Key to Success in Real Estate Marketing (2024)

Real Estate Marketing has become key because the housing market is constantly changing with the progress of digital tools to the same as all other industries.

In this new era, and especially in 2024, in which people search for everything from their homes through the internet, it is important to understand that sales will be a direct consequence of good real estate marketing. In addition, new tools such as Rentround have enabled sellers & landlords to compare agents and save money.

From the pre-sale, real estate marketing is essential for the sale of any property.

Therefore, real estate professionals such as SkyMarketing must be prepared for these new challenges and understand what the keys are to correctly use these strategies

In this article, I will show you which are the 10 key strategies, how to use them, some examples and tips on real estate marketing to implement them in your business and take advantage of your competition.

The article is quite extensive, so I leave an index for you to locate the topic that is of interest to you.

Real Estate Marketing Index: 10 Keys to Success in 2024

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  • Client Segmentation for Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Marketing Strategies
  • Traditional Real Estate Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Real Estate Marketing Strategies
  • Websites for Real Estate
  • Web positioning for real estate pages
  • Content marketing for real estate
  • Video marketing for real estate
  • Social networks for real estate
  • Email marketing for real estate

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Client Segmentation for Real Estate Companies

As in any marketing strategy, the first thing is to know our ideal client perfectly and what are their needs, tastes, motivators and ways of buying properties (target market segmentation).

We must remember that not all our potential customers are in the same stage of the purchase cycle, so you must recognize them and act accordingly.

The buying phases are given below:

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Recognition phase

According to The potential client first needs to think what to buy in a property and then starts to hunt for info, generally it is available on net. Here you must provide information on what are the aspects to take into account in the purchase decision and follow up with your email to continue offering your development as a good option.

Decision phase

At this time the client has a decision that what he wants to buy. Here our digital marketing strategies must have achieved that the prospect has all the information so that the sales department can achieve its objective more easily.

Real estate marketing schemes

It can be of two types. On the one hand we have digital marketing strategies and on the other we have traditional or offline marketing strategies.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

While we will focus more on digital strategies in this article, it is important to understand that traditional marketing strategies work well in conjunction with digital ones.

That is why I leave you a few very brief ideas of useful strategies for traditional real estate marketing.

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Real estate branding

We start from the basis that you already have a professional logo, whether for your real estate, residential or commercial real estate so that your potential clients can locate you and differentiate you with a brand.

If you still don’t have a professional logo, we recommend you go to graphic design.

When you already have a logo, you have the basis of your identity, to apply it in advertising, business cards, brochures, presentations, folders, quotes and other printed materials.

Open house

Carrying out an open house can be a very effective strategy to attract potential purchase customers if it is done in a professional and correct way.

A very effective and attractive technique in this type of event is to add promotions with a validity of time, to motivate buyers to make a quick decision.

For this technique to be successful you must follow the following steps:

One of the most important aspects is the presentation of the property. You need the property to look nice you should think about the distribution of the furniture to have warm and comfortable spaces and thus, get potential clients to see themselves in these spaces.

Decoration is also very important and of course having good light in strategic places so that the property has the best presentation and makes potential buyers fall in love.

Use the senses of your potential buyers with a sensory marketing strategy in which you can use different visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli to make them feel at home automatically.

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How to take advantage of sensory marketing to make an open house?

There are many ways to use sensory marketing as a real estate strategy.

From making coffee or baking bread to create a homey atmosphere to using artificial flavorings for gardens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

To achieve this it is important to think about the details, we can present the house with personal touches as if someone inhabited it, such as a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, books or magazines, candles, etc.

We can use music to project the environment we want, for example, soft and relaxing music. All these techniques will make people imagine at home and it will be easier to reach them by appealing to the emotional. If possible, try to do it on the weekend, on non-business days or holidays of some kind.

Depending on where the property is located, try not to do it in the rainy season, snowfall, or other meteorological phenomena that may affect your event. Attention is the most important point for the client to make the decision. Make sure they feel well cared for and informed all the time. Offer some snacks. Make them feel special, because if they don’t buy, they may at least recommend you in the future.

Real estate printed materials

This material serves a lot as a point of support for the sellers like Capital Smart City, especially when a prospect visits you, so that they take the information of the property. Try to do them with a professional designer so that it reflects the best of the property.

This becomes even more relevant when something important to the client is included in this material such as a promotional coupon, a guide to places of interest or some other material that may be useful to them. Get all your creativity!

