3 Things That You Might Not Be Cleaning Enough

The pandemic has definitely forced us to reevaluate many of the things we used to consider permanent fixtures in our daily lives. One of the many reasons the pandemic did this was by challenging the necessity of fully onsite work by proposing the much more flexible work from home setup, but the pandemic also allowed us to rethink the importance of proper hygiene and the vigilance that we observe this with.

Admittedly, there are some of us that completely forgo washing after using the bathroom or before eating a meal. There may even be days when this doesn’t even cross your mind at all, but the severity of the pandemic sent all of us into a hygiene frenzy that carries on to this day, albeit to a much lesser degree. Most of us are now religiously sanitizing our workplaces out of fear of bacteria and germs, and washing hands is no longer something optional.

However, there are still a few areas that can be improved on in the form of the few things that we still forget to clean. Even with the constant bombardment of hygiene protocols to evade contracting the virus that persist even to this day, that mostly applies to our personal hygiene or the spaces that we spend the most time in. Here are a few things in your home that you probably don’t clean enough.

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We all know a pillowcase as the soft fabric that envelops our pillows to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, while also providing a much more comfortable sleeping surface to rest our faces on. However, your pillowcases might be dirtier than they look, and this has everything to do with what happens when you’re asleep.

Sleeping at least 7 hours a night is a way for your body to repair and rejuvenate every part of itself, including your skin. You may not be aware about the fact that your skin produces sebum, sheds dead skin cells, and fights bacteria that may be floating around the surface, and all of this is absorbed into your pillowcase. 

When left uncleaned for long periods of time, your pillowcase may unknowingly become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs—from both your skin and your environment—that can cause acne breakouts. To avoid this, it’s recommended to clean your pillow case at least once a week.

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Bed Sheets

On a similar note, the same attention should be paid to your bed sheets and covers because of how much your body comes into contact with it. Just like your pillowcases, your bed sheets can accumulate dirt, dead skin cells, oil, sweat, dust mites, animal dander and much more debris from your daily life. All of this can cause you to experience things like body acne, or other skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis over time.

Experts suggest washing your bed sheets at least once a week, but more frequent washing may be required for those who suffer with allergies, asthma and other health conditions. Other factors that may warrant a higher frequency include those who sleep with their pets, eat in bed, go to bed without showering or sleep naked.

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While there are those who change out their towels regularly, there are also those who can’t remember when the last time they used a clean towel was. Something that many aren’t aware of is that your bath towel is actually a great environment for bacteria and germs to grow on because of the moisture that it’s always introduced to after every use. This is only exacerbated when left in a humid bathroom, which doesn’ let it dry completely.

To avoid the skin irritation or infection that could be caused by a dirty towel, it’s recommended to throw your towel in the laundry after three uses. However, anyone who sweats excessively, has a skin condition that makes skin more sensitive, or keeps their towels in their bathroom without completely drying should change towels more often.

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