Stainless Steel Wall Shelf as an Essential Component for Commercial Spaces in 2024

It is almost impossible to imagine the well-established operation of the restaurant without such metal units as stainless steel tables with casters, commercial sinks, stainless steel floating shelves here, or equipment stands. Moreover, the lack of such hard-wearing, spacious, and impact-resistant equipment as a stainless steel wall shelf leads to disorder and an untidy kitchen.

Only competently selected shelves can ensure the neat arrangement of the smallest details, as well as heavyweight appliances, and you can use them as a substitute for bulky cabinets that take up valuable space and interfere with processes of the meal preparation. Planning the scheme of commercial kitchen work zones, you can consider equipping the entire upper vertical space with shelves of various sizes to place nearly everything needed for the personnel on them.

Strong sides of a stainless steel wall shelf

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  • The possibility of organizing the tight space. Furniture takes up a minimum of free space. It visually and functionally expands the room. No space is required for opening doors of the cabinet, as you can fully replace cupboards with a stainless steel wall shelf. You can also install it on the wall above the work table.
  • Wide range of application and versatility. Shelves are designed to store various items. Despite the compactness, you can place a large number of dishes, utensils, etc. Sometimes metal shelves also perform a decorative role along with wood or glass options. But this is for private use only. When it comes to commercial use, only a stainless steel wall shelf made of highly durable material can deliver outstanding properties and ensure a solid surface for holding, for example, a microwave.
  • Diversity of designs. If analyzing the entire market, then wall shelves can be of various shapes, dimensions, materials, and with extra accessories, and such diversity of choices make it easy to find the desired product.
  • Guaranteed ergonomic to ensure optimal working conditions. Mounting wall shelves, you ensure easy and quick access to the items.

Selection advice

The market of stainless steel equipment offers an array of shelving options. In order to make the right choice, follow some smart tips:

Decide on the design. If the room is small, instead of one huge shelf, it is better to hang two smaller ones. It allows dividing the kitchen into compact working zones. Shelves must occupy a convenient location without violating the freedom of space. You can pick your match among:

  •  Standard solid model;
  •  Triangle shapes for corners;
  •  Wire wall shelving.

Know your needs before investing in a stainless steel wall shelf.

  • Consider shelving metal racks for storing. For those who find vertical wall models inappropriate, choose a multi-level structure, for example, a complete shelving kit.
  • Be aware of the height where the wall shelf will be attached. When determining the optimal mounting height for the structure, be guided by the comfort of the personnel since they should have an opportunity to immediately get objects stored there.
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Bonus: Additional Tips for Making Commercial Space More Attractive

Improving the interior of the commercial space is a challenging task. As we said, adding stainless steel wall shelves is going to improve the overall impression of the space. However, that doesn’t mean people should stop there. There are a couple of things more people can do to boost the quality of their commercial interior. We will highlight a couple of them that will bring the best results.

Don’t Forget about the Light

It doesn’t matter which type of commercial space you plan to decorate. The light plays a key role in every possible case. It improves the mood and the entire atmosphere between the people that spend time there. Despite that, it also highlights all the forms and lines of the space. In this case, people have two different options.

One option is to use the beauties that natural light can bring. Of course, in that case, the employees will be motivated to work. That especially counts when we talk about commercial kitchens. People that work there need to be concentrated for the entire shift. That means they need something that will motivate them when they start feeling tired. Natural light has the necessary strength to help you achieve that goal. That rule especially counts when we talk about sunny days.

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Have the Pattern In Mind

The purpose of the patterns is to bring a new dose of adrenaline and life to the interior. The restaurants, for instance, use them to add continuity to space. Despite that, they also want to add a new dose of good and friendly vibe. Logically, that can help the people who spend time there feel better.

However, there is one thing people should know before adding patterns to their commercial space design. The patterns have to be matchable with the theme of the restaurant. For instance, green patterns are going to be an amazing option for vegetable restaurants. They inspire people to continue with preparing healthy food.

Bonus 2: The Components Every Commercial Kitchen

Every professional commercial kitchen contains different types of areas. These areas allow employees to improve the quality of their work. The first things all the commercial spaces of this type need to have are a food preparation area and a food service area. Despite that, the dishwashing and cleaning area is the essential one.

Of course, if you want to provide the best possible food, the storage area is a must-have thing in every commercial kitchen. For example, that is the place where people can use different refrigeration areas for different types of food. One area should be for fish, the other one for meat, the third one for vegetables, etc.

After reading everything we said, you probably understand why a stainless steel wall shelf is a good option. They make the working space more comfortable and practical. The commercial spaces contain a lot of items and accessories. Because of that, it is much better to find one place where you can store many of them.