5 Things you Need to Know About Ridesharing – 2024 Guide

Life can easily and quickly get extremely busy and hectic. Rushing around trying to get different errands done in time can start to feel very overwhelming and draining at times. One of the worst parts is that plans can change at the drop of a hat, resulting in a very frazzled and disorientated moment. A last-minute change of plans is especially annoying when it comes to pre-planned travel plans.

You have an extremely busy schedule and important end-to-end meetings on a particular workday, only to realize that the battery on your car has gone flat and you don’t have anything at hand to get it going again.

This may have been a complete disaster and cause for a meltdown before the inventions of mobile phones and modern-day technology, but nowadays you can find an alternative solution with the click of a few buttons.

There are several ridesharing apps out there that are developed by software platforms such as Ridecell, making it easier than ever to locate a nearby driver within a few short minutes from your desired location. So there is no need to panic over a dead car battery or a sudden flat tire on the way to an important meeting.

These easy to use ridesharing apps provide convenient solutions for everyday commuters.  By simply downloading the app on their phone and clicking a few buttons, you can have a ride to your destination in no time. This may be the first time you are hearing about this concept, if that is the case then read on, as we have listed some of the must-know facts on everything you need to know about ridesharing.

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What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing is a service that arranges one-way transportation on short notice. Hailing down a taxi on the side of a busy road is now a thing of the past. Ridesharing apps make it super easy to find a nearby driver to come to your exact spot to pick you up with absolutely no fuss.

All you need to do is switch on your location services on your phone, and the app will do the rest. You even have the option to register your card so that payment is taken automatically out of your account at the end of your journey, if you are looking for extra convenience. Or you can opt to pay with cash if you feel more comfortable doing so.

The app will detect exactly where you are and show you nearby drivers that are only a few short minutes away from you. You have the option to choose between various drivers and you can even track their movements to know exactly how far they are from you. Ridesharing makes traveling with a stranger safer than ever, as the app provides you with all of the drivers’ information, including past reviews and ratings for extra peace of mind.

So, now that you know a little bit more about ridesharing, here are some vital facts to know if you are considering becoming a regular ridesharer.

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Share Your Trip

This is for your increased safety, especially if you are traveling alone and when it is dark out. Sharing your trip with others just gives you extra peace of mind and a feeling of safety. It is the easiest and quickest way to let someone know your exact whereabouts in case of anything happening during your trip. The person you choose to share your journey with will get a notification and will be able to follow along via GPS. There should be a “share trip status” or “share ride details” option on the majority of ridesharing apps, making it super easy to share it as soon as you enter the car.

Provide Feedback

This is often overlooked or ignored by the majority of ridesharers as they are usually in a hurry and forget to do so when they reach their final destination. It is an important part of ridesharing, however, as it allows others to feel safe and comfortable with drivers if they see that they have positive feedback and high raters from other users. It even may help drivers to improve their service, providing you give constructive feedback to them.

Keep your Personal Information Confidential

There is absolutely no harm in exchanging pleasantries and general conversation with your driver, but try your best not to share too much with them. It is a good idea to avoid giving them any personal information regarding how long you are traveling, where you live, your personal phone number, or any other contact information.

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Request your Ride From Inside

The safest way to request a ride is when you are indoors. This avoids you lingering outside for too long with your phone in your hand and on show to others, which could attract unwanted attention from thieves or pickpockets. It’s also a good idea to so if the weather conditions are particularly bad that day to avoid any wind or water damage to your phone!

Confirm your Ride Before Getting Into the Car

There have been some reported cases of scammers posing at rideshare drivers in the past. That’s why is it important to always confirm the license plate and the name of your driver before getting into the car. It is a good idea to also check their appearance against the photo in the app. All of the information provided on ridesharing apps is there for your increased safety, so make sure you check it over and not just ignore it completely.

This will also help you avoid accidentally taking someone else’s ride, especially if you are being picked up from a particularly busy area such as an airport. A top tip to avoid confusion and make sure you are getting into the correct driver’s car, is to ask the driver the name of the passenger they are picking up before saying what your name is. That way, you can be totally certain that the person is your driver and you are getting into the correct car.