Tips and Ideas For A Smart Home And Garage in 2024

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Have you ever thought of having a home where you can control all your appliances even when you are not around? One central point from where the smart devices operate helps control the devices. The central point can be a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a game console. Yes, this is possible when you have an internet connection. A computerized system controls your smart home appliances. This could be your television, cameras, door locks, thermostats, lights, and refrigerators.

The system gets installed in a networked device. From the device, you can schedule your desired changes and when they should take place. Intelligent home appliances integrate artificial intelligence (AI). AI enables them to learn routines and make changes where necessary. Security and efficiency are some of the main reasons for the high demand for smart home technology. Below are some ideas that you can use to transform your home and garage into a smart home:

Garage Tech Tips

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As we go smart with our home, we tend to forget about the garage. Most homes are accessible through the garage. Turning it into an intelligent garage is essential. Let’s go and take a look first at some garage tech tips:

  • Electric garage heaters: Cold weather should not stop you from working in your garage. Electric heaters will ensure you continue operating even in cold weather. A connection through an outlet powers the heaters and allows easy setup. There are three types of electric garage heaters; infrared, ceramic, and fan-forced. For more information, visit This Electric Home to consider the kind of heater you want, space, and the safety features you need before selecting a heater.
  • Security door: A Smart security door notifies you when you leave the garage door open. It will also notify you if someone accesses your garage. The lock also helps manage the number of people that can access the garage. The high-quality cameras that come with a security door offer an extra eye to watch over the garage. The cameras have a full view of the whole garage, making it easy to spot an illegal entry into the garage.
  • Smart plugs: The garage may contain many different pieces of equipment plugged in. This is if your garage is more than a parking space. That said, you may forget to switch some of them off, and they will continue to consume energy. If you wish to conserve energy, smart plugs are the right choice. The smart plugs sense plugged-in equipment that is not in use then switches them off.

Home Management Panel

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These panels are suitable for controlling lights through a touch screen device. The screen reduces the number of switches on the wall. Through this panel, you can access smart lights. They turn themselves on when someone enters the room. You can also access the intercom to call all the other rooms, get the weather, and puts the lights on when you are away. A few taps on the screen make all the above possible.

Water Leaks Detection

Installing a leak detector will help to identify leaks early. These areas include under the sink, in the bathroom, and in the basement. This helps avoid damages caused by water. You will receive alerts about the leaks when you are not at home. The warnings may also come in the middle of the night, and you can shut the water off and repair the leak or call a plumber.

Smart Refrigerator

You can use your fridge to do things other than keeping your food cool. Smart fridges come with an in-built family hub touch screen. The screen allows you to leave notes for each other and access the family calendar. It also enables you to watch your favorite shows, hold family photos, and access the internet. They also can sense temperature fluctuations. This ensures that your foodstuff is at an optimal temperature at all times.

Smart Lock

The smart lock is a lock where you use a password that you enter in your phone to unlock your door. This lock controls who enters your house and when. It also allows you to create a temporary virtual key for guests. The key activates upon the scheduled arrival time. You can even buzz them in when they arrive at a moment’s notice from your phone.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

A traditional sprinkler is as good as you are. Sometimes you may forget to water the lawn, or you may leave the water there for too long. A smart sprinkler can solve these problems even when you are on vacation. You can also use it to turn off the water after the grass has had the required amount. This gadget records the lawn’s sun exposure. This helps in determining the amount of water that the grass will need. It also keeps records of the weather, soil type, zone. After collecting that data, it connects to the Wi-Fi network. This enables it to check the weekly weather forecast.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Are you traveling or a busy pet owner? Do not let your pet go hungry or give it away because you are not around to feed it. The automatic pet feeder manages part sizes and mealtime frequency. It also allows you to see and speak to your pet and even record your pet activities.

Robotic Lawn Mower

The robotic lawn mower allows you to program it to mow at specific times. When the scheduled time comes, the mower leaves its station and starts cutting. It then returns to its station to recharge for next time. This smart mower also comes with a child lock feature to enhance safety for every family member. It can also detect when the rains come, and it can take shelter from the storm, thus making it more durable.

Learning Thermostat

A thermostat helps overcome the annoying winter season damages. It also helps in ensuring physical comfort. A Wi-Fi-connected thermostat ensures that your heating system functions the whole year. Through an internet-connected device, you can control your thermostat from anywhere. It also gives real-time system alerts. Alerts. The signals help you know when your thermostat is failing. Thus, you can take action immediately.

You may not have built your home to be a smart home and decide to transform it as time goes by. During the transformation, you may realize that you lack enough space. In this case, you will need to have a home addition. A home addition adds more space to a home without remodeling it, selling it, or buying a bigger house. Building extension is one of the simplest ways of home addition. A home addition contractor helps setting it up. Selecting the right home addition contractor is vital. This will ensure you get the smart home you desire.