6 Advantages of Printing Stickers for your Business in 2024

woobottle.com It’s not a secret that social media has taken over the world, and when it comes to marketing, it’s one of the best ways to advertise or promote a certain product or a brand. But, social media cannot be on the number one spot forever. Eventually, people will get bored of seeing the same old video advertisement campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. And, when this happens, they’ll start looking for something fresh to satisfy their taste. By knowing this, you can achieve a lot.

If you prepare for the time when social media won’t be on the number one spot, you’ll be able to act and show your presence in a very unique and convenient way. For some time now businesses are thinking about promoting by using stickers. At first, this sounds like something considered a child’s play, but we assure you that there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

In today’s article were going to talk about sticker printing for your business and why it’s so beneficial to do this in 2024. Our guide will consist of six important reasons, all of them explained separately. If you’re willing to learn some more, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look.

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  1. Best guerilla marketing method

You cannot deny the fact that guerrilla marketing exists even in the most modern forms of society. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, guerrilla marketing basically means advertising in an unofficial way, but a very effective one at the same time. One of the many examples are stickers. Every famous streetwear brand such as Vans for example, allows the community to do all of the marketing on their own for them, without paying for any extra costs. When you really think about it, this method is pure brilliance.

When you purchase a pair of shoes and you receive a free sticker pack, you feel rewarded. You feel like the brand cares for you and reward you for being loyal and purchasing from them. Then, some of those stickers will end up in your room, and some of them will end up on the street. So, whether people like it or not, they’ll see the stickers whenever they walk down the street. This is called guerrilla marketing and it’s very efficient. Of course, you don’t have to use your stickers in this exact same type of method. Find out what works for you and keep building your strategies based on that foundation.

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  1. Discounts in bulk

One of the best things about creating and printing stickers for your business is the fact that you will be offered a discount if purchasing in bulk. For example, if you order 100 stickers at once, you will pay a lot less for each one of them individually. But, if you order even more at the same time, for example 1000 pieces or more, you will get them even cheaper.

So, this opens up a lot of options and opportunities both for smaller and larger businesses. If you are currently on a budget, or you’re just looking to try out how all this will work out for you, we suggest starting small and then expanding as you move on. As suggested by woobottle.com, for small batches of beverage business, it is more expensive to use a bottle printing machine to print your blank bottles. Maybe it is a good choice to order beautiful printed stickers to paste on the bottles.

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  1. You can show creativity

Your business will progress depending on the size of your customer base. So, the larger audience you’re going to target, the more you’re going to sell. In order to achieve great numbers, you should target both the younger and the older generations. As far as we know, younger customers will appreciate your sense of creativity and art. Currently, these two are the leading trends in many different parts of our world. The entire society is moving towards that direction. If you have creative designs for your stickers, especially with a powerful message, you will definitely grab the attention of many customers.

  1. Cheap form of marketing

So renting a billboard or setting up a huge canvas on top of a shopping mall in a popular neighborhood or a capital city will cost a lot of money. We are not saying that these methods are not efficient, but they really cost so much for just a day of advertising. For smaller businesses, this is something considered unreachable. But, stickers can be equally effective when used properly and designed in a creative and attractive manner. However, their price is not even comparable to some of the methods that we mentioned above. So, this means a great opportunity for smaller businesses, enterprises and startups who don’t have the required budget to do something larger. It’s a great starting point.

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  1. Great addition to your already-existing campaign

We are not saying that you should only use this particular methods of promoting your business, brand, or service, so if you already have an ongoing marketing campaign, stickers can be a great addition to it. They can serve as a enhancer to your main idea, or the main goal of your campaign. It’s not a secret that people managed to achieve a lot in the past only by using stickers and badges. So, we suggest that you do not underestimate this method only because it’s cost-efficient. Marketing is all about doing smart moves, and not about who’s going to spend the most money.

  1. Ease of sharing at events and promos

Last but not least, it’s very important to mention that by using stickers you can easily share the message from goal of your business or brand certain events. It is just like handing over a business card to someone, except it’s way more creative and easy to do, and on top of all that, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. When people receive free stickers they feel rewarded and happy, so they will definitely return the favor by spreading a good word or sharing their stickers with someone else.