Andrew Tate’s Real World Review

Andrew Tate has been popular on the internet for a few years now and if you’ve been scouring the internet looking for The Real World review, you’ve come to the right place.

The Real World is a relatively new program that is expected to be closely aligned with Hustlers University, the popular program he has been offering his followers. It is all self-improvement and you expect The Real World to follow this beaten path.

The Real World feels like Andrew rebelling against a system that has cast him out. It feels like something he is creating to “live off the grid” and in this review, we will be examining what it is all about.

What is Andrew Tate’s The Real World


The Real World is a community, a membership, or an educational platform that teaches people how to unplug from what Tate believes is an oppressive system. Apparently, Tate has been working on this new project for months and the portal will be opening soon.

To most people, The Real World will feel like Andrew Tate’s response to his coordinated cancellation that saw him lose access to the social media platforms that gave him a voice big enough to reach millions of people.

Although he frames it as a platform for teaching his followers how to navigate life, this is Andrew’s defiant stance against what he deems unfair treatment.

When marketing The Real World, there are a lot of references to The Matrix, the popular 1999 movie where the protagonist, Neo, breaks free from the simulation or the matrix and ventures into the real world with the help of a mentor called Morpheus.

You see these references all over the material. For example, the video starts with a black screen that types out “Wake up Neo…” just like in the movie.

Neo is you, the reader, who needs to be rescued from the matrix.

Andrew Tate likens society to “The Matrix,” which he says wants you “poor, weak, alone and complacent.”

Andrew Tate, who is Morpheus in this narrative, is trying to wake you up with the red pill but the Matrix wants to erase him.

The “attempts to erase him” is akin to how Andrew was suspended from all major social media platforms, like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tate has always been urging his followers to work hard and break free from the societal programming that has them working dead-end jobs and living unfulfilled life. He urges people to aspire to become rich, strong, and well-connected.

He blames the modern education system for most of that and sees The Real World as a rebellion against the current system. TRW goes direct to teaching you high-income skills.

He has been offering programs like Hustler’s University and The War Room to help them achieve that. The Real World will be joining that list now.

Andrew Tate’s The Real World Subscription Fee?


The Real World will be launched on November 14th, and members will be required to pay a monthly membership cost of $149.

But, if you pay for a golden ticket (sign up for the platform in advance), you will only pay $19.

The golden ticket secures your membership to The Real World for a monthly membership price of $49. Therefore, after that, you will be paying the same fee as Hustler’s University.

Is The Real World The Same As Hustler’s University?

Andrew Tate says that he has had a grand plan all through. This plan has three steps:

Step 1 was Hustler’s University, step 2 was The Real World, and the third step is yet to be revealed.

So, it looks like they will not be the same product. Perhaps The Real World will be a new version of HU.

As other reviews have stated, the main difference is that The Real World will have self-reliant infrastructure. This means that this platform will be outside the matrix.

So, what this means is that The Real World will be like a version of HU that is resistant to cancellation. Apparently, Tate wants to take HU off Discord where he it is currently run.

There are signs that HU will not be done away with (at least in the near future) because TRW is still a work in progress. HU students will have free access to TRW as long as they keep their HU subscription active.

What is Hustler’s University?


Hustler’s University is an education platform comprising online courses designed to show you how to make money online. It is a registered LLC with thousands of monthly paying customers.

Hustler’s University 2.0, the latest iteration, is run by Andrew Tate and his coaches (usually referred to as “professors”).

HU is a community with dozens of “War Room soldiers” where people learn how to make money via online business programs like stock analysis, DeFi, E-commerce, Copywriting, Freelancing, Flipping, Financial planning, options plays, crypto analysis, and Business management.

Every professor that teaches on the platform is vetted by Andrew. They are each required to be experts who make anywhere from 10k to 500k a month in their select field.

The courses HU has are designed for anyone anywhere to get into and become rich. Most of them are ‘just hard-hitting lessons in making money” where the community gives you access to “full resources, full lesson plans, and everything you need to get rich.”

HU has “campuses” and each campus covers a specific topic. The campuses at Hustler’s University are

  • Stocks Campus
  • Amazon FBA Campus
  • Affiliate
  • Copywriting Campus
  • E-Com Campus
  • Crypto Campus
  • Freelance Campus

Although Andrew Tate is the only person who’s in the marketing material, the instructors who conduct the training are not to be scoffed at. They usually include marketers who’ve made more than $1M profit using the methods they teach. The crux of it is that these are people who practice what they teach.

HU courses are uniquely designed for complete beginners who want to take their first steps to make money online.

How Hustlers University Works


Hustlers University resides on private Discord servers. Each campus has its own Discord server and when you sign up for Hustlers University, they make you select a quadrant.

