Top 5 Things Not To Do When Adventure Motorcycling – 2024 Guide

Whether you’ve just passed your motorcycle test or have been riding for years, there is little that puts such a big smile on your face. Being on your motorcycle puts you against the elements, and takes you back to nature.

You can cruise the streets of your town, rough it up off the road on tracks and trials. Or, you can jump on and head off for an adventure.

What Is Adventure Motorcycling?

Adventure motorcycling actually encompasses an array of motorcycling styles. You may love the thrill of being off-road, or simply want to take a road-trip into the unknown. The key is that you’re getting a feeling of adventure, doing something that you don’t usually do, and could be challenging.

Choosing the right bike is essential if you want to undertake adventure motorcycling. It’s worth checking out these KTM motorcycles Sydney from or even having a look at the BMW R1200GS.

Of course, there are some things you simply can’t do if adventure motorcycling.

1. Fail To Plan

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It may seem obvious and perhaps even counter-adventurous, but, the most important part of any adventure motorcycling holiday is planning!

If you don’t plan you won’t consider your intended destinations and what items you should be taking with you. There is a big difference between riding on a sun-drenched beach and gliding across the snow and ice.

Taking the time to plan your approximate, or specific destination will ensure you have the right gear.

Of course, you should also note that, despite wanting an adventure, you probably only have a designated amount of time to fulfill your challenge. Work or other duties are likely to call you.

This means you have to have a plan to ensure you can achieve your goal and return on time.

2. Go By Your Watch

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Planning is essential to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure trip. However, once you set off you can’t be looking at your watch and guided by it. The worst thing you can do on an adventure holiday is to watch the time and make sure you arrive at every destination when your watch says you should.

The point is that you’re on the open road and free to explore any possibility. While you may need to be in a certain place, the adventure is the journey and what can happen on the way.

After all, you never know what roads may be closed, who you may bump into, or what opportunities may present themselves. Being flexible enough to enjoy these opportunities is important if you want a real adventure.

3. Skip The Service

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Your motorcycle is a mechanical device and it needs to be maintained. Skipping the service is likely to cause you problems on your journey. In fact, as well as your normal service it’s a good idea to book an extra one before you go.

This will ensure your bike is running smoothly.

Alongside this, you should consider the most common failure issues with your motorcycle and make sure you know how to deal with the issue. It’s a good idea to take any difficult-to-get spare parts with you. This will help to avoid costly delays or even the end of your adventure motorcycling adventure.

When undertaking a pre-adventure service make sure you tell the garage your plans. This will ensure they pay particular attention to any parts that could perish on the journey. You’ll be surprised at how helpful they are.

Of course, it will also help to have a basic knowledge of your daily and weekly maintenance issues, such as tire pressures, tread, checking and filling oil, etc. These are items you should do every time you ride and you’ll definitely need to do when adventure motorcycling.

4. Take a New Bike

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One mistake many people make is to order their new bike just before they take their adventure holiday. Whether it’s brand new or pre-owned, there is no guarantee it will run better just because you’ve just bought it.

But, more concerning is the fact that it’s untried. You won’t know if you’re comfortable riding hundreds of miles until you start riding. This could work out well as you discover it’s the most comfortable bike you’ve ever owned.

But, it can also go the other way.

If you want to enjoy the motorcycling adventure you need to take a bike that is tried and tested. If you’re comfortable with it you can focus on the things going on around you, which is where the adventure is going to happen.

5. Get Carried Away

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It’s easy to feel confident, especially when you’ve got a few days riding under your belt. However, you have to balance this confidence with arrogance or over-confidence. This is when you push your bike or your skills past their limits, and the consequences can be disastrous.

As you ride it’s important to wear the right safety gear and to remind yourself of the power and risk associated with motorcycling. You want to have fun and be adventurous but moving too far out of your skillset is a recipe for disaster.

It can be hard to maintain balance but you’re going to need to try.

Final Thoughts

It’s not imperative but it is a good idea to speak to other motorcyclists, especially if they’ve done the type of adventure motorcycling you’re interested in. You never know where you’ll get some great advice or insights into your journey.

Biker friends and local clubs should be happy to help and support you. That’s going to make the adventure better, you may even find some companions to join you, if you want them to.

Above all, remember the aim is to enjoy the experience, even if it doesn’t go according to your plan. You can learn a lot from an adventure gone wrong and it will help you to plan the next one and get it right second, or even third time around. Motorcycling is an adventure that should be enjoyed every day.