Top 6 Air Purifiers for Removing House Mold Spores in 2024

If there is one thing that our homes simply cannot run away from, it’s mold. Not only is mold a serious safety hazard, but it can be a nightmare to eliminate.

Naturally, this is something that you absolutely want to avoid at all costs. Failing to deal with it can potentially put you in a very bad spot.

A clear way to uncover mold is to notice any potential dark spots on the ceiling and walls and to notice a bad smell. These signs are indicators of mold spores.

Naturally, it would work in your favor to get set up with a nice air purifier. And to do that, we have a list of the top 6 ones on the free market.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Winix 5300 – 2 Air Purifier

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The absolute best pick is the Winix 5300 – 2. The unit comes with an industry-defining smart sensor that detects mold spores and many other anomalies in the air within seconds.

The purifier is well equipped to give you first-hand information through the LED display panel. The panel is great as it displays key information such as fan speed, quality of air, and much more.

The fan speed can be set up both automatically and manually, giving you options throughout. But the best thing about it is that it can take care of nearly 100% of air pollutants. These include the likes of dust and pollen, and of course, mold spores.

2. AeraMax Large Room Air Purifier

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Well deserving of the number two spot on our list, the AeraMax Large Room Air Purifier is a big one. The unit is capable of covering a lot of grounds, 300 to 600 sq ft to be precise.

And it does a pretty good job of detecting and eliminating air pollutants. The unit could well be on the first spot as it has asthma and allergy certificate by the official bodies in the US.

Much like the previous unit, it can eliminate 99% of all air particles that include dust, and mold spores. It has an LED display panel where the Filter Change Indicator will tell you regarding these air pollutants.

The smart sensor will then operate on a 300 air purifier fan speed and instantly eliminate these particles.

The AeraMax Large operates on four modes and is more than equipped to meet your air purifying needs.

3. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

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If you have trouble with mold spores in your home, then this unit is more than capable of eliminating the issue. If you thought the previous one was impressive, wait until you see how much area this one can cover.

With an impressive 1100 sq ft area of coverage, the Alen BreatheSmart is an air purifier well suited for large rooms and giant halls.

Thus, this makes it perfect for your business space, especially if mold spores are a regular occurrence.

The smart technology of the unit will allow you to operate it under 4 fan speed options. There is both a manual and automatic fan speed mode. On the manual, you can determine the fan speed, while on automatic the unit determines it based on the number of air pollutants.

Understanding the features and gimmicks that come with air pollutants will allow you to make the perfect choice based on your home needs. And if you want to know more about all things home-related, then make sure to head over to StuffedAbode.

4. Alen T500 HEPA

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Being a smaller unit makes this one pretty capable of keeping your air clean from mold spores. With that said, the Alen T500 HEPA works wonders in both larger and smaller areas, making it great for your living space.

To thank for that, we have the WhisperMax technology that is capable of detecting pollen, mold spores, and dust in an area of over 500 sq ft. It comes with both automatic and manual fan speed settings and the lack of noise makes it suitable for such environments.

The Ozone Safe Ion Feature is probably why this unit makes the list. This feature emits negative ions that quickly purify the air. You can also shut down this feature whenever you please.

The compact design and ease of use make the Alen T500 HEPA a worthy addition to your home.

5. GermGuardian AC5300B 28

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Regarded as a 3-in-1 air purifier capable of eliminating all air pollutants in your living space, the GermGuardian is fairly famous as it is an award-winning device that solves tons of issues.

Unlike other air purifiers, this one uses UV-c technology where it emits UV lights to kill any germs or mold spores. These aren’t harmful to the user as the UV lights are so small they won’t even bother you. The charcoal filter does a pretty great job of eliminating the bad odor from dogs and other pets.  The GermGuardian is well suited for both large and small areas.

6. Levoit LV-PUR131S

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When we talk about versatility, there is no better unit to get than the Levoit LV-PUR131S. This is a purifier that is capable of removing all kinds of bad air pollutants and even bad odors from your living space.

And that’s not all the unit offers. You will start breathing quality air once you get this unit. Not only that, but you’ll soon experience what it’s like to live with an air purifier that goes below 50dB. There isn’t a more convenient unit than this one, hence why it deservedly makes our list of the best 6 air purifiers.

Finishing Thoughts

Mold is a dangerous problem that can quickly turn into a safety hazard if not dealt with. Thus, getting yourself an air purifier that can remove this issue is a recommended course of action. But you’re getting so much more with these units than what you’re paying for. From removing allergens to pollen and bad odor, air purifiers are the sort of gadgets we all need in our homes.

We hope you liked this list and we hope you found it useful.