There are four quadrants:

  1. Cash Poor Time Rich: This is for beginners that can dedicate more than 28 available hours per week but less than $5000 to invest.
  2. Time Poor – Cash Poor: You should go for this if you are a pure beginner but also broke because you need to have 28 hours per week but less than $5000 to invest.
  3. Time Poor – Cash Rich: This quadrant is for those with a bit of cash to spend but not enough time on their hands. You can dedicate less than 28 hours per week and have more than $5000 to invest.
  4. Time Rich – Cash Rich: This one applies to people who dedicate more than 28 available hours per week and have more than $5000 to invest.

As you progress, you get to the final quadrant which signifies you have a lot of time to spare and money to invest.

The content offered at HU exists as both text and video lessons. They have a dedicated resource channel that has all the information students may need to know about the courses.

Discord is not the perfect platform and usually poses a few challenges. For example, the campuses look a bit disorganized and it can be hard to tell who the tutor is (or who is running things).

The Hustler’s University Campuses

As we mentioned earlier, Hustlers University occurs in the form of various campuses. These are the learning channels where you learn how to make money. The campuses are:

1. Freelance Campus

In this class, you learn how to launch a freelancing career. There are both text and video lessons and it is all arranged to make it easy to navigate.

2. Copywriting Campus

This is the most popular campus and here, everything is in video format. Some of the content here comes with additional materials, like online tools and PDF files.

3. Amazon FBA Campus

The Amazon FBA Campus teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA business.

Fulfillment by Amazon is a popular business model where you sell products to people online, but Amazon takes care of warehousing, fulfilling those orders, and shipping. Under this campus, you learn how to choose the most profitable products.

4. Crypto Campus

The Crypto Campus is all about trading cryptocurrencies. Andrew loves cryptocurrencies.

This campus shows you lots of demonstrations where you learn the basics of crypto trading.

5. Ecommerce Campus


Under this course, you learn how to sell products online. The process starts with finding winning products, creating a store, and generating traffic.

If you are looking for a course that will show you how to streamline the whole process of running an eCommerce business from having zero experience to owning a profitable online store, this is your campus.

The lessons are mostly in text format. There are some videos in the slideshow format. This course focuses on offering practical advice.

6. Affiliate Program

Under this campus, they offer basic affiliate marketing training to get you started. What you learn in the Affiliate Marketing Campus can be useful if you want to start an affiliate marketing business. Note that they also encourage you to promote HU itself.

A program that allows members to make money by referring other people sounds like a Multi-Level Marketing business.

When Andrew Tate was banned by all the major social media platforms, he discontinued the Hustlers University affiliate program.

7. Stocks Campus

This campus is for investors who want to learn how to trade options.

Trading options is often seen as more profitable than trading other financial instruments, like stocks.

What is Hustler’s University 3.0?

Hustlers University 2.0 is what we’ve been seeing online. However, it looks like Tate and crew will be launching a Hustlers University 3.0.

It is hard to tell whether this is the same thing as “The Real World” or what will be the third step in Tate’s grand plan.

Who is Andrew Tate?


Emory Andrew Tate III, or Cobra Tate, is a social media personality and podcaster. He is an American-British former professional kickboxer.

Andrew was born in England and during his formative years, he grew up with his brother Tristan Tate on a council estate in Luton. They were poor based on the standards of living in the country.

Later in life, the Tate brothers got together and launched a webcam business. Their first setup was a webcam studio in a two-bed flat. Apparently, Tristan and Andrew made millions from their various sites.

The webcam business usually had its users (mostly men) log in and pay to chat with women who’d share fake sob stories. The business model was not well regulated and Tristan even admitted in an interview that the webcam business was all a big scam. However, he showed no remorse because according to him, the clients knew what they were getting themselves into.

Andrew Tate has evolved over the years. He has tried his hand at a number of businesses. At one point, he was offering self-help courses like “modern wealth creation” where he taught his students how to become rich.


Most people don’t know it but Andrew Tate actually had a successful kickboxing career. And by successful, I mean that he won world titles in different weight classes. He was the top-ranked athlete in his weight category in Europe, winning 17 of his 19 fights.

People outside the sport came to know of him when he was on the 2016 season of Big Brother in the UK.

Andrew Tate took up boxing and martial arts in 2005. After a few years of training, he started competing. The first title he won was the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship.

Andrew Tate’s first attempt to claim the vacant ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship was unsuccessful. He was beaten by Jean-Luc Benoit on points after 12 rounds. He won the rematch three months later in Luton when he beat Benoit via knockout in round 8 of 12 rounds.

Tate won the British Cruiserweight title, beating his opponent, Daniel Hughes, with a first-round KO.

He won his second ISKA world title in 12 rounds in 2013 in Châteaurenard, France. He also won the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Championship in a split decision.

