10 Things You Must Bring On Your First Fishing Trip

Most people go to their first fishing trip while they are still children, either with their fathers or grandfathers, or as a part of a larger group of family or friends. The kids do not pay much attention to the basics and the equipment needed for the actual activity of fishing but they still have a great time outdoors in the nature. However, when the time comes for an actual first fishing trip, you have to think long and hard about what to bring.

The total amount and type of gear you may need greatly depends on where you are going and during what time of year. It is also important what kind and size of wish you plan to catch. All of these decisions have to be made and a plan has to exist before you actually start packing. In today’s article we will help you do so and tell you about the most important things you must bring on your first fishing trip. To find out more about the various equipment and gear you may need as well as to browse for some quality items, visit here.


The proper fishing clothes exist for a reason and they vary greatly depending on the weather conditions at hand. Here we will talk about all of it, both for cold weather and warm weather fishing.

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  1. Quality Rain Clothes

When it comes to spending a lot of time out in the rain, you will want the bet you can afford. High-quality rain gear is more than a jacket as well, since you will need a pair of rainproof pants, some waterproof footwear, a hat, and some gloves. If it is pouring like crazy and cold at the same time, you will have a horrible experience unless you dress right. Whatever you get it should be as insulated and heavy as possible to protect from both the rain and the cold.

  1. Multiple Layers

For warm fishing trips you will want to have multiple layers of different clothing. Windproof and rainproof jackets as the top layer are essential, while polar fleeces will do wonders for you if you go ice fishing. Sweatpants and sweatshirts or jumpers should be enough. Make sure to wear warm socks and appropriately comfy and synthetic undergarments. Extra socks and underwear could come in handy. Staying dry and warm is prevalent here.

  1. Sun Protective Clothes

On the other hand, if you prefer fishing in warm or even hot conditions, and not everyone do much to the surprise of beginners, you will require a completely different approach. Sun protection becomes the most important thing and it is best achieved with cool and light pieces like long-sleeved synthetic shirts with ventilation. Materials that dry quickly are important if you plan to go into the water to fish. Just make sure to be covered despite the heat because overexposure will give you sunburns. A hat, a UV bandana, and some sunglasses are always nice to have at the ready.

Personal Items

These will not necessarily help you with the act of fishing but they will ensure a more pleasurable and fun experience since you will not lack any of the important stuff.

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  1. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

To maximize your protection and enjoyment, make sure to pack some sunscreen with a high enough factor to prevent sunburns. There are a lot of mosquitos and other insects around ponds, rivers, and lakes, so something to keep them at bay is key in summertime.

  1. First Aid Kit

This is a no-brainer whenever you go camping, fishing, or hunting. It should be a part of your backpack no matter how long you plan to stay or how serious you are about fishing. First aid is always crucial and it is better to be covered just in case. Make sure to have a hunting or fishing knife in there as well. Getting a first aid and Standard CPR certification is always beneficial especially if you like to go on adventures more often.

  1. Water and Snacks

Make sure to fill a few bottles with water to stay hydrated during the many fishing hours that await you. Also, pack some travel-friendly camping food with enough nutrients. If you are camping and fishing at the same time, you will probably bring something to grill or cook over a fire.

Fishing Gear

Finally, it is time to talk about the absolute essentials since you are going to catch fish after all.

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  1. Bait, Lures, Flies, Hooks

You will need the good stuff the fish like to go for, so bring the right variety depending on the type of fish you want to catch. You can ask at the store what would be best, or go to your more experienced friends and family members for advice. Live or food-based bait is not always required, but proper hooks and lures could be.

  1. Rods and Reels

The crucial part of every fisherman’s gear, no matter how experienced or novice, is the rod. Without it you would not be able to do anything. It is usually the norm to bring at least two, just in case something goes wrong with the main one. Fishing with multiple rods is also more fun since you wait for more fish than one. Reels go hand in hand with the rods so bring enough of it and some spares.

  1. Waders

These specialized pants/boots hybrids are all you need for wade around in the shallow waters while you are fishing. Most fisherman have them and they prefer fishing like this. You can approach further into the water and get closer to where the fish live and actually surround yourself with them in their natural habitat. Doing it from the shore is fine, but wading is the real deal.

  1. Tackle Bag and Fishing Net

Tackle bags are specialized fishing bags that have all the necessary compartments and pockets for your gear. They are made to carry lots of different things related to fishing, so chances are you can pack everything from this list except the rods inside. Finally, the fishing net will help you take out the caught fish from the water as well as to keep the fish you caught safely.