Why Do You Need an Off-Grid PV System at Home?

What exactly is an off-grid solar system?

While most of you may imagine only solar panels when it comes to off-grid solar, in reality, you are required to put even more components to obtain a well-rounded off-grid PV(photovoltaic) system.

A complete package of an off-grid solar system is such a package that is equipped with all the essential equipment for saving, generating, and providing solar energy on-site. As the off-grid solar systems run without the necessity for any external power source, these can further be stated as the standalone solar power systems.

Dissimilar to various other types of solar setups like grid-tied solar systems, off-grid solar systems, entirely relies on batteries to offer power at times when the sun is unavailable. However, if you want to get the best solar power at affordable prices, connect with chintglobal.com for the best PV solutions.

However, batteries are undoubtedly costly. This is exactly why they are paired with solar panels. Therefore the ultimate demand for enough battery storage in off-grid solar systems tends to be even more costly and expensive than the grid-tied solar systems.

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In what ways can you use off-grid solar power?

One of the undeniable benefits of solar, apart from the energy source is its modularity and scalability. This is a degree to which the components of a particular system can be split, divided, and recombined for its flexible and versatile nature.

An off-grid solar power works at all levels straight from small devices like solar phone chargers to huge systems that power a factory.

Below are few common ways in which you can utilize an off-grid solar:

  • To power each of the appliances present in an RV
  • To power several small energy-efficient homes
  • To generate electricity solely for smaller cabins
  • To provide charging facilities to tablets or ports phones

Why do you need an off-grid PV system at home?

Before installing, you would obviously wish to know why you need the off-grid system. Well, compared to a few years back, with the introduction of the latest innovation and technology, it has now become quite easy for people to get electricity who live out of the grid reach. In any area where grid connectivity is not considered feasible, people prefer off-grid solar systems.

If you are still wondering why do you need an off-grid PV system at home, below are a few reasons:

It gives you 100% freedom from any outer or external source of energy. When you install off-grid solar, you get an amazing opportunity to be free from external sources of energy.

If you are worried about electricity, don’t be. When you have an off-grid solar system, you don’t need to rely on grid electricity. Isn’t it amazing? You become self-sufficient even at such times when solar energy is not available or present,i.e;  cloudy days or at night. What else can be a better reason to install the PV system?

If you are tired of power cuts, here is another reason why you need an off-grid PV system at home. This system along with a battery bank helps you to be independent of inappropriate or unwanted power outages occurring in rural or urban areas thereby building a bridge or filling the gap that is in demand and supply for electricity.

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Another amazing reason to get an off-grid solar power system installed at your home is that it is highly cheap, clean, and reliable when compared to the electricity generated by diesel. Besides diesel generated electricity being costly, it pollutes the source of electricity as well.

Eventually diesel generated electricity charges too much of your money and contributes to polluting the environment to a huge extent.

However, when you prefer the electricity generated by solar power plants, it is highly cleaner, cheaper and an excellent competitor to diesel. As a result, you save tons of money and stop the spread of pollution emitted from diesel generators.

If you stay in areas that don’t experience quite good grid connectivity, off-grid power solutions can be extremely advantageous at those times. Generally, areas that are of high altitude with difficult terrain are quite far away from the grid. Hence, the off-grid solar system is the only choice to achieve a reliable source of energy.

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Will an off-grid solar power setup turn right for you?

Generally, off-grid solar is a reliable and convenient source of energy at times when it is almost impossible to get access to the grid.

For instance, it is quite tough for someone who is extremely enthusiastic about camping to go without solar in place of a generator that is extremely noisy, heavy, and demands costly fuel.

To know whether an off-grid solar power can be the appropriate choice for you or not, you are required to take several things into consideration. While it may be beneficial for one, it can not be the same for another. Hence, this entirely depends on where you live, your budget, etc.

However, an off-grid solar power setup can also be an excellent option for people who strive to maintain a sustainable lifestyle with a reduced carbon footprint.

Compared with several other renewable sources of energy, hydropower and wind are not only more costly and pricey but they need good access to water supply and wind supply. Hence, if you are someone that resides somewhere near a town or city, know that off-grid is definitely something that is not for you.

Basically, this is because off-grid systems that are generally installed in homes are quite costly. Hence, they can barely yield any savings on utility power. In addition to it, the elevated costs of off-grid solar straightaway denote that maximum people are bound to use and install the smaller and compact systems that are affordable and cheap in comparison with the off-grid ones.


Now that you know the uses and reasons why you need an off-grid PV system at home, get it installed immediately with none other than the best solution providers in town.