Who are the Biggest Investors in Cryptocurrency in 2024

The cryptocurrency industry is well over ten years old now and a lot has happened from the moment the first ever transaction took place. The world has virtually changed thanks to their influence and the future is looking brighter than ever. Records shattered, over 1,200 different coins in circulation, and more average people deciding to invest in digital currencies. All of this and more means that the world is slowly yet steadily realizing the potential of cryptos and the technologies they are based on and that the next few years will be amazing for business and investing.

One of the things most people want to know is who started it all, pioneered it really, and whether they are still investors and holders of cryptos? There have been many digital currency millionaires, and new ones are appearing and disappearing every day, but the top individuals and their companies who truly made names for themselves in this branch are still going strong. With that in mind we will now walk about the biggest investors in cryptocurrency in 2024 and see who has the most power, influence, and expertise in this exciting business. The list is in no particular order. For more info check: https://bitcoin-circuit.live/.

  1. Roger Ver

Img source: wikipedia

As one of the earliest bitcoin investors, he is among the most vocal supporters of everything related to the cryptocurrency world to this day. He does not only support bitcoin either as he has nothing but positive things to say about Kraken and Ripple, as well as the whole cryptocurrency investing craze. He is so outspoken and famous in fact that the internet and social media platforms love him and have nicknamed him Bitcoin Jesus. Since his newfound pop culture influence, he has also expressed support for and recommended Bitcoin Cash. Ver is said to be among the richest crypto investors in the world and has more than 100,000 BTC.

  1. Barry Silbert

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Another one of the wealthiest crypto investors, Silbert is all about bitcoin and investing. However, he has branched out during his career and founded Digital Currency Group, which rose to become one of the leaders in the crypto industry. In 2016, they bought CoinDesk, still one of the best websites for crypto news and updates. Since last year, his company invested in over 125 blockchain companies including Grayscale Investments and Genesis. Silbert has numerous important projects and ventures going on so it should not surprise anyone how wealthy and successful he is. According to Forbes, his net worth is $500 million.

  1. Gavin Andersen

Img source: usatoday.com

Among the most iconic figures in the world when it comes to crypto and bitcoin, Anderson is widely considered as the person who has helped the leading crypto community to grow the most. He is all about investing and has been working full-time in the industry since 2010. He recognized its potential early on and ever since has been promoting it to the wider public, developers, and companies. In 2010 he also started the first Bitcoin faucet website. Although his net worth of $2 million, according to sources, is nowhere near the rest of the big names, he has done something the rest of them did not and helped people realize the importance and benefits of investing in cryptos.

  1. The Winklevoss Brothers

Img source: coindesk.com

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are nicknamed “The Billionaire Twins” and they are among the most famous personalities in the crypto world. Not only that, but they are among the best investors ever in terms of recognizing opportunities and making smart and timely moves. They are considered to be the first billionaires in crypto. By April of 2013, they owned $11 million in bitcoin, when 1 BTC was only worth around $120. Their investment hardly stops here though, as they also support Ethereum and numerous blockchain projects. Gemini, which is among the most influential and successful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, if their company which they launched in 2015. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade their digital currency assets. Tyler and Cameron are frequent guests at expos and gatherings that promote cryptos and always have positive things to say about them. They can be considered as the first crypto investor celebrities.

  1. Kinglsey Advani

Img source: insider.com

The age old dream of making millions while still in your twenties is really possible, just ask Advani who is among the youngest people ever to make millions in by their thirtieth birthday. He made his original fortune at the tender age of 24 and is now one of the most inspiring and outspoken crypto investors in the world. He saw the potential very early on and decided to invest $34,000 in bitcoin, earning his first million in less than 12 months. His current mission is as an advisor to any young person who is interested in learning more about digital currency and investing. Advani claims that there has never been such a good opportunity for young people in their twenties to invest in high-growth assets that can turn their life around in mere months.

  1. Tim Draper

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Draper is not only a great crypto investor, but one of the best venture capital investors in the world. He is famous for his investments and has been in the public eye since 2014 when he bought 30,000 bitcoins from the Silk Road website following an auction. Nowadays, he is actively helping different companies to become successful in the digital currency world and is an avid blockchain technology supporter. He firmly believes in the mass adoption of cryptos, especially bitcoin as the most popular and valuable of them all. One of the reasons people enjoy listening what he has to say is his support of the lack of taxes and regulations by banks in the cryptocurrency business. This is why he thinks digital assets are the future.

  1. Blythe Masters

Img source: investor.maersk.com

Not all of the biggest investors in cryptos are male and Masters proves it. She is among the most respected female bitcoin investors and the former CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. Her Wall Street reputation is great and her ideas helped her build a great crypto career. Her net worth is around $5 million, and her entrepreneurship skills are the reason why. Still a member of the board, she is helping her company with new ideas to build new products and expand the ledger technology and its influence.