The most used materials are:

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  • Flyers | Brochure | Triptychs | Spectacular
  • Real estate advertising brochure
  • Real estate advertising catalog

Traditional media for real estate

Depending on the advertising budget, advertising in traditional media such as TV, radio, magazines or other media is a good idea, as long as this medium reaches the potential customers you need to capture. Remember to always have the same image criteria and the same message in all media.

Digital real estate marketing strategies

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the marketing strategies for real estate professionals are digital. Especially in 2024 when it is difficult to go out and prospect. So by using digital tools, we can reach all of our prospects effectively and quickly.

Of all the tools and strategies that we present to you, use the ones that best suit your business and that best reach your ideal client.

Websites for Real Estate

Depending on whether you are trying to sell a complete real estate development or if you have several properties for sale, it can be an excellent idea to create a website to advertise them. If you have few or one option, perhaps your best option is to create a landing page or landing page, which we will see in the next point.

You just have to keep in mind that to create a website, it is highly recommended to contact an expert in the field. Remember that one thing is to publish a website and another is to program it thinking of strategies to attract potential clients.

We will see the strategies to generate traffic and attract customers a little later in content marketing for real estate. A good website should represent your business or the real estate project being advertised, with a design specifically aimed at your ideal client. If your property is aimed at a client with a medium, high or very high socioeconomic level, the site must visually reflect these values.

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Landing Page or Landing Page for Properties

A one or two section microsite with a single defined goal such as capturing prospects or leads, sending them to another site to book, etc. They may have clicked on an advertisement on social networks or from the Google search engine.

The important thing is that it is visually attractive to the prospect, that it describes the advantages of the property and that the first thing visible is the contact form where you will leave us your data.

Marketing Tools for Property Page

We recommend having some fundamental tools to get started with your sales process, whether you have a website or a landing page.

A chat for real estate pages is the most effective tool, since we can program it to request the prospect’s data automatically without the need for a seller.

The contact form should be easily found at all times in case our prospect has any questions, to schedule appointments and to create a database of our prospects. This database can be simply an excel file but later we can use this list to increase the probability of purchase and create a better connection with the potential customer.

A WhatsApp button to write quick questions to the seller from mobile is very useful.

The tours 360 properties are used very frequently since it is easy for the customer to view the properties from the comfort of your home and get a better idea of the features. This tool becomes more important in 2024 while you cannot leave your home.

Frequently asked questions section to answer them before the customer asks. In any case, clients often contact before reading, but we must always have the frequently asked questions available to the reader.

It is necessary to have a map of the properties so that the client knows exactly where the property is and that it is close to it. It shows the main characteristics and advantages of our properties. You should make it easier for your client to make the decision by showing him the qualities of your properties.

Giving a directory and / or a list of nearby services can be very useful for potential buyer. Schools, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, other services, etc. Posting testimonials from current customers or customers who have bought in the past is the best way to build trust. Giving free ebooks, brochures or guides in exchange for an email is also an option, since this way you can contact them for sales work.

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Web positioning for real estate pages

The web positioning can be of two types, paid and organic (free). Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. The recommendation is to use the two strategies in parallel for best results.

This topic is a bit technical so it is recommended to do it with a web positioning expert.

Paid positioning for real estate sites

This refers to ads on Google, which have a cost depending on the demand for the keyword for which the ad is made. The better the amount of searches for the keyword, the more the price is.

  • Advantage – These ads start running the moment we make the investment and can be published in the first search results quickly.
  • Disadvantage – These campaigns can be expensive. The more optimized and focused they are, the lower the cost, although as I said before, the cost depends on the demand.

Organic positioning for real estate sites

This refers to all Google searches that appear without paying. This is achieved by having a well optimized site for positioning ( SEO ), using keywords and tags correctly on your website and creating content for clients, we will see this in the next point Content Marketing for Real Estate .

  • Advantage – It is free and by being in the first positions for important keywords, the site traffic and therefore the probability of sale is much better.

Content marketing

It is just about making attractive content for prospects with various goals. Depending on the stage of purchase in which they are, these can be to get to know the brand, to motivate them to buy or simply to provide them with information that may be relevant to them.

Creating content can be a time-consuming task, but it can be very profitable if used correctly to organically position a real estate site and to drive traffic to the site and eventually make a sale.