Big Brother 2016


Andrew Tate was one of the housemates on Big Brother UK in 2016. He’d come to be known as the guy that was thrown out midway through the series when a video surfaced of him beating a woman with a belt.

Andrew Tate protested his removal claiming that even the alleged victim had denied any abuse occurred. He pointed to the leaked footage saying that the sound of the woman laughing was cut out to make it look like she wasn’t having fun. He also said that the video excluded the part where the woman took the belt and hit him back while they were both laughing.

Andrew even posted a YouTube video of the woman denying she was abused by him. She said, “it was pure game.”

After leaving the show, Andrew Tate started cultivating his online influence to steer traffic to his websites, most notably Hustler’s University. The way he does it makes controversial statements, particularly on how men should treat women.

Andrew Tate Goes Viral

Andrew Tate went viral on Tiktok and that spilled over to the other platforms. His videos were viewed and shared millions of times on these platforms.

It is hard to point to the exact moment he blew up on every major social media site because he cultivated his persona gradually. His videos are ubiquitous on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube in particular.

Andrew Tate Gets Cancelled


There was a massive campaign online pressurizing social media companies to control Tate for what the activists considered hateful rhetoric. The social media companies unilaterally decided to kick him out of their platforms.

Tate had been courting controversy ever since he made wild statements during the #MeToo movement. He often weighed in on what he thought qualified as sexual harassment. What caught people’s attention was when he suggested that sexual assault victims should bear some responsibility for the abuse they endured.

Tate was also blasted for saying that depression is not a real illness. That even got him suspended from Twitter. He did get back on Twitter when he created a new Twitter account that got verified. Later, Twitter permanently suspended his new account and apologized for verifying him. The company alleged that they had verified him erroneously. Tate had created the Twitter handle as part of a promotion with Bugatti.

Andrew Tate was under fire when he said it is easier to get rape charges dropped in Eastern Europe. He even suggested that it was part of the reason he had moved to Romania.

In Romania, he was rocked by allegations that he and his brother were involved in human trafficking. His house was raided by Romanian police on suspicion that he was holding an American woman against her will. The investigation is still ongoing.

Is Andrew Tate Legit?

Andrew Tate is a legit but controversial figure. I think he is legit because he is quite honest about all he is about.

Andrew has often been accused of running Hustler’s University like a pyramid scheme. The way the program runs (or used to run), members were encouraged to recruit new members to receive a commission.

Andrew Tate stopped the affiliate program when he got canceled because his payment processor no longer wanted to work with him.

Tate is a polarizing figure because he makes pretty wild claims about what he can help you achieve with his programs. To be fair to him, he encourages people to work hard. Some people have found his programs to be helpful but many others haven’t. It all comes down to how willing the individual is to put what they learn into practice.

Who Should Join Andrew Tate’s The Real World?

The Real World, just like Hustler’s University, is best suited to people who are fans of Andrew Tate. If you agree with Tate or entertain the ideas he espouses, this program may help you improve your station in life while meeting hundreds of like-minded students.

Is The Real World a Monthly Subscription?


Yes, it is a monthly subscription plan just like Hustler’s University. The Real World will have an ongoing monthly subscription that goes for $49 per month.

Is Andrew Tate’s Real World Legit?

Andrew Tate’s Real World is legit. Most people are apprehensive because Andrew is polarizing. But if you look at it objectively, it is one of those programs where you’ll get what you pay for.

Andrew Tate and his tutors are expected to focus on the basics of setting up legitimate business ventures. They’ll also teach you how to create ads and business pages and overall, you will learn how to run an online business that makes you money.

The Real World, just like HU, is not a pyramid scheme where you pay for a membership and never get anything out of it. It is a legitimate educational platform where Tate and his crew will teach you how to run a business.

That being said, there are no guarantees that TRW will be great. Some students who’ve bought HU have said that it has generic content and that you’d be better off sourcing that content online for free.

With TRW, there are no guarantees that you will make money by following the advice they give you in these courses.

In the end, this is all subjective. In the case of HU, many students have made money and you can tell from the frequent student success stories that the training works for people who put in a shift consistently and learn the skills needed to do well. Therefore, some people will find TRW helpful, others won’t.

Verdict on Andrew Tate’s The Real World

Andrew Tate’s The Real World is designed for beginners who want to learn how to make money online. The training can also be helpful to people who want to build on their base knowledge.

That being said, you will not start making money on day one especially if you’re new to business and entrepreneurship.

The Real World is perfect for fans of Andrew Tate who have no issue paying a fee every month for a broad introduction to many ways of making money online.

I expect TRW to not be a get-rich-quick scheme because Tate always talks about the importance of working hard to get the results you crave.