players play together in order to benefit from the outcome of a game. It is also possible when one player uses multiple accounts and plays more roles in a single game. Obviously, fan-favorite card games like poker and blackjack are the most common places where this kind of scheming occurs. The players lose on purpose or play in a way that only they are left at the table. Each time another one wins, while their loses are kept at a bare minimum. In scenarios where one player plays as more players, it is obvious how much they actually make and lose. They control many hands at one time and directly dictate who wins and who loses. This is another very hard thing to crack down on, especially if the team of players knows how to hide away their machinations and appear legitimate.

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Takeaways and Conclusion

There are quite a few prominent ways in which online casinos and individual players try to take advantage of others and steal their data and hard-earned money. Sadly, it is very difficult to track this and all we are left with is our own wits and the ability to react. Before opening an account on an online casino, make sure to triple check their reputation, security, licenses, and anything else you need in order to know if they are real or not. If you fail to do this, you will surely fall victim to a scam sooner rather than later.