Content types can be of several types:

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Real Estate Blog

A real estate blog is made within the website with articles of interest to the client. The section of blog in website of Blue World City is the example.  It is important to know our potential client perfectly to know the topics that interest them and topics that can motivate them to buy.

A real estate blog has 3 objectives:

  • Position keywords organically so that customers find our site in google.
  • Create quality content to attract your potential customers and create traffic on your website.
  • Always prove your expertise.

Real estate ebook or brochure

You can publish this material on your site for downloads (digital version) or deliver them physically, they will serve you, among other things, to exchange it for the data of your potential client.

Real estate digital brochure

This is another great idea for 2024 since in this way the client can visit the property without leaving home. There are many ways to do it. Can be done through the virtual tour with a 360 tour where the user moves freely throughout the property.

Through a live conference where the real estate broker meets the clients at an hour, they connect and the broker shows the property in real time. The advantage of this is that customers can ask questions in real-time.

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Video marketing for real estate

The video becomes more relevant as time passes since an image is worth a thousand words and in this way we can show many images. It is a great way to show a lifestyle beyond just the characteristics of the properties.

Promotional videos for real estate

These give us the possibility to create an original promotion that shows the lifestyle that we are promoting. This can be used in all our communication channels, website, social networks, sent through WhatsApp, etc.

Think that this type of material is an excellent investment, despite taking a longer production time.

Customer testimonial videos

We saw this before in website tools, testimonials from satisfied customers are the best way to give confidence to future customers. Having them on video is even better because it projects more authenticity to the testimonials.

Live video conferences

We show some examples in content marketing, video conferences can be very useful to show a property at a distance, either live or recorded.

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Social networks for real estate

As we always tell our clients, all companies need social networks, but not all social networks are for all companies.

We must think about where our potential customers spend more time.

Facebook for real estate

The importance of having a fan page, either as a real estate agent or as a realtor, is because most people have a Facebook account, unlike other social networks.

One of the most important businesses of Facebook is Facebook Ads, which are paid advertisements, these are very effective because they reach the exact people according to their socioeconomic and demographic characteristics (age, sex, place of residence, tastes and preferences, etc.).

It is very important that in addition to making advertisements, you share the content you have created for your website, your real estate activities, and all this in order to promote your brand.

Returning to the theme of the open house, this network is very effective to promote events, also the Facebook Live tool is an excellent option, it will allow you to show the spaces and characteristics live to bring the client closer to the property from a distance.

Another interesting tool on Facebook is chatbots. These are programmed so that when the client enters the profile or when he wants to write to you by messenger, a small questionnaire appears to record his data and thus be able to start the sales work.

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LinkedIn for real estate

This is an excellent social network for real estate, where we can find potential clients, people or investment companies, and other professionals who offer complementary services to yours with which you can exchange contacts.

On Linkedin, you can create personal profiles for real estate agents and company pages.

It is recommended that each of the agents have their own profile, which should contain a good photo, describe the services in which they specialize, and create valuable content. These agents can then appear as agents of the real estate company so that they are the company’s ambassadors.

Some of the practices that are recommended when having a profile are the following:

  • Follow interest groups to find clients, suppliers, and investors.
  • Share and comment on real estate news.
  • Create groups on specific topics to form networking.

YouTube for real estate

As we saw in the video marketing section, video is one of the best ways to show real estate. YouTube is the best positioned social network to host these videos that will help you to position yourself in Google with specific keywords. Remember to make your videos professionally so that your brand is positioned as a competitive brand.

Google My Business for real estate

The importance of using Google my Business as a brand is to be able to position yourself on Google maps. When creating your profile for a real estate agency or a real estate project, it appears on the Google map when searching for certain keywords that you must choose correctly.

Email marketing for real estate

By carrying out a set of real estate marketing strategies, you will be able to get your Contacts or Leads. Of these contacts, you will generally have a database with a name, telephone number, and email to contact them for being potential clients. This will allow you, not only to contact them by phone but also to send them promotions, information, and relevant news, in short, to remind them that you are there as an option within their purchasing interests. Always try to segment according to the needs of your customers (purchase, sale or rent, city of interest, etc.).

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Using all these strategies, we guarantee that you will have more and better customers, and what is better, greater chances of making your sales. Remember that for these strategies to work you will need expert professionals in digital marketing for real estate to help you implement them. If you have any questions about real estate marketing, do not hesitate to write to me and I will gladly answer all questions. If you need help with your strategies, contact us to create the ideal strategy for your business.