Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Are Worth it

Wondering if it’s worth it to hire professional carpet cleaning services? Honestly, to say that these services are “worth it” is an understatement. More accurately, carpet cleaning services are necessary for a clean and healthy household.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’re about to list several clear benefits that only this carpet cleaning companies can provide.

For example, your house will not only look better but smell better as well. Plus, professional carpet cleaning will make your carpet last longer. And there’s no hassle involved.

Now, learn more about the benefits of carpet cleaning services by reading this guide or visit for more information.

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1. It’s Convenient and Quick

Of all the steps you take to maintain your home, professional carpet cleaning is one of the easiest. For one thing, it takes literally no effort on your part.

Secondly, the process is not at all taxing. The cleaning itself is done more quickly than you’d expect.

And the carpet is dry within a few hours due to our proprietary low moisture cleaning process.

2. It’s Safe For Your Household

You may be worried that the chemicals used by professional cleaners are hazardous to your pets or children. Fortunately, this is not the case. We use a biodegradable colloidal micelle technology that is completely safe for everyone in your household.

3. It’s Necessary to Remove Dirt and Allergens

Think that vacuuming is sufficient to remove dirt from your carpets? Think again.

Vacuuming your carpet only cleans the surface layer of dirt and other lightweight particles. But what about the heavier sediments and the dust that falls deeper into your carpet fibers? These unsanitary contaminants remain.

Furthermore, vacuuming stirs up dust and other allergens into your air, anyway. This is known to make allergies even worse for some people.

Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning services do a more thorough job than vacuums. They remove all the deep dirt and grime, which also reduces the amount of allergens in your home.

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4. It Eliminates Harmful Microbes

What do you think happens to all the dirt and crud left behind by your vacuum? Actually, as it sits there, undisturbed, it creates its own, filthy ecosystem. This includes mold, bacteria and other germs, dander, and tiny bits of animal droppings.

Professional carpet cleaning removes all of this and fully sanitizes your carpeted flooring. Of course, this sanitization doesn’t last forever. That’s why this needs to be done on a regular basis.

5. It Removes Stains

Again, there are a lot of sediments and residues that vacuums just can’t clean. All the dirt that the vacuum can’t reach can still be seen by those who walk into the room.

It makes the carpet appear darker and dingier overall. But a professional cleaning will make it look like new.

Plus, there are some stains that leave more noticeable marks in specific areas. Many of these stains can’t be scrubbed out.

In fact, scrubbing can push them even deeper into the carpet. But rather than pushing the stain down, professional carpet cleaners suck them up and remove them completely.

6. It Removes Odors

Certain stains, like food stains and animal urine, can be smelled as well as seen. In fact, some stains aren’t seen at all. For instance, pet odors remain even after any visible stains are removed.

And, remember, the area deep beneath your carpeting is a harbor for all sorts of bacteria. These may give off odors as well.

As stated, though, professional carpet cleaning kills/removes this odor-causing bacteria. And any specifically smelly stains will be removed, too.

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7. It Removes the Appearance of Wear

Carpeted areas that receive a lot of foot traffic develop the dreaded “traffic lane effect.” That is, the carpet here has been crushed flat and looks very worn. There might even be a noticeable dark streak left behind by those who wear shoes on the carpet.

Fortunately, this effect is mostly removed by professional carpet cleaning. The cleansing and the suction typically pulls the carpet fibers back into place while also removing the stains.

8. It Leaves No Residue Behind

In some ways, your floor looks worse after vacuuming. The outer wheels of some vacuums, for instance, can capture dust and then leave a trail of it on your carpet.

Some DIY carpet cleaning machines can leave residues as well. Some might even use cleaners that leave a nasty smell in your home for many days.

You don’t have to worry about these things with professional carpet cleaners, though. Our technique leaves behind no residues or foul odors.

9. It Improves the Look of the Room

In many cases, having your carpets cleaned looks the same as having them replaced. Your floors will likely look brand new again. At the very least, they will look much better than they do now.

And since the floors are the dirtiest part of the house, this makes the whole house look cleaner and newer. If you’re having trouble picturing what this might look like, think of your carpet as a pair of shoes.

If you wear dirty, worn-out shoes with nice clothes, it makes the whole outfit look bad. But then, if you put on clean, new shoes, you look much more presentable. In the same way, regular carpet cleaning is the only way to make the interior of your home look presentable.

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10. It Extends the Life of Your Carpet

Lastly, carpet cleaning is necessary for maintaining your carpets so they last a long time. Again, think about your carpets like clothes.

If you throw dirt at your shirt, you can wash it clean. But if you dump a bucket of mud on it and stomp all over it, it may never come clean again.

Similarly, when you clean your carpets regularly, they only have enough time between cleanings to get a little dirty. But after 3 years without a cleaning, there is a lot more dirt that has been thoroughly trampled into the carpet. Thus, there may be some permanent staining and wear at this point.

Get the Professional Carpet Cleaning Services You Need Today

As you can see, having your carpets cleaned regularly is a necessary part of home maintenance. So, hopefully, you’re already enjoying these benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

However, if you haven’t had your carpets cleaned yet, you really need to get that done. That’s where we come in.